In the past, my dad had a friend. I never knew what his name was, but I always called him Sanshu. He is tall and thin, very kind, and loves to chat with people.

One day, my dad and I visited his house. When we were about to leave, it happened to rain lightly outside. The third uncle said let us stay longer, and he was just fine. Talk to my dad.

After chatting for a while, the third uncle suddenly pointed to a black umbrella in the corner and said, “Brother Zhang, you know what, whenever it rains, I think of this old umbrella , I’m dissatisfied with you saying that it once saved my life.”

My dad and I were very curious and asked what was going on, so my third uncle lit a cigarette and started Tell us something he experienced personally.

About ten years ago, my third uncle opened a hardware store in the city, and often had to deliver goods to all parts of the country.

That afternoon, he was just about to deliver something to a small mountainous area. On the way back, there was a heavy pouring rain. It didn’t take long for the rain to gather all over the ground, and the rugged mountain roads immediately became muddy.

The third uncle drove the car back carefully, suddenly a figure appeared in front of him, and when he drove closer, it turned out that there was a woman holding a child. His big umbrella moved slowly in the wind and rain, and his clothes got wet.

The third uncle slowly drove the car to her side, and said loudly: “Auntie, where are you going, so heavy rain, shall I take you for a ride?”

The woman embraced the child and held an umbrella, and did not open the car door for a long time. My third uncle helped, and the woman finally got into the car. The child seemed to be asleep.

He found an unclean towel and handed it to the woman to wipe it off, and asked: “Why are you still going out in such a heavy rain?”
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“The child suddenly had a high fever. When I first went out, there was not much rain. The men in the family were not at home. I can’t wait. When my son is married, he left the child and went to work. I was alone,” the woman said. .

The third uncle turned his head to take a closer look at the woman. She was about the same age as his mother, but had half-white hair. His face was covered with years of vicissitudes. It should be the child’s grandmother, and asked: ” Are you going to the clinic at the entrance of the village?”

The woman nodded.

“Then I’ll take you there!”

With that, the third uncle started the car again. As soon as the woman heard an expression of immense gratitude, her tears almost fell. The mountain road, heavy rain, and the child in her arms, you can imagine how bad the situation was at that time, even though the distance was not very far.

After about ten minutes, I finally figured out the muddy mountain road and reached the small clinic at the entrance of the village.My third uncle helped the woman open the car door again. At this time, the rain just stopped, but the sky was gradually lit up. The woman got off the car with gratitude, her eyes were wet, and after saying thank you a few times, she hurried in with her child. In the clinic.

After the incident, my third uncle began to rush home. It was already close to the evening, and the sky gradually dimmed, about half a time. I arrived at my door in just a few hours.

His hardware store was in a small alley. He found a place to park. When he got out of the car, he frowned. It turned out that there was a drizzle in the sky.

Suddenly, he found a big black umbrella on the passenger seat, which was dropped by the auntie who was holding the child just now.

Sanshu said that it was just right, so he picked up the umbrella and opened it and walked hurriedly into the store. When passing through a small alley, a strong wind suddenly blew and faced an advertisement on the third floor. The card suddenly dropped and slammed at him!

When it was said that it was too late, then it was fast. In a small alley, he had no time to dodge. In a panic, he had to hold the big black umbrella tightly in front of him, only to hear the touch. , He fell to the ground, the umbrella cloth was torn several big openings, and several thin umbrella ribs were broken.

Because of the cushion of the umbrella, and the billboard is not very heavy, the injury is not too serious, but a few long wounds on the arm, the head was hit After a while, it didn’t matter.

However, without the cover of the broken umbrella, he would definitely be injured more than that.

Maybe it’s really a coincidence. He took the old woman in the rain. An old umbrella dropped by the old woman unexpectedly came in handy and even saved his life. .

Whether it is by chance or coincidence, or there is a certain number in the past, if it were not for this ride, perhaps there is no greater disaster for those who are lurking at this moment in his life. It can be seen that this is cause and effect.

The story of the third uncle is finished, and the broken umbrella has been kept in the corner by him, in order to always remind himself: helping others is helping himself.

As the saying goes: But if you do good deeds, don’t ask about your future. If you do good deeds often, there will be blessings.

Be a good person, do good deeds, and believe that good people will be rewarded.