The god mother was not surnamed God, but she liked to believe in God fortune-telling, divination and draw lots. She was more effective, so she passed ten, ten hundred, and she was famous in Fangyuan Baili. After that, everyone used to call her. She is “mother-in-law”.

The god-in-law has no children at her knees, and lives with her wife. The two of them have deep feelings. In half a century of marriage, I have never blushed. Unfortunately, three months ago, the wife of the god-in-law died suddenly due to a cerebral hemorrhage. She was so distraught that she ran to her husband’s grave every day and cried with headaches, sometimes staying at the grave all night.

Maybe the feeling is too deep to extricate itself. One month later, on a dark night, the goddess hanged herself. She left a lot of savings when she was alive, and a nephew in the distance handled her funeral affairs gracefully.

The local custom is that after a person dies, the body is put on the night, Taoist priests practice, relatives and neighbors keep the spirits, and then they can be buried the next day.

At night, it is very dark. The body of the god-in-law has been placed in the coffin, and the coffin cover will be covered only after the Taoist priest finishes the ritual and the relatives meet for the last time. The mother-in-law looked terrifying after she was hanged: her eyes were half open, her tongue sticking out of her mouth, and her face was a bit black and hideous. Many people in the village dared not approach, only a few bold and a little bit of help.

In the middle of the night, the Taoist priest was beating the drums while chanting words, concentrating on this god-in-law doing things to save her life. Some people watching the excitement gathered together from a distance, talking and eating melon seeds.

At this time, a black cat sprang out from nowhere, “whoop”, jumped onto the coffin, and flew over the body of the god-in-law, then “The one fell to the ground and disappeared.

Before everyone reacted, something strange happened: After a large shake of the coffin, she lay in the coffin and grasped the edge of the coffin with her hands in response to an unusually terrifying sound. He sat up in a “open” position, then turned over and came out of the coffin. He stared at the front without blinking, his hands were straight and he bounced.

Everyone was stunned by this shocking scene.

When I came back to my senses, the people’s hairs were upright, they uttered a terrifying scream in unison, and then they went into chaos. They ran away and screamed “It’s not good.” , The corpse!”

The courtyard suddenly turned into a pot of porridge…

The Taoist priests had never seen this kind of occasion. The magic weapon yelled at the god-in-law: “Why, who are you scared by the dead?” After finishing speaking, the magic weapon was thrown over, but the god-in-law didn’t pay attention to the thing at all, but still jumped straight forward.

When the Taoist priest saw him, he was so scared that his face was dusty, he turned his head and ran, shouting as he ran:! “

What’s even more bizarre is that in normal times, when someone barks loudly in the middle of the night, the dog will definitely follow the “barking” barking, but this night, no one heard a dog barking.

The deceitful corpse of the god-in-law was spread throughout the village. Everyone was very scared, for fear that the god-in-law rushed to their home, so they closed the door every day, and there was a slight abnormal noise outside, so they could only probe from the window Peek out.

Three days later, the village gradually returned to calm. Two bold villagers came to the god-in-law’s house to find out: it turns out that the god-in-law didn’t go very far, just straight They fell straight outside the threshold of their own house. So they called a few brave men, put the body of the god-in-law in the coffin, did not engage in any rituals, and buried it hastily.