Zhang Xiaofu teaches in the mountainous area, and he likes to be with the ranger Lao Li Penkong the most. Lao Li served as a soldier in the Northeast when he was young, and there are endless stories. Lao Li also likes Teacher Zhang, knowing that he was teaching in a high school in the city, and he has become more cordial. Lao Li’s grandson and granddaughter went to school there.

Lao Li possesses special skills. Don’t look at the age of nearly seventy, and knock down five or six strong guys with swords and sticks with bare hands. With him as a ranger, those petty thefts have constrained a lot.

Xiaofu likes drinking with Lao Li the most. Lao Li’s life is simple and simple. He has steamed buns and pickles for three meals a day. He makes many steamed buns at a time. In order to prevent them from becoming rotten, they are exposed to the sun, and they become hard bumps, but Lao Li tastes terribly delicious. There are wild animals such as wild rabbits and wild birds on the mountain. Lao Li didn’t fight any of them. It’s too late for me to protect them. How can I be willing to hurt them?

He is kind, and there are always criminals who come poaching from time to time. Before the summer vacation, there was a poaching case in the forest. Lao Li fought with poachers with guns and was shot many shots. Of those poachers, Lao Li subdued seven and ran away five. The villagers arrived in time and escorted the captured poachers to the police station. Until his death, Lao Li held the poachers’ calves. People took a lot of effort to pull Lao Li’s hands away.

Lao Li Hero died. After Xiaofu’s teaching support was over, and when the school started, he returned to his original unit to take over as the teacher in charge of the third grade (five) class.

The former head teacher said that there were twin brothers and sisters in the class. Their academic performance was very good. It was only because the family was poor and their parents died early. They lived similarly to their grandfather. The siblings both live on campus, and my grandfather started to work abroad to earn money. Now, they haven’t been home for a few months, so the tuition has not yet been paid.

The school wants to apply for poverty stipends for them. The brothers and sisters said that they disagree, saying that grandpa taught them to be self-reliant from an early age and to be able to endure hardships. In the past, resolutely don’t ask others for help.

Invisibly, Xiaofu fell in love with these two students. If you are alive, you have to live your life. If you lose your backbone, there is no interest in being a human being. In some schools, spending money at school all day, but the siblings wake up early and go to bed late all day long. Their grades continue to stay in the top ten of the grade. They wear super simple and clean clothes, and eat mostly white rice.

Xiaofu also started by Yang, looking for some name to provide support for the brother and sister, but they were all declined. This time when school started on Monday, the siblings found Xiaofu and said: Teacher, this afternoon, my grandfather will pay the tuition. In fact, their tuition fees have been waived by the school and have not been made public, because they are afraid of hurting their self-esteem.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Xiaofu was preparing lessons in the office, and suddenly saw a very familiar figure, the dead old Li, entered the office, don’t ‘S teacher doesn’t care, but Xiaofu is surprisedAlmost called out. Old Li also saw Xiaofu and was very surprised. He waved his hand and hinted that he would not say anything. He asked: Who is the head teacher of the third (five) class? I will pay the tuition for Li Zheng and Li Rong.

Xiaofu couldn’t recover for a long time. Other teachers woke up with his clothes and woke up. Some stammered, Li, Uncle Li, let’s go to the finance, finance and finance office to hand in. Pay. Xiaofu’s performance made the other teachers very puzzled. This guy has always been able to speak well. Did you take the wrong medicine today?

When I came to the campus, in a quiet place, Lao Li explained: I have become a ghost. Fortunately, the ghost judge of the underworld is a kind ghost. Give me full freedom to continue. Work in the world to earn money for my grandchildren to study. I have started to pick up the rags now, the income is good, and I can maintain the expenses.

Xiaofu was very open-minded, and he sighed with relief. He said that the school fees for the two children have been exempted, and there is no need to pay. The money is left to buy some food to supplement the body. Lao Li is really a stubborn donkey. He has to pay the money. They can’t take care of the money that should be paid.

Lao Li paid the tuition, but he was afraid of affecting Xiaofu’s normal work, so he left quickly. Xiaofu got off work, carrying a bottle of good wine, found Lao Li’s place, and let him tell a story. This time, Xiaofu was really blessed. He who came and went freely at the gate of ghosts, no, to be precise, it should be a ghost , The story of the refurbishment, it should be said that three days and three nights can not be finished.