The Er Lengzi in the village is an unbeliever!

Over the years, seeing the houses next door to the left and right demolished and rebuilt, and seeing everyone living in the bungalows, his heart is also itchy. So together with his wife: his wife raises pigs at home on a large scale, while he goes to work outside the city, and when he saves enough money, he demolishes the old house and builds a new one.

At the end of the year, the money was almost saved. Er Lengzi asked someone to demolish the old house and build a new house on the ground. On the right step of his original old house, there is a double grave next to it. The tombstone has already collapsed, and the record on it has long been obscured, but the fineness and dilapidation of the tombstone can also determine the age of the tomb.

When Er Lengzi asked his grandpa when he was young, who is the owner of this tomb? His grandfather didn’t know, he only said that it might be a long time ago, it was an ancient tomb.

The tomb is too close to Er Lengzi’s house. The distance between the tomb and the house is only one step, which is estimated to be less than half a meter. After Er Lengzi demolished the old house, he wanted to expand the area slightly, but there was no way to go to the left. The side was close to the big mountain ditch and was a landslide area. Er Lengzi had to put his idea on the right. He has been busy for several days, forcibly splitting the head of the grave in half, and moving the foot of the wall to the graveyard by nearly one meter.

Seeing that Er Lengzi hacked the tomb to build a house, there were old gentlemen in the village who knew Feng Shui thought it would be unlucky, and they advised Er Lengzi not to fight for land with the dead, or Reduce the size of the house, or change the foundation and rebuild it.

Er Lengzi didn’t take it seriously. He was unwilling to reduce the area. He didn’t want to spend the money on buying foundations elsewhere! He repeatedly said to the old people who came to persuade him: “It’s okay! I really don’t believe in this evil!”

Seeing that good words did not work, the old gentlemen had to shake their heads and said: “You second fool, you will suffer as soon as possible!”

The house was repaired very quickly, and it was built to be as high as one person within a few days, and the right wall was tightly attached to half of the tomb. .

One night, it was pitch black, and I couldn’t see my fingers. Er Lengzi was worried about rain, so he simply lived in a shed beside the tomb. Maybe he drank a little more before going to bed. Under the strong stimulation of the alcohol, he quickly fell asleep on the simple wooden bed “whooping”.

In the middle of the night, Er Lengzi in his sleep suddenly felt a burst of cold, and he woke up after a shock. When he opened Xuanyong’s sleepy eyes, everything in front of him stunned him: he was lying naked on the open space in the yard.

I was sleeping on a wooden bed in a shed, but how come I slept on the open space in the yard? At this thought, he suddenly fell into a cold sweat.

Suddenly he remembered what happened in his dream just now–

Sleeping dreamThere he heard a dumb and low-pitched man say: “Damn, he is fighting with us, you can kill him!”

The woman replied: ” Don’t let him sleep next to us! Don’t kill him first, throw him into the yard first, and teach him a lesson…”

The man thought for a while and said, “Okay. , First see if he knows it! If you continue to fight with us, then kill him.”

Then he felt like he was lifted up and left in the yard.

The more he thought about it, the more he was afraid.

After daybreak, he asked all the people who came to work to return, and one person restored the damaged double tomb to its original shape. A few days later, he bought a house site elsewhere