1. Strange diary

I am a Chinese teacher in elementary school. It is my job to review students’ diaries every day.

Due to time, I simply write “excellent” in my diary every time, and don’t read it carefully.

But this day, I opened a diary, and the first diary caught my attention.

March 12, 2015, Wednesday, the weather is eye-catching

Today, my father beat my mother again.

When my father came back, my mother and I were watching TV. When my father came in, he kept scolding my mother. When my mother didn’t speak, he beat her mother and lay down after the beat. Asleep on the sofa, my mother hid and cried. Seeing my mother crying, I also cried. I really want to ask my father, why should I beat my mother because my mother is so good!

After reading this diary, I immediately went to the front and saw the name on the title page: Zhang Zhiheng.

Zhang Zhiheng? The moment the name jumped into my mind, an indifferent Likong appeared before my eyes.

He transferred to our class last month. He talks very little, his classmates don’t play with him, and the teachers don’t like him much.

But I vaguely remember the appearance of Zhang Zhiheng’s parents. His father wears glasses and is gentle and gentle, and his mother is very gentle. They look very affectionate, unlike the description in his diary. Look like.

Is that their disguise?

I was suddenly curious about the content of the diary, so I continued to look down.

It was light rain on Sunday, March 16, 2015

Last night, my dad came back very late, and he made a lot of noise when he came back. , I called my mother a bitch. I wanted to protect my mother, so I hit my father in the stomach. My father was very angry, so he picked me up and hit.

I cried and called to my mother, and my mother also cried. She wanted to snatch me from my father, but she didn’t have the strength to beat my father, and finally was beaten by my father With a slap in the face, I just kept crying until my father threw me on the ground and went back to the room to sleep.

Mom asked me where I was hurt and asked if it hurts. I shake Shaking her head, she asked her mother: “When will I be able to grow up? I can protect my mother when I grow up!” My mother cried harder when she heard it, and she held me in her arms for a long time without speaking.

When I saw this, my diary stopped. Although only a few diaries, I seemed to have seen the miserable life of Zhang Zhiheng and his mother.

At this moment, I am full of sympathy for this child. That night, I lost sleep, repeatedlyAfter thinking for a long time, I finally gave up the idea of ​​chatting with Zhang Zhiheng. At this moment, it might make him feel better if he cares silently!

In class the next day, I always couldn’t help but look at Zhang Zhiheng. After school, I told him that I would visit his home tomorrow, and he just nodded.

The moment I walked out of the door of the classroom, I couldn’t help but turn my head, Zhang Zhiheng sat there motionless, as if he didn’t care about the world around him.