Another man in our village also walked home at night. He seemed to be not long after my sixth uncle, but the two experienced different places and were far away.

He drove his motorcycle home and passed a little bit in front of the bridge. He suddenly saw a woman in a red dress with long hair walking forward. He suddenly I knew I had encountered a dirty thing, because it was a little too late in the middle of the night. How could there be a woman walking like this in the middle of the night? He thought in his heart that he would drive a little faster and treat him as if he hadn’t seen anything. After that, he thought to himself. Don’t catch up, who knows, the most terrifying thing is that after he walked a few hundred meters, he turned a corner and was still the woman. At this time, he was not walking forward, but beckoning to stop the car on the side of the road. Goosebumps), he closed his eyes and opened it very quickly. After a kilometer, he found the village and went to someone’s house and sat in his house and refused to drive back. Then he called the family and asked them to arrange a few people to pick them up. He talked about it at the commissary the next morning, and kept yelling. He also said that he would not walk at night even if the sky fell.

Both of these events happened to me. I was impressed because we all heard them personally talk about it, and it was not very long ago. I would be a teenager, and my parents said that in the future Try not to walk at night.