The old man has excellent Chinese medical skills and has rescued countless villagers who were on the verge of death.

At the age of high, old doctors rarely visit doctors now, unless the ordinary doctors are helpless and unable to treat, he will go out in person.

A few days ago, the second sister-in-law of Wang’s wife at the village head suddenly became ill. Not only was she full of gibberish, she also ran around with her bare feet. Son, I don’t know the mud, so I stepped on it with one foot. The family had no other choice but to tie her to a chair. The doctor invited her after wave after wave, but she couldn’t see anything wrong, so she had to shake her head and leave.

The family had no choice but to invite the old man to go out.

The old man’s two gray beards drooped from his mouth, and they moved when he talked, which was very interesting. He called the pulse of the second sister-in-law of Wang’s wife and said that the disease was caused by excessive fright, and a few herbs could be cured.

The family of Wang Er’s sister-in-law was grateful, and followed the old doctor to his home to get medicine. When I found a few common medicines to look for Longxucao, the old doctor realized that he had already used up. This is the main medicine blindly! This herb grows only on the top of the mountain. How to do? Others didn’t know it, so the old doctor had to go out in person.

Helping lives is like fighting fire. He hurriedly took the tools, put the basket on his back, and set off.

The back mountain is very large, with dense trees and lush grass. Many people who went up the mountain in the past have not come back alive. As a result, the legend became more and more mysterious, saying that there were savages and monsters on the mountain… These gave the mountain more mystery.

The old man cannot do this evil. In the past few years, I often went up to gather herbs, and I didn’t see any ghosts or gods, but I encountered wild boars several times. In the past two years, he hasn’t been on the mountain since he was old.

Seeing that the sun is about to set, the old doctor finally climbed to the top of the mountain. He found a circle on the top of the mountain, but he didn’t have the dragon beard he needed. So he put down his back basket, stretched his sore waist, took out his pipe, and lit a pot of soil smoke. He turned his head and sat down on a huge tree stump next to him. He drank his pipe and smoked with relish, lifted his feet, took off his shoes, and cleaned out the pebbles that got into the shoes.

Fifteen minutes later, the old doctor’s pot of smoke It’s almost there, and the craving for smoking has stopped. He took off the pipe and knocked the hot pipe pot on the stump under his buttocks several times, trying to knock out the unburned tobacco leaves inside.

When he didn’t expect it, the big tree stump under his ass moved slightly, almost swaying him to the ground. what happened? He jumped up suddenly, turned his head and looked at the stump carefully.

After careful inspection, he inhaled several mouthfuls