1. Missing

The half-crazy and half-silly Lao Qu disappeared, just after he came to our store to eat a few rice dumplings!

Lao Qu’s wife likes to eat zongzi very much. After his wife disappeared, Lao Qu went half crazy, but still came to my store to eat zongzi from time to time.

When Lao Qu disappeared, two strange outsiders came to my shop, and they told me to take the train to the provincial capital.

However, I learned afterwards that the road was blocked by a landslide. Starting in the morning, all cars heading to the provincial capital were stopped. Those two people were lying!

I accompanied Lao Qu’s son Xiao Qu to the police station. After coming out of the police station, I sent Xiao Qu home.

But before arriving at the door of the house, the police station called: “A corpse was found in Jiangli, and his face was swollen. You brought Lao Qu’s son to identify it-next Is it his father.”

I was taken aback, and Xiao Qu hurried to the river. After seeing the swollen face of the corpse, I couldn’t help but yelled, “I recognize this person, he is the foreigner who ate in my shop the night before!”

But Although I recognized him, I didn’t know his specific identity.

“What’s the matter with his face?” Before I left, I couldn’t help but glance at the face that had been soaked into dead gray by the river water.

“God knows.” The police urged me to leave, “You take your child away, I will contact you if necessary.”

The muddy river water The momentum was raging under the moonlight, the moonlight was clear and cold, Xiaoqu sat on the side with his hands on his chest, his lips tightly pressed, as if he was frightened by the corpse.

I took Xiao Qu to the door. When I wanted to leave, he grabbed his arm. His hand was cold and still shaking.

“I’m very scared, uncle, can you stay with me for one night?” he pleaded in a low voice.

“Don’t be afraid, come in.”

Lao Qu’s house is a dilapidated brick house. Two-in and two-out pattern. Lao Qu hadn’t read any books, and walked all over the place with the help of carpenter’s craftsmanship, and later returned home with his new wife.

The days were still moisturizing at first, but then the business was not good, and the more difficult it became. His wife disappeared at that time.

I followed Xiao Qu to the bedroom and cleaned it a little bit-then I lay down on the bed.

In the darkness, Xiao Qu suddenly said: “Qu Yuan did not commit suicide, but was killed.”

“What?” I didn’t respond. come.

“Zongzi is wrapped around a reedYe Baocheng, doesn’t this imply that Qu Yuan was tied up and thrown into the River of Tears? “

“Oh, I know this, folklore,” I smiled, “There is no basis. “

Little Qu didn’t say anything, and soon there was a slight snoring. I was infected by the snoring, and my eyes gradually became darkened. Just when I was about to fall asleep, the house Suddenly there was a strange voice in the room!

Two, Night Talk

It was Xiao Qu talking in the night!

“Little Qu! “I pushed him awake,” you were talking in a dream just now. “

“Dream talk?” Oh, got it. “He nodded: “In the early days of ancient times, who preached. The upper and lower parts are not visible, why do you test it…” Is this what I said? Recently, I have been memorizing archaeological articles all day, even dreaming.” Xiao Qu explained quietly.

“What is this article?”

“Qu Yuan wrote it called “Heaven Questions”. I won’t talk in sleep anymore, go to sleep. “He doesn’t seem to want to talk more, turn off the lights and say nothing, don’t know if he really fell asleep.

Anyway, being so tossed by him, I can’t sleep anymore. For some reason, I thought of Lao Qu’s wife. Lao Qu spoiled her very much, almost responsive to requests. He said that his wife liked the white brown glutinous rice I packaged very much and was always full of praise while eating.

One evening, I went to Lao Qu’s house and gave him the cooked rice dumplings. This time his wife received me. Her attitude was very cold, I thought she was in a bad mood. Well, I didn’t care too much.

When I went out, I happened to catch up with Lao Qu and came back. After walking not far, I heard two people arguing in the house.

“Zongzi, Zongzi, you know Zongzi! What is the difference between your tossing and throwing money into the river? “She scolded, “This day is no longer possible!”

That night, she disappeared. Thinking about it now, I suddenly felt a little strange: doesn’t she like eating zongzi?

“Xiao Qu.” I yelled softly, “Does your mother like to eat rice dumplings?”

“No, what she hates most is Zongzi. “Sure enough, Xiao Qu did not sleep.” My dad bought Zongzi from your store that year. My mother didn’t eat them, and I didn’t eat them. All of them were thrown into the river by my dad.”

“Throw it into the river?” I said surprised, “Why did he do this?” Xiaoqu didn’t say anything, maybe he didn’t know, maybe he didn’t want to say. boom! Suddenly, something seemed to fall in the next room, ‘with a muffled noise.

I suddenly sat up from the bed and said, “What’s the matter?” Before the voice fell, there was a movement next door, as ifSomething fell into the water and it was still struggling.

“Go!” I gritted my teeth and got out of bed, “Go and see!”