, I bought all burning paper, and used your tricycle to drag me to the crossroads. “

Oh! Five hundred yuan of burning paper, this old Wang’s hair is that crazy! The old Zhang, who runs the store, puts burning paper on the tricycle and dare not ask.

At the crossroads, Lao Wang drew a big circle on the ground, took out a piece of paper to write on the godson Dabao, daughter-in-law Lan Lan received, burned the paper and unloaded in the circle, open Lao Zhang from the commissary pushed the tricycle away, and Wang’s head burned.

Looking at the raging fire that burned the paper, Lao Wang’s head woke up with alcohol. Why am I here? I burned paper for ghosts and burned 500 yuan. When I went back, my wife knew I had to scold me to death. Seeing that the paper burned out, he patted his butt and went home quickly.
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After returning home, I lay on the bed and fell asleep. His wife had just quarreled with him, and he drank some wine, so I didn’t dare to provoke him.

As soon as I fell asleep, I dreamed that the ghost son and daughter-in-law were driving a white sports car, and the godson had a suit and leather shoes, and bright leather shoes. The daughter-in-law was covered in brand names, with a foreign leather bag on her arm. They also held a new Apple 20 mobile phone in their hands.

The two shouted at the same time, “Godfather, godfather thank you, our godfather is not in vain, these money Enough for us to spend some days. Both of us don’t use your money in vain. Didn’t you say that my brother didn’t have a job? Together, we can’t make much money at work now. Although we don’t have much abilities, we can know what to do to make money and let him save something. Don’t many people go to sea for business now? We do not count as revealing the secret. tomorrow! Just ask me where my brother goes, buy what kind of goods, and then where to sell, guarantee to make money. “

The next day Lao Wang woke up and remembered the dream of last night, whether it is true or not, try it! Just at the beginning! The two do not have much money, so they just get After a little bit, I really did what those two ghosts said, and the price suddenly increased several times. My son saw his father’s good! And this business acumen, the old king said to him. The truth.

From then on, under the guidance of the ghost couple, the two of them, within three years, Lao Wang’s family has tens of millions of assets. During this period! Lao Wang’s head They also set up a memorial tablet at home for them, which read: Gan’er Dabao and daughter-in-law Lanlan will be worshipped like their relatives during the New Year.

One day, this godson The daughter-in-law gave the old Wang a dream again, “Godfather! You see, we have been together for three years, and we have all helped each other who can help. The two of us have already established a relationship over there with the money, and it’s time to reincarnate recently. When the tablet at home falls down, lifts it up and falls down again, that’s the day we were reborn. Godfather, you don’t have to worry about both of us. In the next life, we will be husband and wife. Although I can’t tell you the specific place, it is not far away. “

Sure enough, within seven days, when Lao Wang’s son offered incense to his brother and sister-in-law that day, the tablet slammed and fell, helped him up and fell. The old man knew what was going on right away, so he hurriedly said to his son: “Go to the nearby village to find out who has just given birth to a child. That’s your brother-in-law.”

Rich That’s it! These are all trivial matters, and I quickly inquired that there were two families in the neighboring village who had just given birth, one boy and one girl, and the time was basically the same as the time when the tablet fell.

From then on, the two men often went to those two houses to buy some small clothes, milk powder and so on. People are very surprised by the behavior of these two masters, but Lao Wangtou told everyone an even more incredible result, that is, this man and woman will become a couple in the future…