There is a street near the school, where there are many street stalls selling all kinds of goods. Many students like to come here to see if they can buy something they like.

Wu Xue and her other friend Fan Dongchen are no exception. They often walk around this street holding hands.

On this day, they stopped in front of a booth where all kinds of weird gadgets were placed. The stall owner is an elderly man with a face of vicissitudes.

Wu Xue looked at the merchandise, and was suddenly attracted by a strangely shaped ring. The ring looks very old, with a small head carved on it.

She fell in love with the ring immediately, so she asked the stall owner for the price. But after seeing the ring, the stall owner first showed a surprised look, and then embarrassedly rejected Wu Xue’s request: “I’m really sorry, this ring is not a commodity, I should have put it here accidentally.” br>

But Wu Xue really wanted this ring, so she kept begging the vendor to sell it to him.

In desperation, the stall owner had to tell her the reason:

This is not an ordinary ring , But a ring that can realize people’s wishes. But it is more appropriate to say that it is a ghost ring, because its fulfilled wish will only bring disaster.

The stall owner was afraid that the ring would harm them, so he refused to sell it.

Unexpectedly, this story aroused Wu Xue’s curiosity. She wanted this ring even more.

“Since you insist on getting it, I can give it to you.” The stall owner finally compromised, “It can fulfill my wish three times, and I have used it once. But you thousands Don’t try to use it to make a wish, then you will definitely regret it.”

Wu Xue who has achieved his goal took Fan Dongchen’s arm and left, but they all sneered at what the stall owner said.

“How could this kind of thing be possible? His kind of elderly people would believe it.” Wu Xue put the ring on her hand, “If it can really come true , Let me earn two hundred thousand for my parents!”

The ring seemed to light up, and Wu Xue shivered involuntarily, but she didn’t take it seriously.

Unexpectedly, two days later, Wu Xue encountered a car accident while running through a red light, and died on the spot. The body was almost crushed in two, and his head was crushed like a piece of paper. The internal organs and brains were scattered all over the place, very scary. After mediation, the other party compensated Wu Xue’s family with 200,000 yuan.

Fan Dongchen, who lost his lover, cried so much. He looked at the ring, regretting