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The sneaker business exploded.

at the end of 7, GOAT announced its entry into the Chinese market in Shanghai, will heat the shoes market has improved somewhat.

The GOAT, which was established in 2015, belongs to the headboard of sneakers and trend single item trading. However, in China, local players “poison” and nice have established a firm foothold, and they have successively obtained a new round of financing in the first half of this year.

In 2019, the outlet rare, but has a market such as shoes, like the dog days of high heat, attention naturally gather over.

Aiming at the trending youth who are very strong in purchasing power and growing, the platform, capital, enthusiasts, resellers, brands, and managers are all going to be made by the American basketball culture and the HIP- derived. HOP culture originating from the sneakers culture becomes more and more a huge market.

According to Statista’s statistics, the shoe industry’s revenue is estimated at US$9.52 billion this year, and will continue to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 10.3% per year over the next five years, and this number will continue to grow.

It is foreseeable that “poison”, nice, GOAT, and Cheek, get are setting off a “power game” for the Chinese shoe resale market.

The feelings are intertwined with capital. What kind of business is the shoe? Perhaps returning to the ordinary participants can get the answer that is closest to the essence.

The following is a 24-hour college student’s self-reported “shoes and dogs” for 24 hours. From the panoramic slice of his sneaker business, you can see how this business works and how it is changed by the platform and capital.. There is love and madness here.

The following is a readme:

24 hours for a

NIKE is available at 9:00 am, and earns extra luck by luck

At 8:50 am Beijing time, I woke up the first moment when the alarm started to vibrate. This is the biological clock of the “shoes and dogs.”

I am a post-95 college student. Because I am very passionate about basketball and sneaker culture, I started to contact the sneaker business seven years ago and have been in a state of “selling and sucking.”

The regular release time of “Nike Dad” determines my wake-up time: I will release it every day at 9:00 am. I need to refresh the app a few minutes in advance, go to the resale platform to see the profit margin, and then determine the shoes to be sold for a while. There is no profit to map.

Now young people, especially college students, benefit from having a certain amount of money, and relatively adequate time and flexibility, most of them have chosen to do sneakers or fashion business, and I am no exception – capital Not many people, but more than a lot of their peers, and relying on the understanding of the sneakers for many years and the “struggling” spirit of “three-posted jujube and jujube”, there is a certain gain.

Sleepful eyes, I reached out and touched the air conditioner remote control at the bedside. It’s really uncomfortable in Beijing.

Time is still early, click on the sneaker consignment platform that I am stationed in, and see the number of red numbers in the whole line. The inner shackles and the coolness brought by the air conditioner are stirring in the brain. I was complacent and earned a considerable income through a wave of timely bargain-hunting. I sent a screenshot to the WeChat group named “XXX rush!”, boasting about my foresight and “business mind.”   24-hour

of a “shoe dog”

▲Shoes consignment platform personal information page

“Chong Chong” is a culture of the sneakers and even young people. It is from a famous sneaker blogger: “Don’t ask, ask is rushing! Chong is up!”

I haven’t had time to harvest everyone’s praise and envy, and the group has been “prepared!””Chong!” “Ready to run on the runway” and “I always like Nike” expression pack screen. Today’s 9-point sale is not so heavy, but it is profitable.   24 hours for a

▲Expression packs in the sneaker group

9 points, the two mobile phones at the same time received NIKE’s sneakers for sale APP SNKRS for sale, two-hand operation, click on the shoes to be sold, quickly select the highest profit size, enter the password, enter the queue sequence, switch accounts. The registration of 8 accounts was completed in two minutes, just in time for the first two minutes of the highest winning rate.

24 hours for a


Continuously refresh account information, keep switching accounts, and see Nike’s iconic “XX, unfortunately…”, and then change the number, continue to refresh, view, logout, change number, refresh.

Like every lottery release, it’s normal to look at the inboxes of each account with great hope, but it’s disappointing to log out most of the time.

The last time I signed the software was half a year ago. Although I was running around again and again, I was still happy to repeat the mechanical operation on time. After all, it is a matter of luck. Once you sign the game, it means at least a few hundred dollars. It is quite cost-effective to buy me once and get up early.

A group of friends started to send a winning chart, followed by a red envelope and everyone XXLB (thank you boss) expression pack, I admit that I am sour.

There are several red packets per person sent by the winner, and they quickly reply to XXLB while still repeating the operation. Although I know that the signing will receive the information for the first time, I still do not believe in the evil and keep refreshing. I look forward to meeting the lore and even the system bug.

Because I heard too many bugs about this software and the rumors of accidental signing but not having time to pay.There will be a mentality that does not turn back to the south wall and must be turned back to the end of confirmation. At 9:30, the price button in the lower left corner of the sneaker preview changed to “end of sale” and I finally gave up.

Considering that there may be raids in other regions behind, and the option of “national area” was transferred to the United States, it was a pity that the software backend was closed.

Offline sale of high temperature “Palace”, only for lottery

After the online rush, the car was washed out and went to an offline lottery for one hour. Everyone in the university dormitory group went to “dream”.

Similar to online registration, the main line-to-line store is also to register, but there is one more channel. If you queue up for registration, you will be eligible to participate in the lottery, but you will have to look at luck if you can sign it. Offline lottery is basically divided into two types, one is to register the identity information and go home and other news, The other is the person who has already registered information in the public number and screened a round, came to the scene to the most original The way to catch the two rounds on the spot is more exciting.

The sale started at 12 o’clock. Before 11 o’clock, the shoes store players began to line up at the entrance of the shoe store. Everyone in the group was loosely arranged into a team according to the customary position. The business of the shoe store at the door of the shoe store is exceptionally good, and it will be a day of cold drinks and tobacco out of stock.

24 hours for a

▲The sale site under the “Beijing DEAL” line of the work space (pictured from the “Beijing DEAL” public number)

A rough estimate is that there are 500 people on the scene today, but there are a maximum of 100 people in so many people who are prepared to wear themselves and are more prepared to resell. There are still a lot of uncles and aunts who are employed by shoe dealers to help them queue up. As long as they come, they will have tens to 100 rewards. Such a hot weather is also suffering the elderly.

However, it is said that there are some places where the sale of sneakers has not allowed the aunts to line up. Although it may be said to be discriminatory, I feel very good. If you run into a bad weather, the elderly may not be able to stand it.

Standing in the team with friends, whispering on other people’s whispers, judging the authenticity of the shoes on the feet according to the comprehensive value of other items on the other side has become a tacit understanding of young people, which is also in hot summer days. A pastime in a long queue.

To some extent, feet