The ancestor of Liangzi in the village used to kill pigs for three generations, and his generation is no exception. He is a connoisseur in his twenties, and his craftsmanship is particularly good. In the summer of that year, a big black dog in a classmate’s house in a neighboring village was hit and killed by a car. After he got it home, he asked him to clean it up.

Liangzi ate dog meat and drank wine at her classmate’s house. It was late afternoon. When she returned home, the classmate gave a large piece of meat. Liangzi swayed and wandered to her village. . When I got to the side of a wood, I saw that there was no one around, and I was ready to pee before leaving. But at this moment, there was light in the woods, and the smell of burning things drifted over.

Because the wheat is about to mature at this time, and the woods are very close to the crops. Ryoko yelled, “Who is it? Who is lighting the fire there?” No one answered, Ryoko yelled again, “Come out! I saw you.”

This The sentence really worked, I saw a person standing up from a grave in the woods, “Don’t call Liangzi, it’s me.” Then he walked to Liangzi. Liangzi saw that this man was from his own village, about the same age as him, called Dabao.

Liangzi asked him, “What’s the matter with you Dabao? I ran here to burn paper at night, but this cemetery is not in our village! Is it for your relatives to burn paper? “

“Oh! Who wants to come here to burn paper! I…I can’t help it? Tell the truth to Ryoko! Brother, I was caught in this grave Ghosts are entangled.” Dabao started talking about his experience of being entangled by ghosts.

It turned out that a month ago, Dabao walked home after the night shift, and there was an old man following him all the time, Dabao went there and the old man went there. At the beginning, Dabao thought that it might be on the way, but Dabao had already arrived at the door of the house. The old man was still following him, meaning he would follow him into the house. Dabao was anxious, “Who are you? Why do you always follow me?”

The man didn’t speak, and he was going to go home after Dabao. When Dabao was angry, he pushed with his hands. This old man, who knows how to pass his hands. “Ghost!” Dabao fainted at the time. After the parents found out, they carried Dabao into the house. In order not to make the parents afraid, Dabao did not say anything about it. I just said that I drank too much at a friend’s house and accidentally fell.

From now on, as long as Dabao is about to go to bed, he will find this old man standing by his bed, staring straight at him. . The old man said: No one cares about my grave, no one burns paper, or else you burn paper and sweep the grave.

At first, Dabao ignored him, but it was almost a month since he was tossing and tossing. Dabao really couldn’t stand it anymore. I thought this old thing just wanted to burn paper, sweep the grave or something. . Dabao is here tonight, burn some paper for him and beg him not to pester himself.

When Ryoko listened, he putHe patted his chest: “Brother, don’t worry, I’ll settle this matter for you. Isn’t it a ghost? I’ll clean it up.” As he said, he walked to the grave where Dabao burned the paper, and Dabao followed behind.

When I reached the head of the grave, I saw a puff of black smoke coming from the head of the grave, and Da Bao hurried to the side in fright. The black smoke slowly turned into an old man’s appearance, with his back facing Ryoko. Liangzi walked up to him and shouted at him: “Hey! Are you an old ghost from that village?”

The old ghost was also taken aback. He felt that the voice was full of anger, Yang The fire is booming. But when he looked back and found that it was a person, he was not afraid, so he flew up and ran into Ryoko.

Unexpectedly, the old ghost “Qiao Chi” was knocked out of a big somersault. The old ghost was puzzled: I can pass through a living person at once. How does this guy wear But to go? So he said, “Who are you? Why do you stop me?”

When Ryoko saw this old ghost pretending to be alive in front of him, what does it mean to stop you? Another thought: This god and ghost is afraid of evil people, I can’t reason with him, I have to play sideways. Thinking of this eyeball, he slapped his fist in the face of the old ghost. With this fist, Ryoko turned Venus around the old ghost’s eyes.

The old ghost wondered: He usually wears a living human body and passes by as soon as he wears it. Why can he hit himself! A closer look at Ryoko’s clothes he understood, no wonder this person couldn’t wear it by himself, but he could beat himself! This person really can’t afford it. It turns out that Liangzi doesn’t dress very well. Today, he went to kill dogs for his classmates. He wore his pig-killing clothes. There was dog blood on his clothes and fingernails.

Ryoko was happy when he saw that he could beat the old ghost, let me teach you a lesson! Going up to the storm and beating, the old ghost begged for mercy directly: “Brother don’t hit, don’t hit big brother.”

Ryoko was tired from the fight now, and stopped. Fist opened his eyes and pointed at the old ghost and said, “You old ghost, I can tell you that the one you follow every day is my buddy. If you pester him again in the future, just ask me if this fist can answer. I am here to teach you a lesson. If I hear that you are pestering my brother again in the future, I will grab your grave and smash your bones to feed the dog.” After that, there were two fists again.

The old ghost was beaten and crawled on the ground and kept kowtow to Ryoko: “I will not dare anymore. I am wrong. I will not dare to pester you brother again. “The old ghost turned his eyes straight when he was talking, thinking about his heart: Can you protect him without leaving? You, I can’t afford it! As long as you are not around, I will continue to pester.

The old ghost has many hearts and eyes, but this Liangzi has more hearts and eyes than him, and he knows this nonsense cannot be believed, or people often talk about nonsense. “Papa” is another two mouths who continue to teach the old ghost: “You! It’s sincere to see you admit your mistakes, I like you very much. I will come to chat with you every day from now on, and I will practice with you by the way. “

The old ghost heard: “Master! Don’t come again in the future. I will never pester your brother again. I’ll change people in the future. Let’s change people! “

Ryoko glared her eyes: “Substitute?” It’s not okay to change people. You are not allowed to entangle any of the people in our village in the future. If you let me hear about someone who was entangled by you, I will crack your bones off your grave and throw it in the toilet. I will let you eat big manure every day. “

In the end this old ghost was really scared. To tell the truth: Whether it is an immortal or a ghost, I am afraid of finding his true body. Just like an animal fairy, he is behind him. As long as you find his true body, he will be honest immediately. This is their weakness. Ghosts are afraid of picking up the bones, and animal immortals are afraid of finding his true body.

This old ghost this time I really took it, Liangzi raised her head now, and shouted the big treasure still hidden in the grass shell: “Go, brother, today I am very beautiful with my fists and kicks, beat the old ghost, go home and stew the dog meat. Drink two more cups. “

Dabao really convinced the Liangzi right now, turned his head and stared at the old ghost fiercely. I see if you dare to pester me again in the future. That’s it: Gods and ghosts are afraid of the wicked.