The net reds don’t have the blessing of the beauty filter. There are not a few “seeing the death of the light”, but no one has the shock that the audience of Joe Bilu brings to the fans and the melons.

Objectively speaking, His Royal Highness Joe Bilu can’t be regarded as “scam” or “video scam”. After all, when people live, they always use the head of Kangna sauce to block their faces. They don’t have long legs and no self. Kazi Lan’s eyes or the chin’s chin, but they have always claimed to be “Yanyuan Anchor”. The soft-scented Loli’s photos in peacetime always give people unlimited imagination, so when the picture of the face is accidentally dropped, How good the fan’s original imagination was, and now there is a lot of collapse, and the big brother who has given the most gifts to His Royal Highness Joe Bilu has gone out of his way.

Whether it’s a live betta or a short video, the girls have a long, white-looking, long-legged front in front of the camera. Many users know this well, but everyone thought that even if it’s the real thing, However, the picture is also of reference value. “The story of His Royal Highness by Joe Bilu” confirms the famous saying of “The New Yorker” in the last century. “On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog.” Not derogatory, not for anyone.)

Although with the popularity of social networks, the real identity minutes may be exposed by human flesh search, but the development of technology makes the appearance of beautification easy, under the cover of beauty, filters and other technologies, it seems Anyone can instantly become a white-rich or a handsome man. This is not the sour grape mentality that I can also be a star at this level. If you are beautifulYan still only stays in the impression of microdermabrasion, whitening, and acne, which is too small to look at the current level of technology.

In order to be beautiful under the lens, manufacturers and anchors are all fighting together

How powerful is the static retouching technology? Everyone has already seen it. Even without the millions of annual salary repairers of the stars, the retouching software represented by Mito Xiuxiu on the market can also pay you back. Zhang star face and a pair of supermodel legs, face repair, eye shadow, high light … where to play where, fool-like operation, 甩 PS ten streets.

▲ Image from: Tencent

The first generation of net red people “see the light death”, mostly because of the TV, the flaws in the high-definition lens nowhere, so the dynamic video has become the only standard to check the value of the face, until it is a miracle of contemporary medicine. The appearance of a video filter.

The dynamic beauty of video is much more complicated than static images, but the basic principles are similar. We can think of cutting video into static frames for each frame.

To be beautiful, first let the machine learn to find out where the people in the picture are, that is, face recognition. This technology is very mature, but it is estimated that when the technology was first developed, the programmers did not expect it to be in the United States. The face is useful.

After finding a face, the second step is to change the head, wrong, beauty, which requires AI aesthetic online, knowing the golden ratio of facial features, usually taking the face contour into several The identified feature points, such as the vibrating AI, divide the face into 72 points, and the Ali cloud is 68.

In other words, you in your eyes are like this

▲ Image from: Face ++

You in the eyes of AI, this is the case

▲Image from: deyituo – Gogogo

With these points, the AI ​​can accurately recognize the movement of the face, distinguish between the facial features and the skin, and avoid such things as Gaussian blurring of the skin. The identification of the limbs is a similar principle, but because the limbs are mostly linear, there is no need to divide them into so many points like the face.

You are actually a stickman in the eyes of AI when you rotate and jump

▲ Image from: TechCrunch

In addition to accurately positioning all parts of the human body, AI can accurately grasp the size, length, and connection status of these parts. The body is not good enough, and AI can make you slim.

One-minded and vibrating micro-visions have adopted “real-time long legs” as one of the selling points in the new version launched last June. Now the micro-slimming function has been subdivided into thin waist, long legs and thin shoulders. Wait, precision strikes. As for the effect, in fact, in addition to the length of the height does not look natural, thin waist and thin shoulders still have a certain effect, but have not reached the level of the waist of the bucket to become smaller waist, because according to the technical support of Tencent AI Lab, Their AI will stretch their legs according to the height of the user, and the calf will become shorter and longer. The girl who is originally a “legged” will not have an exaggeration of two meters.

▲ Left is micro-vision, right is vibrating

The slimming function entrance of the vibrato is hidden deeper and placed in the “props” column. The theme is clear: thin and very thin, long legs and long legs, the effect is comparable to micro-vision, it seems more than Compared with the face beauty of “head-changing”, the slimming technique of video software is more restrained, and there are still requirements for the basic conditions of users.

In contrast, the “SenseAR Body Shape” function displayed by Shang Tang Technology SenseTime last year is even more against the sky. The human body detection technology and the rendering engine can realize the real-time adjustment of the slimming effect of the video. What’s important is that from the official demo video, the effect is realistic and natural, and the operation is done in one go. The people have seen the hope of becoming a net red.

The software algorithm is not enough, the hardware has to keep up, the external camera is not embarrassed to sell on the beauty function, the software + hardware dual beauty is a net red should be cultivated.

Makeups and props are also necessary. Although today’s live broadcast software provides simple makeup effects such as lipstick and blush, it is not acceptable to have a creamy skin under the lens and a thick foundation on the face. Don’t look at the exaggerated makeup of the anchor outside the camera. Under the lens, match the lighting and filters, and the beautiful girl.

Eight abdominal muscles can’t count on AI, can’t practice, can’t I draw one?

The collarbone can also be drawn by painting.

Pull a wig, decorate your face, and wear a big woman.

▲Our straight men feel a bit, how many people can be deceived by the beauty level now

Even if the bottom is not good, you can use the sound of the same as Joe Bilu. Moreover, after the true exposure of His Royal Highness Joe Bilu, he sent a few new videos showing his face. What is the level of this filter? Who said that the 58-year-old aunt is poor?

Therefore, the difference between the beauty of the net red before and after the beauty is not a white skin, the eyes are a little bigger, the live broadcast of the filter is to make a tragedy:

  < /p>

Not to mention the popular AI change face before, what kind of dermabrasion, face-lifting, acne is not used, really “head change”, Cai Xukun with the face of the six-year-old boy still debut.

The beauty is already a pediatrics, there is no threshold for changing faces

The AI ​​face-changing technique was first known to the Chinese. At the beginning of this year, some netizens changed Yang Mi’s face to the 1994 edition.”The Heroes” plays the role of Huang Rong’s Zhu Yin, which is a seamless effect that makes people feel the development of AI technology.

The most mainstream solution for this technology is an open source AI on GitHub: DeepFakes. The great thing is that it doesn’t require complex video technology or processing tools. It can be output as long as there is enough material for training. It is enough to change the face video with a fake, the principle can be summarized into three steps:

  1. Character A Emoticon Image→Encoding→Decoder A
  2. Character B Emoticon Image→Encoding→Decoder B
  3. Character A Emoticon → Decoder B → Change face to character B

If the beauty of photos and videos is just easy to make people feel tired and tired, and the skins that make people look good are the same, then the effect of such a natural AI face change is enough to cause people to worry about privacy, and even more will be the face of the star. Switching to a porn actor is no longer a spoof but a problem of infringement.

But the AI ​​face change may not be worthless. Although “the star does not need acting skills in the future, as long as it contributes to the face” is just a ridicule, but the AI ​​face change may really make a big difference in film and television production, saving the film company. Special effects production time and funding.

Similarly, the beauty function of the video also reduces the live broadcast or shooting threshold. The ordinary people without makeup artists and lighting engineers also have the courage to appear in front of millions of users, even if there is a team of professional anchors, beauty The function also reduces the workload of the makeup artist and the lighting engineer to a certain extent. Besides, there are so many pleasing young ladies and sisters singing and dancing for you.What is wrong with it?

The title map comes from: The movie “The Brave Game: The Battle of the Jungle” Stills