When I was in junior high school, I had a close classmate named Xu Hongliang. His home is not very far from ours, so we usually go home together after school. It just so happened that we were in the same duty group. After finishing the duty, we naturally went home together again.

The building where my house is located is the first building facing the street. There are rows of the same five-story buildings on the back and on the side. Each of our buildings over there has a lower room for storing cars and sundries. There are four units in a building, and each unit has a yard surrounded by two rows of lower houses. Between the entrance of the courtyard and the building behind is a small road leading to the left and right. Between each building and the small road, there is a row of flower stands connecting the first floor of the building. The flower stand is half-person high, with flowers and plants planted inside.

My family lives in Unit 2, and every day I go to school and go through the small road in front of this row of flower terraces to enter and leave the complex from Unit 4. This day is no exception. I just rode to the side of my house and, with the reddish moonlight, suddenly found a child lying on the flowerbed opposite the fourth unit. The child was lying on the flower platform with his upper body and his legs on the ground. The child’s arms are placed flat on the platforms on both sides of the body, and the whole body forms a cross shape folded at ninety degrees.

As I watched it, I thought: “Whose child is this? I’m still playing outside so late.” I didn’t care too much because I was in elementary school. It is also a paradise for our little ones. We play around here all day, sometimes until late until the parents find it and be taken home.

“But this kid really played too late today. Could it be that his parents are not at home?” I continued to ride forward while thinking. As the distance gets closer and closer, I slowly see through the lights on the balcony on the first floor above the flower stand to see more and more clearly, getting closer and closer, the child is still lying there motionless, like falling asleep same. Getting closer, I clearly saw that the child was lying on the ground with his face straight! My heart felt hairy at once, and my heart seemed to be lifted up by invisible power. Oh my God, even if you are lying on the ground, you should use your face sideways! Who can lie directly on the ground with eyes, nose and mouth? How can it be so motionless? At this moment, my brain is a little confused, and my body feels no warmth like falling into an ice kiln. I felt the cold sweat slid down my back.

The more scared you are, the more you will stare at it, for fear that it will suddenly change.

When I rode to the place closest to this child, the scene I saw and the fear I felt at the time were beyond words. Because, I saw that the child had no arms in the two sleeves lying flat beside his body! ! The two sleeves lay there just like that deflated! ! My head grew bigger at once. This is the first time I feel what is called scalp tingling. I have been staring at this for the time being called “I rode past it until I reached the entrance of the second unit and looked back at this distance. Suddenly, the fluorescent lights in a bedroom on the second floor turned on. I saw the distance. The kid from has stood up, and he is smiling at me with a pale face.

I was so scared that I almost got out of my body, and quickly rode into the yard to drive the car. When I stopped at the door of the room, I ran back to my home on the first floor.

It took less than half a minute from the time I found him to the end when he was swallowed by darkness. It seemed as long as half an hour passed. Fortunately, he never moved when I passed by him. If he was a little active then, I really don’t know if I would go crazy at that time.

After I got home, I sat on a chair in the living room and lost my mind. At this time, my back was soaked in cold sweat. I recalled the horrible experience just now. I can’t read it wrong. The thrown away clothes and pants were mistaken as a child. He obviously had a head, a body and legs, but the clothes on his arms were empty. Dad came over and asked me to eat. I really wanted to tell Dad about this. , And then took my father out to see what it was! But I don’t know why, I couldn’t even have a little courage in my heart, and I opened my mouth several times without saying it.

After eating, I suddenly remembered that my bicycle was still outside. I didn’t dare to go out, so I begged my father to help me push the bicycle into the lower room. My father said, “It’s all like this. When I got older, I asked your dad to give you a stroller.” While smiling, I went out to stroll.

When I got up the next morning, I felt a very heavy head. I took my body temperature. I have a fever. I tried to get up to school. When I passed by the place where I saw the child last night, there was nothing on the flower stand, as if nothing happened.

Dragging a heavy body toward the school like this. Unexpectedly, there is another horrible thing waiting for me to reveal in the school.

After arriving at school, I was still listless, Lie on the desk with a book in my hand, but my mind can’t help being distracted. I raised my head and looked at the watch on the wall. I have 20 minutes to go to class and I can take a break.

At this time, my deskmate Zhang Yu also came. He took a book out of his schoolbag and looked at me and said, “What’s the matter? See you are so lacklustre today. What time did you learn last night? “Both of us are masters who don’t like to learn, that is, we can still get a middle-aged student in the class with a little cleverness. We are fine to tease and attack each other. He said that I stayed up late to study. This is obviously making fun of me. If I had always quarreled with him. But today I was really lacking energy, so I said to him indifferently: “I’m not in the mood to care about you today, didn’t you see me sick? “Zhang Yu sees my faceRedness, weak speech, no trouble.

Zhang Yu packed his books and took out a pancake while eating the fruit and said to me: “I told you a strange thing, I didn’t dare to tell anyone!” I heard it. With a bit of energy, he hurriedly asked him: “What’s the matter? Could it be that the high school entrance examination has been cancelled?” He smiled and patted me and said, “You kid still pretends to be sick? You still have the strength to play tricks with me.” I smiled and said “Hehe, stop teasing, stop teasing. What are you talking about?”

Zhang Yu finished the last bite of pancake fruit, and after drinking his saliva, he said mysteriously to me: “Last night Chen Chen and I ran into a weird thing at school!” (Chen Chen is also a classmate of our class and one of my good friends. This kid is brave and good at sports.) I open up. With big eyes waiting to hear what he said.

He leaned over and whispered to me: “It’s like this: After finishing our evening study last night, some of us didn’t go home immediately. We played in the corridor for a while. . By the way, I also saw you on duty.” I nodded and asked him to continue. “Yesterday I bought a newly published copy of “Dragon Ball”. I didn’t have time to read it during class during the day. I planned to go home and read it at night. Let the kid Chen Zhan know about this. He has to borrow and read it first. Of course I quit. I didn’t expect this kid to grab my schoolbag and ran away, so I chased him from behind. I ran around the corridor several times, and when I was about to catch him, he ran to five. Going upstairs. I saw that the fifth floor was dark and no one had no lights (the fifth floor was empty at the time).”

Zhang Yu’s face twitched, as if he had not yet struggled out of the abyss of fear, he went on to say: “When I was on the fourth floor thinking whether to go up to chase him or wait for him to come down, this kid suddenly went from the fourth floor. Half (each staircase of the teaching building is composed of two small turns back stairs, each small floor is composed of twelve steps) jumped directly down! After landing, rolled around and fell on the ground. This I was frightened when I went down. I rushed to support him. I opened my mouth and shouted at him: “You kid doesn’t want to live anymore? You can’t do that for the book. J This is a 12-step staircase, you are not afraid I broke my leg!’ When I finished talking and looked at him again, I saw that his face was pale and his lips were still trembling. I didn’t see it right, but don’t fall into an internal injury. I was busy helping him get up and send him away. When he went to the hospital, he heard him say: “No…nothing, I just take a break.”‘

We were dumbfounded, which is really weird.

“Chen Zhan sat on the ground for a while, his complexion a little better. I asked him:’What happened to you just now? Why did you jump off so high?’ Chen Chen trembled and said: “You were chasing me just now, I ran to the fifth floor in a hurry. When I ran to the fourth floor and just a half-turn, I suddenly saw a child sticking out of the stairs on the fifth floor. Head. This kid is only five or six years oldSon, the child’s face is so white, there is no blood at all. Just as I was in a daze, he suddenly grinned at me. He laughed so terribly that the corners of his mouth were moving upwards. The rest of the face doesn’t move. I was shocked at once, and jumped directly from there without thinking about it. ‘I saw that his expression and his actions just now were definitely not lying, so I hurriedly helped him up and limp and went downstairs. “Zhang Yu took a breath after speaking. From his eyes, I felt that he still had some lingering fears about what happened yesterday.

After listening to him, there was also a cold back. Feeling like this, I said to Zhang Zi: “You didn’t go up to the fifth floor to see if it was true last night? “After hearing what I said, Zhang Yu almost didn’t vomit blood. He stared at me and said to me, “How can I be so bold?” Don’t run on me, if you might be worse than me. “His words reminded me of what happened last night, and I immediately lost my confidence and stopped talking.

Zhang Yu said again: “I was so scared yesterday that Chen Chen. I don’t know if I can come to school today. You see, class is about to start, he hasn’t come yet. “I took a look at Chen Zhan’s position and it was indeed empty. Could it be that he really saw something? Is there anything to do with what happened to me last night? I was lost in thought again.

Two more days later, Chen Chen finally came to school. I immediately ran over to ask him about the situation that day. He stammered as soon as I mentioned it. He repeated that day. After passing, what I said to Zhang Yu was not bad at all. I told them about the incident that I encountered that night. Everyone looked at each other and couldn’t explain what was going on.
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Later, I didn’t know who had these things spread out, and the whole school was raged. From time to time, students from other classes came to verify whether these things were true. I heard that some lived nearby. The classmate said that this place was originally a chaotic grave, but later flattened the building of this teaching building.

Finally, as the degree of study became tense, the incident subsided. However, On the fifth floor, no one dared to go up casually.

This is the only time I encountered a strange incident that lasted many times. However, after this incident, I became more courageous. It’s bigger. So I think people’s guts are still related to the day after day exercise.