The ghost story I told you today was personally told by the person involved, Shaobo. After finishing this ghost story, something happened to Shaobo.

One summer, my neighbor Shaobo, about 30 years old, came back from a job in Guangdong and brought a beautiful girlfriend from outside. He was either Adidas or Nike. He also wore a gold necklace. He also bought many health products and health equipment for his father and some gold jewelry for his mother. Shaobo’s mother was very happy wearing the jewelry bought by her son. Everyone said that it was a gift for her son to work outside to earn money.

After dinner one day, we chatted at the door of the house, and Shaobo talked about his experience of working outside. It turned out that he worked as a bodyguard for a boss in Guangdong and would often accompany the boss out to gamble for money. Sometimes when something happened, he would protect the boss. He had to jump out of the window on the second floor in order to escape for his life, just like the plot in the movie. Later, somehow, he said that he had seen a female ghost in red when he was in Guangdong. Since then, many things have not gone well.

That time, Shaobo slept in a park drunk after drinking with a friend. When I woke up to urinate, I saw a woman in a red dress not far away, and Shaobo thought, “How come there are women in the park at this late hour?”

After urinating, Shaobo wanted to come forward to chat with the red-dressed woman through the drunkenness. Maybe it was a peach blossom luck. So he staggered behind the red-dressed woman, but somehow, Shaobo walked slowly, and the red-dressed woman also walked slowly. Shaobo walked faster, and the red-dressed woman also walked faster. Anyway, she couldn’t catch up. , Although Shaobo was greeting her, the woman just walked forward and did not look back.

While walking, the woman in red walked on an arch bridge, and Shaobo speeded up her pace, but kept her eyes on the woman. In order to see what the woman in red looked like, Shaobo started to run, but the woman quickly walked to the end of the arch bridge and couldn’t see it.

Since it is an arched bridge, if you walk off the bridge, you can’t see the woman in red. Shaobo trot all the way and got on the bridge. Looking around, she couldn’t see the woman in red at all. This is what he wondered: “Is it because I drank too much? Or am I hell?”

The next day, Shaobo felt that his bad luck had arrived. I lost my wallet when I went out, took a bath and wrestled in the bathroom, played cards with friends and always lost money, and drank cold water. A situation like this lasted for a long time, and when it was serious, his life was almost gone, so he decided to come home, also believing that what he saw that day must be a ghost in red. Because people who can see ghosts will definitely be unlucky.

After Shaobo finished talking about his damn experience, he sighed and said to my dad, “I prepared twoI’m out now, and staying at home is not a problem. Going home is mainly to see my parents. “At this time, Shaobo’s girlfriend called him, and Shaobo went home. And I was still sitting at the door of my house listening to neighbors talking about the daily routine. As soon as it was past 9 o’clock, I thought I should go home to take a shower and sleep.

Our house is in an alley, with houses on both sides of the alley, door to door, door to door, and my house is in the middle of the alley. So when I walked into the house, I would usually look at the other end of the alley. Suddenly, I saw a person in a darker place digging his head. I watched it for about 5 seconds, and I saw the person beckoning, as if to signal the person behind. Come up.

I didn’t care at the time, so I was about to push the door into the house. Suddenly, there was a rush of footsteps behind him, and about 5-6 men rushed into Shaobo’s house. , And then I heard “Don’t move, are you X Shaobo? “

Shaobo’s mother burst into tears: “What’s the matter?” What’s wrong with my son? “

One of the men said loudly, “Your son knows what.” “

Next, the whole alley is quiet, maybe everyone is waiting for the outcome of the matter. Nothing, the door of Shaobo’s house opened, and Shaobo’s hands were The flip buckle behind him, the shoes weren’t worn, and those people took them away.

Later I learned that Shaobo and his friends, when accompanied by his boss out to gamble, took the boss’s office. He took hundreds of thousands of cash and went home. It turned out that Shaobo didn’t really go home this time, but an escape. But after he finished telling the ghost story, he was arrested by the police and finally sentenced. 8 years imprisonment.

From this point of view, even if you see a ghost, even if you are unlucky, as long as you are doing things right and don’t do bad things, no bad luck will be lost. You went away, as the saying goes, “Feng Shui takes turns, come to my house next year”!