The story I’m going to tell today is closely related to the swimming pool. I believe many of my friends have been to the swimming pool, but you must have never noticed that there is always a large or small black area at the bottom of the swimming pool. It seems that there will never be any light in this position, and the beginning of today’s story will unfold from here, I believe this will give you a new understanding of the swimming pool.

Xiao Wang is the person in charge of a large swimming pool. Since graduating from university, he has been working here with a relationship. It is better to say that he is here for a high salary. He is working in a leisurely state. As the person in charge, he only needs to routinely check all aspects of the safety facilities and the operation process of the swimming pool every day. There is no high workload at all, let alone the so-called physical work.

But in the meantime, he has to take a certain risk. You must know that although the water in the swimming pool is not deep, it has drowned people. Remember that it happened in the summer. In the early morning, a girl inexplicably appeared in the swimming pool, and then plunged into the deep pool. After a few flops, she died. At that time, the people in the swimming pool were in a hurry, so she hurried to investigate through various channels, because They felt that the girl’s death was strange. You must know that the swimming pool does not open until nine o’clock in the morning, but the girl appeared at six o’clock in the morning, and the entire process of her death was captured by surveillance cameras.

If someone did not deliberately put the girl in the swimming pool, then it proves that the girl had been conspiring to hide in this place for a long time. If we understand it according to the latter reasoning, then this girl His death was pure suicide, and it had nothing to do with the swimming pool, but even so, it would greatly affect the business of the swimming pool. Therefore, even though the swimming pool is still open since then, its turnover has been greatly reduced.

It is precisely because of this incident that the person in charge of the previous swimming pool was fired, and Xiao Wang naturally took this position, but it is strange to say that with The number of applicants he came to this place with was countless, but no one dared to touch the position of the person in charge. It seemed that there was some fear, but Xiao Wang didn’t care about this, as long as he had money to make, let him jump into the pit to clear the trash. All willing.

During the time when Xiao Wang took office, nothing strange happened, but one afternoon a few days later, there was a drowning incident in the swimming pool. After hearing about this, Xiao Wang rushed to the scene immediately and could see that the drowning man had fallen into a coma and was lying by the pool for rescue. The ambulance was already on his way. After Xiao Wang asked about the situation, he felt very much. The difference, according to the insider, this woman is the best swimmer among them. She can swim easily in the sea. How could she drown in the pool? Thinking of this, the drowning friend’s friend was suddenly startled.

“By the way, we are goodLike I remember, she once said vaguely on the water a few seconds before drowning. At that time, I was the closest to her. Hearing what she meant, it seemed to say that someone was pulling her feet underwater. “For this man’s explanation, Xiao Wang was also confused. Someone was dragging her feet underwater? How could this be? According to the drowning friend’s explanation, they were all swimming at the time, and no one would play pranks. After all, if something goes wrong in the joke in the water, it will kill people, and if it is not done by the drowning friend, who would be so boring to tease someone you don’t know?

For the sake of safety, Xiao Wang returned to the security room and monitored the swimming pool at the time. At first nothing strange happened, but when he pulled the progress bar to a few seconds before the drowning At the time, he suddenly saw that behind the drowning man, there was a black shadow swaying from side to side with the waves of the water, and according to Xiao Wang’s judgment, this black shadow must be a person: “What’s the matter? “

“Head, you ask me who am I asking?” You continue to look back, maybe this dark shadow will swim up later? Don’t we know who it is when he comes up? “After listening to the security guard, Xiao Wang continued to watch the subsequent surveillance video, but found that this group of black shadows had been lingering in the water after the drowning incident. After a few minutes, it disappeared like a cloud of smoke. Out of the water, it didn’t go ashore at all.

“My God, head, this, what the hell is this? “The security guard was startled with sweat now, because he knew that ordinary people can hold their breath underwater for no more than five minutes, but this group of black shadows stayed underwater for more than ten minutes, except for those who do not need to breathe. Ghost, the security guard really can’t think of any other explanation: “Boss, we have died in the swimming pool before, do you think this is the wrong one~”

“You give me Shut up, every day you know you are scaring yourself, where are so many ghosts in the world? Give it back, you see too many ghost stories, right? “Xiao Wang said casually, then turned to leave, but even though he said so, he was a little bit murmured in his heart, what is this group of shadows? I don’t know what Xiao Wang came from at that time. Thinking about it, he actually sneaked into the swimming pool after closing in the afternoon, wanting to check what is weird in this place, and he also reminded the security guard that he must always pay attention to the movement of the monitoring, if there is something wrong, he must be immediately checked Rescue.

After everything is ready, Xiao Wang swims in the pool. To be honest, he has been in charge of this place for more than half a year, but He has never been in the water, and today he still experienced the swimming pool under his jurisdiction for the first time. But during the time he was swimming, no weird incident happened. As for the so-called dark shadow, it has never appeared: “Could it be that we read it wrong before? ”

In desperation, Xiao Wang had to swim back to the pool for a while, and took a drink of the cup prepared in advance, but at this moment, he suddenly found that his ankle was suddenly cold and bitter. At the same time, the unstoppable drag force swept directly from the bottom of the water and directly dragged Xiao Wang into the water. Xiao Wang, who had not had time to react, drowned in the water and screamed timidly, but from his mouth There was nothing else but countless bubbles that ran out, and at this moment, Xiao Wang finally saw what the shadow hidden in the water was: it was indeed a human, but it was a soulless one. “people”.

It may be unreasonable to describe it in humans, because there is no trace of blood on this guy’s face, his eyes are extremely red from drowning and congestion, and his entire face is swollen and seems to be The meat was soaked in water, but even so, Xiao Wang recognized her identity. Isn’t this the same girl who ran into the swimming pool inexplicably at six in the morning and then drowned in the water afterwards?

It seems to have discovered Xiao Wang’s current thinking, only to see that the “girl” floating in front of him released a smirk from the corners of his mouth, and the scary red eyes slowly turned upwards. , And stared directly at Xiao Wang in the water. Then she opened her mouth and released a few silent words. Through the shape of her lips, Xiao Wang guessed that these words should be: Come and accompany me!

Thinking of this, Xiao Wang suddenly realized that the guy who appeared in front of him was a female ghost.

It is also ridiculous. At that time, Xiao Wang only paid attention to the opponent’s appearance but did not realize that he was drowning. So now he hastily figured out a way to break free from the control of the female ghost, and then took the fastest Swimming towards the surface at a speed, but it was not until he returned to the surface that he realized that he didn’t need to breathe…

Not only that, but he also discovered that he was not Swim out of the water, but floated out of the water: “Me, what’s wrong with me now?”

In surprise, Xiao Wang cast his gaze toward the pool. But I can see that he is actually lying on the ground now, and there are people beside him doing artificial respiration for him at all costs, but it is of no avail, because at this time the body has no signs of life, and the body As the little king of the soul, a drop of crystal tears fell involuntarily from the corner of his eyes, and after hitting the surface of the water, he quietly merged with the pool water. As for the female ghost that just appeared in front of him, it has long since disappeared. Trace.

That’s right, Xiao Wang died and drowned in the water like this, and it was only after his death that he realized that everything that happened before was a conspiracy. Not only does this contain the horror of ghosts and monsters, but what is even more unacceptable is the cunning hidden in people’s hearts. According to Xiao Wang’s understanding, the reason why the girl appeared in this pool in the first place was deliberate.In order to make the girl drown in the water to form the illusion of an accident, to cover up the real facts, and Xiao Wang who knew the answer was naturally killed by the murderer. Drowning is probably only part of the other side’s killing link.

As for whether the female ghost really appeared, whether it was the girl’s grievance who dragged Xiao Wang down in the water, I’m afraid it’s nothing but the dead Xiao Wang. No one knows.