The story Before the liberation, there was a year of severe drought, and there was no harvest of crops. In order to satisfy the hunger, wild vegetables and leaves were looted. Later, the victims really didn’t make a living, so they helped the old and the young to leave their homes and flee the famine.

In the famine escape team, a couple took a 16 or 7-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, both husband and wife fell ill, and the daughter was penniless and unable to treat her parents. Within a few days, they left one after another, and the daughter fled away alone.

Later, when the girl was hungry and fainted when she reached a man named Lijiazhuang, she was found by an old man surnamed Liu, and she carried the girl home. Old Han Liu has a son with a slight handicap in his leg. He has not yet married a wife, so his neighbors persuade him to accept the girl as a daughter-in-law, which is considered a good deed.

At that time, the girl married Liu’s son in order to save her life, and her life was fulfilled. The only regret is that the girl has not contributed to Liu’s family for more than five years. As her son and half-grandson, Liu’s family gradually began to hate her. She was responsible for the farming work alone, and beat and scolded the girl at every turn. The girl suffered humiliation.

The girl has no relatives to vote, so she accepts it and makes a strong smile all day long. But even so, the Liu family still continues to abuse. Finally, on a winter night, the girl was killed and thrown into a well outside the village…

In the war years, the absence of an individual in a family’s house is equivalent to a dead animal, and no one is looking for it. , The villagers also closed one eye.

The girl’s first seven nights, the night was already late, Old Man Liu closed the door, cross-legged a cigarette bag on the Kang. He leaned to the oil lamp on the table to light the cigarette, and took two sips. “Cough…cough cough cough…” He coughed, and a mouthful of thick phlegm came up. He got off the kang, dragged his shoes, walked to the door to spit, holding a pipe in one hand, and a stick in the other. Open the door…

The girl stood at the door, dripping with water, dripping with water on her hair. He was staring straight at him…

“Hmm…” Old man Liu swallowed a bit of phlegm.

The girl said slowly: “I’m cold…” Then she turned her head and left slowly.

Old man Liu sifted the chaff with his legs, closed the door smoothly, turned back and sat leaning against the door of the house, unable to get up.

After a long time, Old Man Liu returned to the back room and saw his wife shrunk on the kang, wrapped in a quilt, staring straight out of the window. Said slowly: “I’m cold…”

Liu Laohan suddenly felt his scalp numb, and the wind pierced his bones. Because the daughter-in-law’s tone and tone are so similar to those of the girl who just died.

“Who are you?” Old Man Liu asked bitterly.

“I’m cold… It’s cold in the well…” The wife’s eyes were dull, stillSaid slowly.

Old man Liu quickly called his son to find the goddess in the village. When the goddess came, he took out an incense burner from his arms, filled some incense ashes, and put four incense sticks in the incense burner . Four thin plumes of smoke curl up. Then, the goddess did not speak, took out the pipe pot, and even started smoking.

“Woo…” Old man Liu’s wife cried in a low voice: “I am wronged by my death…” Her eyes were staring straight at the goddess.

“Nonsense, there are no young or old on Huangquan Road, there is a wrong account with Lord Yan?” Before Lao Han’s wife Liu finished speaking, the goddess interrupted her with staring eyes.

“They are ruthless and unrighteous, I’m not convinced…” Old Man Liu’s wife seemed to be suppressed, and she changed her meaning.

The goddess felt that her word had already prevailed. In a calmer tone, he said, “This horse-riding load is a hit load. When someone is born with a golden key, you are holding a grass. Who is the blame! Fate!”

In order to prove the truth of what she said, she slanted her eyes and gently knocked on the kang table with her pipe pot.

“Woo…” Old Han’s wife was crying again, sobbing and saying: “But I’m not reconciled!”

“Hey…boy! I know your life is hard, and I know your heart is aggrieved. But look, this old lady is more than 50 people, people and ghosts have different ways, you are possessed How can she stand her! You are an obedient child, but if you toss her sick, there will be one more dishonor of filial piety in front of the Lord Yan!” The goddess said with a heart and kindness.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, the goddess continued, “I’m in charge tonight. I will give you fifty silver shells, two clothes, and a box. Take the time to burn them. You, will you go back now! Are you hitting?”

“Not hitting! Not enough.” Liu Laohan’s wife stared.

“Then what else do you want?” asked the goddess.

“Although it is said that there are three unfilial piety, no one is the greatest. I can’t get pregnant, and I don’t blame the Liu family for treating me like this, but the animal is righteous, how can people be so ruthless? Years, five years of love can be erased because of this? I just want to be able to be liberated, re-enter the cycle, and forget this life!” Liu Laohan’s wife is still a girl’s tone.

“Being reborn, letting go of the hatred, and starting over, is better than living in distress and resentment every day. You can go as long as you want to go. The truth is simple, it depends on what you let go Still can’t let go of the resentment in my heart.” The goddess said.

Liu Laohan’s wife did not speak, and the goddess went on to say: “Life is suffering. We don’t mention birth, old age, sickness, and death. Let’s talk about the separation of love, and the constant resentment.I can’t ask for it, and finally I can’t let it go! Yizha loves parting, so hate arises. The second occupied the resentment for a long time, and suffered for this. The third is impossibility, and has been dragged down since then. Dead, dead, in the end you still can’t let go! “

“That’s it!” Let go of hatred, let go of grievances, I am willing to reincarnate as a man! “As soon as the voice fell, Old Han’s wife collapsed on the kang, and the son hurried over to help her lie down, gently covering the quilt.

The goddess also came down from the kang and pointed. Holding the incense burner, he said to Old Man Liu’s son: “When the incense is burned out, send it to me tomorrow, and by the way, I will return the wish. Tomorrow I will find a monk and Taoist priest to save my soul. “

“You are tired!” “Lao Han Liu said politely.

Early the next morning, Lao Han Liu went to Xishan to invite a monk to let the girl forget her soul. After the incident, Old Han and his family were all Believe in the Buddha…

Ghosts are terrible, but people are even more terrible. Ghosts are righteous, but people are ruthless. There are thousands of things in the world, how can it be done in a few words?