There is an old man in the village who is close to one hundred years old, and is still the oldest old man in the village! But now there is a record of an old man in the village chasing him. Today, let’s talk about the late old man. We all call him-Old Liu Tou

It is said that when he was a child, he was from an ordinary family, and naturally he basically never read a book. Not to mention literacy. When the old Liu Tou was 95 years old, his body was still relatively tough, occasionally sitting at the door basking in the sun, and sometimes chatting with passers-by

A few months later. , Lao Liu’s family found that Lao Liu’s head had become a little weird and he became reluctant to make a sound all day long. Standing at the gate of the yard and looking into the distance, he said to himself from time to time. The other old people in the village said that Old Liu Tou was about to reach his birthday, and he was “looking for the road.” Seeing this situation, Old Liu’s eldest son also called his younger siblings back home and stayed by Old Liu’s side all night.

Later, the relatives who rejected the old Liu Tou described that Liu’s head was changed that night, and suddenly asked the children around him to get up. Paper inkstone! While urging Old Liu Tou, he whispered, “Hurry up, my master and brother are coming to pick me up.” Maybe you will find it particularly funny at this time, but this is indeed what Old Liu said himself.

When Old Liu Tou brought his pen and ink, he hurriedly wrote a beautiful calligraphy. The people present at that time were also dumbfounded, because Lao Liu Tou could not read at all, let alone write some calligraphy, but Lao Liu Tou really wrote beautiful calligraphy. So far, no one knows why Lao Liu could write suddenly, and I heard that the characters he wrote are still beautiful.

In the next few days, Lao Liu Tou suddenly seemed to be younger, and he could probably eat a bowl of rice (two or two) for each meal! When the family saw that Old Liu could eat so much, they were all happy, saying that it was a blessing to eat. It is said that according to this situation, it is definitely not a problem for Old Liu to live a hundred years old. While everyone was still immersed in the joy, when Old Liu was sleeping at night, he quietly walked away.

At the funeral of Old Liu’s head, many people were robbing the old Liu’s gifts and rushing to let their children crawl under the coffin of Old Liu’s! I don’t know if you have such a custom!