During his lifetime, Wang Dafu did a lot of harmful deeds in order to make money. After he arrived in the underworld in fear, he discovered that it was actually a “money” society. It takes money to eat, money to buy a yin house, and a lot of money to go to the pass to visit relatives in Yangjian. Relying on the money burned by his descendants, Wang Dafu still lived in the underworld.

On this day, Wang Dafu had just returned from visiting relatives in Yang, when a few ghosts suddenly appeared. They said that it was time to convict him, so he brought him to the King of Hades without any explanation. He saw that the king of Hell was full of anger and said on the spot that his crime had reached the tenth level and he was going to enter the tenth hell. A ghost chaser took the order to escort him to execution, but Wang Dafu did not panic. He had inquired before that due to the justice of the king, the welfare of ghosts was very poor.

So when he walked halfway, he started to say good things and promised various benefits. Sure enough, the ghost spoke under various temptations, saying that as long as he was not released, everything could be discussed. When Wang Dafu heard this, although he felt a pity, he still made a request: I hope he can be taken lightly and the crime can be brought down a little.

The ghost chaser listened for a moment, and said, “Are you sure?” Wang Dafu thought it was difficult, so he quickly promised even greater benefits and said that he only had this requirement. . Hearing what Wang Dafu said, the ghosts stopped asking more, but asked: “Then how much are you going to drop?” Wang Dafu knew it was done as soon as he heard it, and quickly said: “As much as you can drop.” Ghost He almost gave him a strange look, but nodded.

At the entrance of hell, Gui Cha directly kicked Wang Dafu towards the eighteen layers of hell. After he was done, he murmured: “It’s really strange. People who go to hell are sharpened. His head went up, but he wanted to go down.