A woman named Li Xiaomei lives next to Jiangjiahe. Li Xiaomei is very beautiful, but because she has no mother since she was a child, she is very inferior and doesn’t like to talk.

Even so, Li Xiaomei has a particularly kind heart. Every time she sees those children and old people who need help, she is the first to walk to them in silence. People who go to help.

One day, when Li Xiaomei was going to wash clothes by the river, she suddenly heard the sound of a heavy object falling into the water. She raised her head and saw a fox fluttering in the water. Putter was also looking at Li Xiaomei, his eyes full of thirst for life.

Seeing this scene, Li Xiaomei quickly took off her shoes and jumped into the water, picked up the fox, and saved it to the shore. On the shore, Li Xiaomei put it on the ground. The fox knelt on the front feet, kowtowed at Li Xiaomei, and suddenly jumped into the reeds by the river.

Looking at the fox going away, Li Xiaomei was a little funny, thinking, this fox is really spiritual and knows how to be grateful! Time passed. One day three years later, Li Xiaomei suddenly disappeared. Her father looked for her for a long time and did not find her. Later, the villagers found her dead in the river.

After Li Xiaomei’s death, her father was so distraught, he washed his face with tears every day, guarding Li Xiaomei’s body and refused to be buried. Late that night, Li Xiaomei’s father fell asleep in the mourning hall. Suddenly, he didn’t know what he was dreaming, and a Ji Ling opened his eyes.

At this moment, a fox appeared in front of Li Xiaomei’s father, and said to him: “Father of the benefactor, I know who killed the benefactor! “

Li Xiaomei’s father was surprised, how could this fox speak! Before he could speak, he heard the fox say again: “Three years ago, I went to play by the river. Because I was a little bit playful, I fell into the river. The benefactor saved me! Later…”
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Li Xiaomei’s father finally believed it after hearing this story told by the fox. He originally thought that his daughter’s death was an accident, but he did not expect that he learned from the fox that his daughter was killed. The killing truth!

The fox led Li Xiaomei’s father to find the three murderers who killed his daughter. Later, he found some evidence that the daughter was really killed by those people.

Li Xiaomei’s father found the government overnight with evidence, and let the government officials take the charge for him. Early the next morning, the officers and soldiers ran to the village and captured the three men. A few days later, because of the solid evidence, the three men were cut off in public.

Seeing the three heads fall to the ground, Li Xiaomei’s father did not feel the joy of revenge, but tears down, because his kind and well-behaved daughter never came back. …