The story happened to the aunt’s family. The aunt’s family lived in a place called Babao Village. The aunt’s family had three children.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the living conditions of the aunt’s family were considered a well-off life at the time, but before the aunt’s house was an ordinary rural family, and the life was a little It is clear and poor, but everything must start with his (Huangpizi) staying at the aunt’s house! Every household in the countryside will have a warehouse for storing sundries. One day, my aunt entered the warehouse to collect food and found a yellow skin on the rice cabinet was stealing the food. Because there was no poultry such as chickens in the house, there was nothing for him. Hostility, and another yellow leather is quite mysterious in the countryside. Therefore, the aunt’s family did not harm him, on the contrary, they occasionally put some food for him!

Days passed like this, and Huang Taixian did not do any harmful things, such as stealing the neighbor’s chicken, etc. One day and night the auntie dreamed of someone The old man with white beard, and his aunt said that you and I have a fate in this life, and I have seen you have a kind heart recently, so I will guarantee a ten-year good luck. Auntie still believed in such things, and after finding a fairy who did some work, she invited Huang Daxian to his home to worship. Afterwards, my aunt’s life really went smoothly. First, my aunt became the captain of the boron mine team. It was probably in the early nineties. If you could be a team leader, it would be pretty good. At that time, it was called in our hometown. The person who eats the card probably means the current urban household registration. I just remember that I really liked going to my aunt’s house at that time, because everyone had a lot of delicious food. Maybe at this time, my aunt is even more convinced that this is Wong Taixian’s credit. She often buys chicken or chicken in the warehouse for Master Wong Taixian to eat! After that, the second sister was admitted to the Northeast Normal University. The aunt did not attribute these to the hard work of the second sister, but to Huang Daxian! Some people may say that Auntie is too superstitious, but there are still many people in the countryside, even now, who are still obsessed with this mysterious power.

The story doesn’t end here, it’s about ten years ago. One day my aunt went to the warehouse to fetch food but found Huang Daxian lying on the rice The cabinet was dying. At this time, Auntie found the tail of the mouse left next to Huang Taixian. It turned out that Huang Taixian had eaten the rat, but this mouse had already taken rat poison, and Huang Taixian was also poisoned! Auntie again fed Huang Taixian some antidote, but it was too late, Huang Taixian still failed to save her life! Auntie dreamed that the white beard old man waved goodbye to her at night. After Huang Taixian left, Auntie was sad for a long time.

After that, there were many changes in the aunt’s house. First, the aunt had a cerebral thrombosis. After ten years of persistence, the soul returned to heaven. The eldest brother also suffered from lung cancer and the soul returned to heaven. Moving to Tianjin to live together so far…

The story is actually very simple. Auntie’s family may not have much to do with Huang Daxian.Life is faced with various changes. Some people will say that the aunt is very tragic, but the aunt is also happy. At least now, how many old mothers of high-ranking officials still live in Shenzhen, don’t let the rights dilute the affection , Don’t let money kidnap your family…