Wandering, barking often echoes in the dark night. The voice was rather bleak, even like a sob and cry, which was moving.

The faint-hearted are talking about it, someone must be dying. As a result, everyone in Guangfu City is in danger and hides when they see a dog during the day. Several households even abandon their dogs and drive them away.

For a while, the stray dog ​​ranks on the street grew stronger, led by black dogs, and the barking was even worse at night. People panicked.

One month later, Wang Furen suddenly suffered a stroke and became speechless. When his wives and concubines sought a genius doctor from another place, it was too late. Wang Furen was already dying of illness and died.

After Wang Furen’s grand funeral, due to his youth, his family wealth was divided up by his brothers of the same race, and his wives and concubines were expelled from the house and left as birds and beasts.

Since then, the dog barking at night has suddenly disappeared. People are convinced that the barking of the black dog was the cause of Wang Furen’s death.

In order to avoid harm to himself, Wang Furen’s brothers of the same race paid money to mobilize villagers to catch dogs. Persevering, the black dog seemed to know everything, never showing up during the day, disappearing without a trace.

This night, in the desolate cemetery, the old housekeeper stood alone in front of Wang Furen’s tombstone, with black dog meat standing beside him. One person and one dog cried in front of the tombstone.

It turned out that the old housekeeper was ordered to send someone to kill the dog. He knew that the black dog had saved the owner’s life. He did not believe that the owner could cure the disease by eating dog meat. Under the knife, secretly cut the rope and released the black dog.

After the owner died of illness, the tree fell to the ground, and the old housekeeper was swept out. Then the black dog hidden in the cemetery was brought by his side, ready to return home for retirement.

After the incident, the old housekeeper met with Dr. Sun in Guangfu City alone. When talking about the condition of the owner, Dr. Sun said frankly:

How can a dog bark? To be unlucky, the black dog has a sensitive nose. It smelled the special smell of the owner because of the disease, and he kept barking for fear of the owner’s safety.

Unexpectedly, the dog owner not only does not actively treat the disease, but also blames the disease on the innocent loyal dog. This is really putting the cart before the horse and injustice. If Wang Furen could control his diet and eat less meat, he would not be full of fat, and he would have died of a stroke at a young age.

Upon hearing this, the old butler suddenly realized.

After that, the old housekeeper took a loyal dog and dived back to the country to live overnight.