Opening the door, a strong fishy smell came out overwhelmingly.

The old Wang dare to say that he had never smelled such a strong fishy smell in his life, and he immediately retched, his eyes were almost so smoked that he couldn’t open his eyes and his brain buzzed Humming.

In the room, Yu Qiang was wrapped in a quilt, and refused to see people. The source of this fishy smell seemed to come from the quilt.

“Pharaoh, look.”

Lao Yu suddenly opened the quilt, Lao Wang saw the most terrifying thing in his life .

Yu Qiang was lying on the bed dying, and his body was covered with dense fish scales. The fish scales shone with colorful light, and the disgusting fishy smell came from his body. of.

The most terrifying thing is that Yu Qiang’s head has become oval and flat, almost exactly the same as a fish head, except that it has human facial features and can speak. The good thing is that the strong lower body is still human, but the lower body is also covered with scales, which looks shocking. What’s even more frightening is that Yu Qiang’s body inserted countless fish hooks.

“Pharaoh, what you said that day was really hit. He was retaliated by the fish. Look at how good it is.”

Lao Yu was crying in his words and begged Lao Wang for help.

Pharaoh has lived for most of his life, so how can I encounter such a thing? I don’t know what to do for a while.

I was looking at Yu Qiang who was lying on the bed. The bed was full of dirt and fish scales. His eyes were half-open and half-closed. His mouth was babbling and trying to say something, but he couldn’t say anything because of pain. Speak out.

Lao Wang frowned and thought for a long time with a solemn expression, and said, “Now I have to find Jiu Shu.”

Jiu Shu is here. The flea market on East Street does jade and antiques business, and also looks at some doorways. Hearing what Old Wang said, he nodded naturally, and the two hurried to the flea market.

Uncle Jiu is dressed as a peasant, he looks dark, with a carbon ball, and the sound of selling is weak, and his body is thin. Blowed by the wind.

Lao Yu was a little bit ignorant, thinking that Uncle Jiu should be like Lin Zhengying on the TV, with a heroic appearance and a tough look, so his expression was a little unbelievable. Uncle Jiu saw this, so he tried to squeeze a smile on his thin, dark face and told Lao Yu the reason.

It turns out that Jiu Shu has been dealing with those things all the year round. Because of the heavy Yin Qi, this made him weak.

After listening to Jiu Shu, Lao Yu no longer dare to disrespect. I quickly explained Yu Qiang’s situation in detail, and Jiu Shu nodded and said: “Let’s take a look at Yu Qiang.”