Wang Bowei discovered a strange thing. The yellow dog in the family has always sneaked out of the house from time to time since that day, and went home very late when he went out. After returning home, he always had scars all over his body. This makes Wang Bowei increasingly suspicious.

Originally, Wang Bowei did not notice the yellow dog’s abnormality. After all, the family never locked it. The yellow dog is normal whether it is going out or at home.

But gradually Wang Bowei discovered that the yellow dog was away for more than half of the entire day, and only a few hours were left before the yellow dog would go home to rest. For a while, then continue to run out.

And every day when the yellow dog goes home, he is injured all over. At first, Wang Bowei thought it was the yellow dog who had an opponent in the village, and he went out to fight every day, but the yellow dog was not injured. Like other dogs bite it out, and gradually realized that this was not the case, Wang Bowei decided to go to the village to find news about yellow dogs because of curiosity, and asked the villagers if he had seen any yellow dogs at home.

But what puzzled Wang Bowei was that the yellow dog went out and did not stay in the village. All the villagers had never seen it, so the yellow dog’s injury was not a dog bite. from.

After Wang Bowei overthrew his idea, he waited quietly at home for the yellow dog to return. That night, the yellow dog finally appeared.

Wang Bowei’s running yellow dog, carefully looked at its wounds, unexpectedly found that the yellow dog’s injuries changed every day, and even new injuries were added every day. It made Wang Bowei distressed and puzzled, where did the yellow dog go on his back?

What are these injuries? After Wang Bowei let go of the yellow dog, he decided to find an opportunity to follow the yellow dog out.

The opportunity came soon. That night, Wang Bowei made up his mind and prepared to stay up all night. When the yellow dog went out the next day, he immediately lurked behind him and followed him. Clear its whereabouts.

That night Wang Bowei was both excited and entangled with his eyes open until dawn. When the next day dawned, Wang Bowei heard the sound of the yellow dog in the yard and realized that the yellow dog When he went out, Wang Bowei didn’t dare to waste time. He immediately put on his clothes and opened the door cautiously. After chasing him for a while, Wang Bowei saw the shadow of the yellow dog not far away.

Unexpectedly, the yellow dog ran on the road to the mountain. Wang Bowei was stupid. No wonder he couldn’t find the yellow dog. He went up the mountain. Just as Wang Bowei was thinking about it all the way and tracking it all the way, after a while, Wang Bowei stopped, and an extremely hidden cave appeared in front of him, and the yellow dog got into it instantly.

The moment Wang Bowei saw the cave was even more curious, realizing that he might soon find outThe truth is, Wang Bowei took a deep breath and strode towards the cave with excitement. When he entered the cave, Wang Bowei’s vision went dark. Wang Bowei had to fumble forward. As a result, after Wang Bowei hadn’t walked for a long time, there was a light in front of him. Wang Bowei ran towards the bright light excitedly.

Upon entering, Wang Bowei was stunned by everything in front of him. Unexpectedly, he would see such a scene. The big yellow dog at home appeared in the cave, and its belly There is a dirty little baby hiding. The little baby is sucking his big yellow dog’s milk, but the little baby can’t control his strength. When drinking milk, his fingers are holding the big yellow dog’s body up and down. After a while, the big yellow dog’s body added several more scars.

Wang Bowei was stunned. He never expected the truth to be like this. Wang Bowei’s mood was extremely complicated, and the yellow dog who was taking care of the child noticed someone and turned his head towards Wang Bowei. Wanting to bark, he turned his head and found that it was his master, and quickly got up and ran towards the master.

Wang Bowei looked at the yellow dog that was overflowing with maternal love, then looked at the little child on the ground, and sighed. After he discovered this, Wang Bowei couldn’t just ignore it. In order to help the child as well as the yellow dog, Wang Bowei made a decision that it is not a problem for the child to be in the cave, and it is impossible for the yellow dog to keep him like this.

After Wang Bowei wanted to understand, he walked up to pick up the child, and then left with the yellow dog.

Since then, Wang Bowei has a child in his family. Years later, the child grew up and went out to break a world. On the day he became famous, he took Wang Bowei out of the village to live a good life.

Wang Bowei’s second half of his life has been smooth and smooth, and he lived safely and healthily until he was old.