By the way, there is a hapless person named Wang Jianguo, who was fine in the first half of the night, but was hooked by the evil spirit in the second half of the night for no reason, and was taken to Jiuquan to meet the King of Yama.

Wang Jianguo cried out injustice all the way, and seeing the Hades was more like seeing the savior. “Lord Yan, I don’t have any serious health problems. How can I die suddenly? Something must be wrong.”

“Bah! You shut up! The power of life and death for all creatures It’s all in the hands of this king. This king tells you to die at three watchdogs, and you definitely won’t die at five watchdogs. This life and death is clearly remembered, why are you wronged?” The King of Hades said involuntarily and scolded.

“The king calms down! The king doesn’t know anything about it. There are so many people who were born in my age named Jianguo. Besides, Wang is the first surname, so those who repeat the same name are used to it. I have long heard in Yangjian that the king is careful and meticulous, and will never do anything wrong with others. If the king can let me take a look at the hard evidence, I would be willing to be a pig and dog after reincarnation.” Wang Jianguo said.

“Okay, let you be convinced.” What a majestic Lord Yan, how can a ghost be in his eyes, and he wants to be so verbose with Wang Jianguo? The main reason was that those few flattery words that Wang Jianguo took made Yan Wangye feel a little flutter and joy in his heart. Naturally, he had to make an unselfish act to show the ghosts. So I checked the birth and death records and checked the date of birth, death, and ancestral home address one by one. It turned out that the wrong person was caught. Within a hundred li, there really is another Wang Jianguo, and this Wang Jianguo who was arrested is not yet dead.

“Black and white impermanence!” the king shouted loudly, “You, as a god, should do such indiscriminate things, what sin?” Black and white impermanence hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy .

Wang Jianguo also knew that he couldn’t offend the gods, and he also helped plead with him, saying, “My lord, there are too many people who call Wang Jianguo. That person was born the same date as me, and was also close. The two gods are busy with official duties, and I can’t blame them for such a mistake. Besides, my future in Yangjian has been ruined, and I have no love. I am willing to do for the damn Wang Jianguo, maybe it is a merit.” Wang Jianguo said. To be honest, this grievance has been clarified, and it is nothing more than being sent back to that useless body, it is better to reincarnate earlier and re-behave.

The Hades really no longer pursues black and white impermanence, and instead said to Wang Jianguo: “This king is the most fair. Since you are willing to take it for others, this king cannot I’m wronged to you. There was an errand, and I lacked a suitable person. I saw your life and he will be able to do the job. Let you take it!”

Knowing that it is not a blessing, Wang Jianguo was ecstatic in his heart, and even declared his thanks, and went to work with the guidance. It was a mission from heaven, but Wang Jianguo messed up.

It turns out that all the money and materials in the underworld are enshrined by the stranger. When someone’s family dies, the burned paper money and other items are not directly transferred to the underworld.Yes, it is collected uniformly, and then distributed according to the merits of the dead. Those who did a lot of evil in life are naturally indistinguishable. Wang Jianguo was assigned to take charge of the money and goods of a township, and then escorted them up layer by layer.

At the beginning, Wang Jianguo was ecstatic because of being a bad servant. He worked extremely vigorously. He was also conscientious and conscientious. Later, Wang Jianguo also knew that there were still people in charge of the money and materials of a county, a province, and of course all the living things. A colleague told him that the larger the boundaries of the management, the more things he can enjoy. They are just low-level errands, and they just have food and clothing. The female ghosts who take care of him are much more beautiful! It seems that ghosts have to go to higher places too, no, they have to think of a trick to behave like a ghost! Wang Jianguo secretly made up his mind.

When the festival came again, paper money and sacrifice materials increased. Wang Jianguo and a few of his men were so busy that they broke their legs and gave away the money When he arrived at the superior, Wang Jianguo was indignant when he saw their leisurely and happy appearance. So later, he started to deduct some money and share it with the brothers privately. Of course, he got the most.

Later, when I came across black and white impermanence and caught the soul in his realm, the two were slightly grateful to him and greeted him. Wang Jianguo took the opportunity to give them some valuable items. . Before long, Wang Jianguo was promoted to take charge of the property of a county.

It turns out that the underworld is the same as the Yangjian, and the reason for promotion is almost the same, and there is no supervision and let it go. This is ten million times better than the Yangjian. Wang Jianguo knew this well, collected money arbitrarily, and then sent people to give away the important errands. In the end, he was promoted step by step and became an important party member. It’s just that ghosts are hard to fill. Although the underworld has a lot of money, sacrificial items are rare. Wang Aijianguo tried every means to force the ghosts under his control to ask for property from the family between Meng and Yang. For a while, the ghost also complained, and Wang Jianguo was captured and returned to the Palace of the King of Yama.

In the Palace of the King of Yama, Wang Jianguo wanted to deny him, and the King of Yama was furious: “Do you think you can deceive this King? Although there is no supervision in the underworld, where there is filth, there must be a black sky over here Qi is concentrated. The three-year-old in the world knows that there are gods who raise their heads and three feet. Your career in the sun is ruined by greed. When you reach the underworld, you don’t even have to repent! The underworld is not just a big prison that allows you to squat for a few years. Eliminate the evil industry. Come on, right, push it out and put it in the oil pan to blow it up!”

“Great King!” Wang Jianguo regretted it and cried out for mercy, but It didn’t help at all, and was dragged out by two wicked escorts!