In the early Qing Dynasty, the Zhang family in Ningyuan County was a well-known wealthy family in the county. Mrs. Zhang’s original wife suddenly got a strange illness last year, and after having hired several doctors, she couldn’t tell why she came.

Everyone in the county said, “Mrs. Zhang is always kind and willing to give. She hasn’t survived for a month. Good people don’t live long.”

In March of this year, Master Zhang married a man to fill the house. “Have you heard? Master Zhang’s continuation was originally just a maid. Now it’s flying on a branch. It’s so fateful.” For a while, everyone was envious of this filling house.

I have always seen the newcomers laugh, but the old people cry. “This landfill is not easy to take care of. He is so tempered that he beats and scolds us at every turn.” Complaining and complaining, because Master Zhang loves to continue, Zhang’s office can only flatter and please the new lady. Only Young Master Zhang, who was born to his wife, missed his mother and was still in grief.

On the Ching Ming Festival, Young Master Zhang went to visit his mother’s grave alone, but unexpectedly, he encountered a strange thing. He was about to go to the grave to put fruit and melon snacks, when he saw a thick-mouthed python on his mother’s grave, scaring him back again and again.

When he was about to escape, he saw the python crawling to the grave and knelt down towards his mother’s monument. Seeing this, Zhang Shaoye thought to himself that the snake was not malicious to him, and seemed to have some connections with his mother.

As he was thinking about it, the python crawled up to him, and with a docile look, he actually leaned the snake’s head on his feet. Afterwards, he climbed into the forest and looked back at him as if waiting for him to follow.

Zhang Shaoye followed to the forest, but for a moment, he came to a cave. The cave was covered with a kind of grass more than one meter high, the color was deep purple, he felt a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

“You brought me here, don’t know what the purpose is?” Young Master Zhang was full of doubts, and said, the python suddenly hit the soil under a grass with its head.

Zhang Shaoye hurried over to check. He took a wooden stick and pushed aside the soil, revealing a small wooden box. He opened it and found out the cause of his mother’s death. There is a puppet in the box, its chest is penetrated by a hairpin, and the characters for his mother’s birthday are pasted on the back. He suddenly remembered that before his mother died, he had been crying for chest pain. A giant python appeared on his mother’s grave, and the boy followed it into the cave, only to find out the truth about his mother’s death.

He has seen this hairpin, and this hairpin was rewarded by his mother to his stepmother! After thinking about this level, and then looking at the grass, he remembered that when his stepmother made medicine for her mother, the medicinal soup was a weird purple. He also asked at the time: “How is the medicine in this color?” She replied: ” What’s weird is the medicine prescribed by the doctor.”

Young Master Zhang was distraught for a while. If he kept asking, he might save his mother.Life. He said goodbye to the python and stumbled all the way home, vowing to avenge his mother.

He knew that this matter needed a long-term plan, and the clinker hadn’t waited for him to start. That night, he heard a scream, and someone hurriedly reported: “It’s not good. The new lady called… the python was killed.”

When he went to take a look, the python was gone and the stepmother’s breathing had stopped. Zhang Mansion was in chaos for a while. He sat in the room, closed his eyes and meditated, trying to sort out his thoughts. In meditation, he recalled some past events.

Ten years ago, he and his mother went out on a sedan chair to enjoy the flowers. Seeing an injured snake on the side of the road, seeing that he was about to be taken away by a vulture, his mother kindly rescued him and let The bearer took the stick and drove away the vulture.

Good and evil will be rewarded in the end. It turns out that my mother planted good causes back then. This python is here to avenge her. His dignified man, who killed his mother, failed to avenge him personally. It was probably because the python didn’t want him to kill him, and he couldn’t help but feel very grateful.