A Chun is forty years old this year, working as an accountant in a company, but when he is at work, he is not seen every day, only the last few days of each month.

The strange thing is that the boss is indifferent to his behavior and is very happy to see him.

It turns out that Achun is a gambler, but he is different from the gambler who always loses.

A Chun is very smart and flexible.

He is good at all kinds of gambling such as mahjong, chess and cards. He even thoroughly researched gambling. Coupled with his cleverness, he almost wins every gamble, and he wins one night of mahjong. One or two hundred thousand.

The company where Achun works, the boss Axiang is his friend, plus he will give Axiang 200,000 yuan every month, saying it is money invested in the company He only needs to pay dividends at the end of the year. As for the company’s accounts, he boasted to Axiang: “Axiang, don’t worry, don’t worry about where I go every day. I’ll give your accounts a few days later every month. You can do it.”

A Chun is extremely smart. Although he only goes to the company for a few days a month, he can make things clear on the accounts, plus he still invests in Axiang company, Axiang naturally opened his eyes and closed his eyes.

But for friends, Axiang still persuades: “Achun, how can you gamble like this? This is not the right way after all.”

Later, A Xiang said too much, and A Chun quit his job and made a living from gambling.

A Chun is very lucky in gambling. When he came out for a walk in the morning, he could win a few thousand yuan in chess with others. That was his monthly salary. Not to mention the time when he gambled.

Achun’s wife and children are in their hometown. After Achun got rich, he didn’t take their mother and daughter over. Instead, he found another woman in the city, and the woman returned him I gave birth to a son, who is quite old.

In addition to being good at gambling, he also likes to drink very much.

After Achun won money this day, he had supper with friends and drank a lot of wine.

After returning home, he took a shower, drunk lying on the sofa and fell asleep.

The mistress who lived with him saw that he hadn’t gone to bed for a long time and felt something was wrong. Turning on the light, he saw that the corners of his eyes were crooked and his mouth was crooked, so he immediately called Ambulance.

It turned out that Achun’s blood pressure increased after drinking, and he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. He was sent to the hospital to start rescue.

A Chun was lying in the hospital ward, and he felt light and fluttering, and he floated to the roof.

After he floated to the roof and looked down under him, he saw a person very much like himself.

“It’s strange, isn’t this person me?”

“Of course it is you.”

A Chun looked back and saw that a man in black was floating in the air. He saw the man in black with his feet hanging in the air. At first sight, he was not an ordinary person.

“Who are you?”

A Chun looked at the other person in fear, and asked cautiously.


A Chun took a breath and said, “Am I dead?”

“No, to be correct, you are out of your body.”

Achun was stunned, thinking that he could still survive, but he glanced at Death again. Why did the god of death appear here? This made him feel uneasy.

Next, Ah Chun wanted to return to the body. The body seemed to have antibodies. As soon as Ah Chun’s soul hit it, it was bounced out by an invisible force.

“Why is the god of death like this?”

The god of death smiled evilly at him and said: “Look down next, you will know “

Ah Chun was very nervous, seeing the doctor coming and going in and out of the ward, and seeing his wife and Xiaosan both coming.

But what surprised him was that when his wife Xiaohong discovered that Xiao San was there, her face was very calm, as if she had known it for a long time.

It’s just that his wife is very sad about him who is unconscious and crying.

On the contrary, Xiao San didn’t even have a tear. He asked the doctor again and again: “Doctor, can he save it.”

The doctor told her to A craniotomy may cost 300,000 yuan.

After hearing this, Xiao San turned his head and left.

Instead, his wife Xiaohong wanted to save him, but it was a pity that she couldn’t spend so much money.

It turned out that Ah Chun made a living by gambling. He had a lot of money. He also had several houses and stores. He had millions in his hands. He only gave Xiao San a house.

The house is located in the center of the city and is worth more than one million yuan. As long as you sell the house, you can pool the money for surgery.

On the contrary, it is his wife, who is still working as a dilapidated house in the rural home. That kind of house is worthless and cannot be sold.

All of Achun’s property is placed in his sister’s place.

Now Achun puts all hopes on his sister.

It didn’t take long, AhChun finally saw his sister rushing in the dust, he was very excited, and said, sister, it depends on you.

“Doctor, I choose to give up treatment.”

“You have to think clearly, this is a human life.”

“Even if my brother woke up after the operation, he was still paralyzed in bed. Could I wait for him for the rest of my life!”

A Chun really didn’t expect it, the critical moment , Even his own biological sister betrayed him.

When the bell rang at midnight, A Chun saw that she died, and his wife Xiaohong almost fainted crying in front of his body.

At this moment, he was realizing that the best person in this world was his wife, Xiao Hong.

“Regret it, it’s too late, don’t try to save anything, this is a foregone conclusion, let me go.”

Ah Chun’s body became transparent, turning her head with tears in her eyes, and begged death, “I don’t want to save anything, just ask you to give me three days, just three days.”

The god of death is not unkind, he squeezed his chin and smiled: “Three days will be three days, I will come here to pick you up in three days!”

After talking about death, he turned into a gust of wind. , Coming out of the window.

A Chun looks back on her life. She is extremely smart in this life, earning a living from gambling and winning a lot of money.

It turned out that he had won all his money for the rest of his life. Naturally, he had money and never lived, and he ended up like this.

But he felt most sorry for his wife.

During these three days, A Chun went to see Xiao San first. Xiao San has lived with him for several years, and he has a child.

He can understand Xiao San’s ruthlessness, after all, she and the child will survive in the future.

As for his sister, it is too much. All his property belongs to her sister. After his death, all these properties belong to her sister.

A Chun thought that when he became a ghost, he could do whatever he wanted, but that was not the case. He couldn’t even touch the corners of his sister’s clothes.

However, he still dreamt of scaring his sister, causing her to have a nervous breakdown and almost approaching the mental hospital.

Finally, when he came to his wife, he was distressed when he saw his wife wash her face in tears all day long and still live in a dilapidated house, but it was a pity that he was helpless.

Three days soon arrived, and Death took him to hell.

After meeting the Yan Wang, Ah Chun made a request, wanting to be young with his wife in the next life