Do branding, what we lack is really just traffic? What we lack is trust.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Knife Doris” (ID: Doriskerundong), author knife sister doris.

2018-2019 is the first year of the new consumer brand: the bonus of the vibrato, fast hand, and small red book, with a group of net red brands.

In addition to the “perfect diary” and “HFP” in the beauty makeup, the “half-half” in the toothpaste, the “three-and-a-half” in the coffee, even the “ice Xue Gao” and “Zhongjie” And “Ao Xue double yellow eggs.”

The net red brand is fortunate. Fortunately, they can be used as household names overnight. They can be screened on major social networks, and sales can reach one million per night. Investors are chasing after they come to the door and want to invest.

Everyone wants to be a net red, make a burst of money, every day my economic industry group, can see more than 10 kinds of “short video cold start Raiders”, “small red book placement guide”…

But the Net Red brand is also unfortunate.

At the same time everyone is chasing traffic, exploding money, smashing their heads and wanting to explode, what we didn’t see is that the net red effect may also bring a huge counterattack.

Be careful to make a net red brand.

1, Everyone wants to be a net red brand

Why do everyone want to be a brand of net red? Because the road to brand marketing of consumer goods has undergone tremendous changes in recent years.

In the era of traditional fast-moving era, the medium is traditional media such as television and outdoor, and it has been exposed at least three times. Previous advertising was advertising.

Since the rise of social media 1.0 (Weibo + WeChat), not only the central media, but everyone can speak.

As a result, the influence of consumers’ “views” on consumer brands has reached an unprecedented height – advertising needs to learn to do events and make explosions before they can be discussed.

Since then, there was not enough advertising, and I had to do a net red that could be “discussed.”

Small red book, vibrato, fast-handed content e-commerce burned a fire again, planting grass era on the line, content recommendation became the main logic.

Be able to make content that grabs the attention of the masses, you can quickly get high traffic, strong exposure, and high conversion.

Therefore, “becoming a brand of net red” has become the direction that most consumer brands yearn for.

In my observation, there are three ways to become famous for the Net Red brand:

The first type, which comes with the net red gene, is ready to be net red when it is born.

HFP we are familiar with, perfect diary, three valleys, half acre of flowers… are all this path.

HFP (HomeFacialPro) has targeted the beauty products of the Party, and has applied the Dafa to the US TheOrdinary. In 2016-2017, the template was unified on the public number, and it was intensively placed. .

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

▲ Source: CK Business Logic Institute

The recent hot half-acre flower field is a contrast image of the scrub before and after the small red book, which can be used as a single red book 2000-10000.

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

This type of cutting-edge brand cuts into sub-categories, hits an explosive product or difference point, and masses it through social media to form the mind of the explosive product.

The second type is the second spring of the old brand that “Let me live another 500 years”

Many domestically produced old brands are killed in the historical trend, often aging images, can not play new channels, such as friendship cream, hero pen, in the contest with the new brand, either dead, or half dead.

So in order to catch up with the trend and desperately squeeze the Internet red brand road, there is a group of 60-year-olds who can still live like 20 years old.

Cross-border is one of their most commonly used “transformation” routines: Liushen and RIO jointly release “Flower Dew Cocktail”, as well as Luzhou Laojiao Perfume, White Rabbit Toffee Lip Balm, Fulinmen Cleansing Oil… “Keep the classics When you got the net red, it became the marketing motto of the old-time brand.

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

The two most famous brands in the beauty industry are the Baique Gaze and Olay. Baique Ling, as an 80-year-old brand, redesigned, made events and made long plans. Olay Olay, leaning against a small light bulbExplosive money, back to the young people’s vision.

The third, inexplicably fired

There are still some brands that make their own faces look like.

This summer’s online red ice cream world, a case of inexplicable fire is “Ao Xue double yellow egg.”

This brand has been in the Northeast for 23 years. It has been producing classic ice creams such as “Crystal Grapes” and “Champagne”. It has been bought silently in supermarkets all the year round. The brand is not famous. I am also in ” Ao Xue, who only knew the double yellow egg after the fire.

The reason why the double yellow egg ice cream became a burst of money, the important turning point of fate was that Rosen was fancy and entered the Rosen convenience store nationwide.

We used to “What kind of opportunity can generate new consumer brands” said:

“Channels are also under pressure to differentiate, and their buyers will often look for new categories and differentiated products, especially new brands that fit the current social network’s face value economy. Differences with other supermarkets.”

It must be for this reason. Rosen took a fancy to the “double yellow egg” developed by Ao Xuexin. The northeast ice cream brand entered Shanghai.

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

His tea was also deeply cultivated in the Guangdong market for many years, and finally opened a new world in Shanghai. After entering Shanghai, the Austrian snow double yellow egg was discovered by Shanghai consumers with its unique shape and double taste, and it was sent to the social network channels such as vibrato.

No matter which kind of net red brand above, you can enjoy the feeling of being famous overnight: sales are soaring overnight, the cost of customers is reduced, the brand name is huge, and people who want to cooperate are swarming…

However, the wind has been waiting for a long time, while the net red brand has eaten the traffic dividend, it is inevitable that it will be countered by public opinion.

2, Reflexion of Net Red Brand

I have always felt that there are many similarities between branding and being a person.

Ordinary people always imagine how much scenery they will have in the future. Similarly, people who make brandsFantasia, when the brand has swiped, it will definitely embark on the road of sales soaring.

However, as a net red, you don’t gain trust, but you suddenly come to a spotlight and everything you do is magnified infinitely.

The birth of Net Red originated from new media, and the new media itself is only a medium that has not been fully standardized and has a short period of time. Except for traffic, it cannot bring more endorsements to the brand.

Becoming a net red brand is like a traffic star that is overnight. It brings traffic, but it is not a brand.

Traffic is traffic, brand is brand. Branding means trust and recognition, and traffic is just attention.

The Net Red brand did not gain any trust, but gained more attention.

The water can also be used to carry the boat. It is the media traffic that has brought the net red brand, and media public opinion can also destroy the entire brand.

The opposite of being a net red is that you will be branded with several “net red” intrinsic branding and labeling: the stereotype of the public is that the net red brand has not had many years of experience, and it is very possible to pay attention to it. It is “three no products.”

Similar stereotypes don’t quickly recede. No one will carefully study whether your brand is really licensed.

At this time, the worst is the “net red brand that is not ready to change the net red.”

For example, when it comes to the front of the snow. Two days ago, I bought Ao Xue’s double yellow egg ice cream for my team to eat and sent a circle of friends.

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

Under my circle of friends, I received a bunch of friendly suggestions about “double yellow egg ice cream heard that there is a problem, it is recommended to eat less.”

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

This news appeared on the hot search not long ago. I still have some impressions, so I searched it a bit and there was a bunch of “Unqualified sampling of the net red double yellow egg ice cream”. It turned out that these news have been fermented for more than a month. Scared me with a tight chrysanthemum.

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

Later, the report was carefully turned over to find out the original:

The low temperature storage conditions of ice cream are very strict, and some small shops are not strictly controlled, which will cause the ice cream to deteriorate. Ao Xue happened to have a dealer in Wenzhou, and he did not pay attention to the storage.

The problem of safe transportation and storage of ice cream is an industry pain point. After the incident, Ao Xue is also taking corresponding actions, such as regularly checking retailers and reviewing dealer cold chain qualifications.

If I didn’t check it carefully, I heard a few friends’ advice and I am not familiar with this brand. Anyway, I won’t worry about it when I eat next time.

Because of this, I started thinking about brand public relations again:

Some similar “public relations events” have experienced many brands, but Ao Xue died especially badly because of this mistake – full screen reports and protests, net red ice cream instantly blacklisted, why?

I think a big part of it is that it is a brand of red.

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

I divide the brand into four quadrants according to brand power/flow:

  • Low-brand, low-traffic, start-up brands that require a cold start, such as a new brand that you haven’t heard of.

  • High brand low traffic, often an aging brand, needs to find new consumer traffic. For example, Dabao.

  • High traffic and low brand, net red brand, high income and high risk. For example, Ao Xue.

  • High-traffic and high-end brands are strong brands with a strong sense of trust and can continue to grow. For example, sea fishing.

The net red brand, such as Ao Xue, is a high-risk and high-risk risk. The risk is that the public does not trust the net red. There is a psychological existence of “you see, there is a problem!”

Net red has traffic, the media will also want to traffic and meet the expectations of the public, more and more inclined to report from the perspective of “the quality of the network red products are exposed”, and will not spread the information.

The book “The Ukrainian People” mentions: “Groups are always in a state of low rational thinking. The arguments they use and the arguments that can influence them are very low-level. They can only be regarded as rational by analogy. Thinking.”

Consumers can because AmwayEasily fall in love with a product, or you can easily dislike a brand because of public opinion.

This is the disaster of the traffic > brand.

3,Be careful to make a net brand

The Net Red brand is indeed more prone to problems because they have a common problem, that is, brand building is imperfect and lacks brand power.

What is the nature of the “Net Red Brand”? Much like a young child who is famous. His mind was not fully mature, and he gained light and applause.

The person standing under the light is destined to take on greater responsibility. The public is not so trusting to the child, so when he makes a mistake, he is more likely to be condemned, just like saying, “I said that he couldn’t stand it. Let’s go.”

If you compare the brand to a person, then a brand with a brand power is like an old friend who has been with me for more than ten years. I trust him and I can give him his task with confidence, occasionally he I made a mistake, I can understand.

The essence of brand power is trust – buy it with your eyes closed, pick a product from the shelf, and you won’t go wrong.

This is the most practical dilemma of the Net Red brand. They are the most lacking in popularity and lack of trust.

So the brand should go from the fourth quadrant network red brand to the strong brand.

Net Red Brand: Born in Traffic, Lost to Trust

How can we build brand power? They may start building the brand from the following aspects:

Do a good job in channel management and quality control: Whether it is a supermarket or a small store, it is the basis of the brand that can guarantee the quality of products from the factory to the consumer.

Only to this extent, consumers can “buy their eyes closed and feel at ease” wherever they buy.

Keeping Product Innovation: Explosion can make you see you, and you can continue to make money to remember you.

This tea is very good. In the spring and summer of 2018, the “black sugar pearl milk” category is fired (represented by the antlers lane), and there is a faint scent of the tea, and the tea can follow up immediately. Launched “Bobpo Tea” and opened up ice cream, soft European bags, alcoholic beverages and other products.

The founder of Xicha has introduced that in the whole year of 2017, they have developed dozens of products, and only 10 models were finally listed.

Brand strength upgrade: Brand power not only depends on natural growth, but also on marketing by means of marketing. <