There is a river in the south of Fugui Village called Wangmu River.

The courageous villagers often go to wild baths.

But the old people in the village said that there are ghosts in the river and they cannot go swimming there.

Guan Da in the village likes to swim very much. He took off his clothes that day and took a bath in Wangmu River.

Sister Xu, who was passing by, accidentally saw Guan Da shirtless, and hurried away.

Guan Da seems to have picked up the bargain, and said with a smile: “Sister Xu, you are not an outsider, can you come down and wash it together?”

As he walked, he cursed: “You are not serious!”

“Yo! Excuse me? Don’t go!” Guan Da even swam to the bank and deliberately exposed his buttocks.

At this time, a fifteen or six-year-old girl squinted her small eyes, and did not shy away from closing her eyes naked, and asked in a daze: “Did you see my mother? Did she buy candy? Come back! I want a mother!”

If someone else hides in shame, Guan Da realizes that there are no bystanders here.

The big sister Xu ran away early, only he and this mentally handicapped girl stayed on the shore.

Looking at it again, although this girl is stupid, she doesn’t look bad.

Guan Da suddenly came to Huahuachangzi, pretending to be serious and said: “You accompany uncle down to the river for a while, uncle will tell you!”

The silly girl asked: “You don’t lie to me?”

“Don’t lie to you! Let’s pull the hook?” Guan Da deliberately coaxed the silly girl.

The silly girl walked to the depths of the river instead of swimming in the past.

Guan Da has a brutal seizure, and he didn’t think deeply.

Following the silly girl, she went into the water.

When they swam to the middle of the river, the silly girl suddenly hugged Guan Da and then slowly sank.

But Guan Da realized that his body suddenly sank, and hurriedly shouted: “You let go! You let go! Help!”

Not long When the time passed, the water surfaced again, but a corpse floated up.


Another day, a few students passed by Wangmu River.

They are all boys who play truant. One of them is a kid from Duan Hou’s family.

He saw a silly girl sitting on the shore, and pushed the silly girl on purpose.

I wanted to push her down the river, but I didn’t know that the person didn’t move. Duan Hou’s son usedPushed hard, but still didn’t push.

He finally pushed the silly girl with all his strength, and when his hand pushed out, the silly girl suddenly disappeared.

It doesn’t matter if Duan Hou’s son pushed him into the air, he actually fell into the river.

Duan Hou’s son can swim and can swim out of the water.

But the children of Duan Hou’s family suddenly felt that their body was caught by something and could not swim up.

Looking up again, the silly girl was smiling on the water.

The other students who played truant did not see the silly girl. They only saw Duan Hou’s son plunged into the water and didn’t come up, and wondered how he thought of swimming.

When it is found that something is wrong, no one dares to go into the water to save people.

They ran back home for fear of taking responsibility. No one mentioned it.

Because these two people were drowned, no one went to wild bathing there anymore.

But some people still go there to fish.

On this day, Lang Er from the village brought fishing nets and boots to watch the mother river catch fish.

Others specialize in picking big fish, but Lang Er is different.

He is insatiable, catching the big fish clean, and not letting the small fry.

When he put a few small fish into the bucket, the silly girl stood by and bit her finger again.

Lang Er thought that a kid from any family had come to steal the fish, so he threw a fish that was neither big nor small, and said, “Go, take the fish.” !”

The silly girl didn’t even look at it. She grabbed Lang Er’s hand and said, “Uncle, Xiaoyu hasn’t grown up, Xiaoyu misses her mother, let’s go back!”< br>

Lang Erxin said: Whose brain-disabled child? Mind your business, have you fished for seedlings?

He was about to push the silly girl away, and when he turned around, he suddenly found that there was no shadow in the girl. He also thought of two people who had drowned recently. He knew he had met a ghost, so he was so scared that he had peeed his pants. “I listen to you, I put all the fish out!”

Lang Er saw that the silly girl let go of her hand, and ran back two steps back immediately.

He ran a few steps to see that the silly girl also ran over with a smile.

Lang Er quickened his pace, but found that the silly girl was also running faster.

Lang Er’s mother often went to the temple to offer incense, and he also rushed to hug the Buddha’s feet and cried out: “Ah Amitabha! Ah Amitabha! Help! All gods help! Ah!”

I ran to the market, but no silly girl was found when I looked backShadow.

Lang Er just fell a stone to the ground, and when he got home, he was still in a cold sweat when he told his wife about it.

I thought I had escaped, but within half a year, Lang Er died of a serious illness.

There is no doubt that the silly girl is a ghost drowning in the river, so how did she die?

This has to be said decades ago, when a widow in the village remarried.

Her previous daughter was a bit mentally retarded, and the new family did not plan to accept this child.

The widow deceived her child to the river for her own survival and said: “You are waiting for me here, and my mother will buy you sweets in a while.”

The silly daughter wanted to follow, but was slapped back.

After the widow left, the silly daughter waited for two days without seeing her mother.

Because she felt thirsty, she stupidly went to drink the river water.

At this time there was a flood in the village, drowning the stupid boy in the river forever.

That’s why people call this river Wangmu River, or Silly Girl River.

This incident has passed for too long. If it were not for drowning, no one would remember the silly girl.

People in this village now know that there are ghosts in Wangmu River, and no one dares to approach it.

But outsiders don’t know that some people still come here.

There is an aunt Qi in the county seat. His sister married to Fugui Village when she was young.

The two sisters haven’t seen each other for a few years. Aunt Qi has always thought that she is getting older recently. If the two sisters don’t meet each other, maybe they will never see again when they close their eyes.

Aunt Qi came to Fugui Village by bus. After getting off the bus, she passed the Wangmu River with a burden.

A silly girl blocked her way and asked silly: “Did you see my mother? Where is she? Tell me!”

Aunt Qi was taken aback for a moment, and she said, “I don’t even know you, how do I know where your mother is?”

The silly girl still smirked: “No You tell me where is my mother? Where is my mother?”

Aunt Qi hurried on the way, so she went to push the silly girl.

The silly girl hugged Aunt Qi tightly, and Aunt Qi felt out of breath.

She raised her slap and hit the silly girl.

The slap has just been lifted and has not yet fallen, but suddenly stopped again.

Aunt Qi said: “Forget it, you can blame poorof. Grandma has bread here, two pieces for you. Then take you into the village to find your mother! “

The silly girl took a piece of bread into her mouth, drank the river water and swallowed the next piece.

Stretched out her hand. I want bread.

Aunt Qi saw the embarrassed look of this silly girl, and remembered the bitterness she had suffered when she was a child. She didn’t blame the silly girl and took all the bread she brought. She came out and put the water cup on the ground.

The silly girl drank the water and ate the bread, and then jumped into the water.

Aunt Qi was surprised at first.

Later, when I heard my sister talk about it, I found out that I had met a ghost. Everyone was very thankful for Aunt Qi’s kind deeds. If she slapped that slap I am afraid I would have drowned in Wangmu River a long time ago.

From that day on, Wangmu River has never been haunted, and the village has returned to calm.