Late at night, a girl hurried toward the hospital, still carrying something wrapped in newspaper in her arms, which seemed very important.

At the dimly yellow street lamp, a few gangsters on the street corner looked at her, licked their lips, the companions winked at each other, and all of them understood in their hearts, and there were evil smiles on their lips. .

After that, a burst of lewd laughter appeared in the darkness, cry for help, tearing clothes, and the simple and crude sexual desire, a desperate heartbreak.

The great symbolic papers of Mao Zedong were scattered around her, many, many, witnessing the red dust in this dark corner.

Those little gangsters who didn’t hold office picked up Grandpa Mao one by one, while another person rode on her.

After everyone was done, one of the leaders wore trouser belts, with reluctance in his eyes, and said: “After doing the job, there is still so much money to get, so lucky! It’s a pity! Ah, brother, I haven’t had much fun yet, she bit her tongue and committed suicide, really disappointed!”

A group of people left, leaving her alone, with all her clothes torn There was nothing that could cover her important parts. There were bruises all over her body, the blood stains on the corners of her mouth were very conspicuous, and she was as beautiful as rose juice. She looked at the direction the group of people were leaving, her pupils, which were originally clear, slowly covered with a layer of red. Lying there, like withered petals. The poem says that “fallen flowers are not merciless things, they turn into spring mud to protect the flowers.”

But she can no longer protect anyone.

“Mom, I made chicken soup, get up and drink some.” In the snow-white ward, it seemed that there was no anger at all. Prajna, dressed in red, is extraordinarily beautiful and eye-catching on this night.

“Okay, the soup made by my daughter is getting better and better.” Mother Qin leaned on the bed, feeding it like a spoonful of spoonfuls, without a hint of impatience.

“Princess, mother wants to go back to her hometown to recover from the illness. You don’t have to earn money to make up for medical expenses.” Mother Qin touched her daughter’s face and saw that there were fine lines on the corners of her eyes. If it splits, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Prajna carefully avoided, “Mom, what are you talking about, when you are better, we will go home.”

After Mom coaxed her to sleep, she was like a hunter in the middle of the night, wandering in the street non-stop.

After searching for a long time, I finally found the group of people I was looking for in a narrow spot.

She walked up to the people with a staggered figure, squatted down, and kissed her red lips with a pair of slender fingers, and sent a kiss to the bully head Feng. .

Brother Feng watched such a beautiful woman come to the door, there is no reason to refuse, even more”There are so many of them, I can’t beat a big man, and I want to protect you, let’s move the rescuers first.” Liao Cheng said this thoughtfully.

“That night, you also chose to be a bystander.” Prajna said this inexplicably, but Liao Cheng was frightened.

How did she know that? Liao Cheng looked at Prajna’s expression and wanted to find clues.

The sky began to become depressed, the wind was blowing, and it was going to rain.

With a wave of Prajna’s small hand, the scene not far away disappeared and turned into a park. “Remember that night seven days ago, a girl was ruined by five gangsters and the money was robbed. At that time, you, hiding in a small corner, chose to be a bystander. And I was that one Girl.”

Prajna has changed, no longer a delicate woman. Her eyes are red and her body is messy. She opens her small mouth and has less tongue. A lot of it, black blood flowed out, disgusting.

Liao Cheng took a step back and watched this scene in horror. There was thunder in the sky, and heavy rain came rumbling.

As soon as Prajna’s body touched the rain, it slowly cracked and collapsed. After a while, she became a puddle of mud on the ground.

“Although you chose to watch, but at the same time, thank you for saving my mother. It was offset.” A gust of rain and wind dispelled the faint voice.