The weekend readings of the sea people

Editor’s note: The weekly report of the venture capital is a fixed column of the sea (ID: wow36krchuhai), which is a hot spot for the readers of the venture capital circle. We have compiled the Top 5 news, boutique articles and investment and financing events that are most noteworthy this week.

This week’s sea news Top 5

Gojek pays for App GoPay access Indonesian Google Play, become its latest payment method. GoPay complements existing payment systems, including Google Play Store phone credits, Google Play coupons, and credit cards. According to Statista data, Android mobile phone users accounted for 93.22% of the Indonesian mobile phone market in June 2019, which facilitated the promotion of new users by GoPay.

Flipkart invests PhonePe $100 million. PhonePe was established in 2015 and is a digital payment platform. According to relevant sources, PhonePe has a transaction volume of 230 million. At present, the head players in the digital payment field in India include companies such as Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay. According to the IDC Financial Insights report, by 2022, the amount paid online by India will exceed the amount of cash transactions.

Grab Indonesia President: Softbank is committed to investing $2 billion in Grab. According to foreign media reports, Grab Indonesia President Ridzki Kramadibrata said that Softbank is seeking to increase its influence in the Indonesian market by increasing its investment in Grab’s $2 billion.

Faasos parent company Rebel Foods received $125 million in investments from Goldman Sachs and Gojek.Mumbai Cloud Kitchen Venture Rebel Foods at D In the round of financing, it received $125 million in funding. According to Bloomberg, the company’s post-mortem valuation may reach $525 million. Last month, Gojek has injected $5 million into Faasos through its venture capital arm, Go Ventures. p>

Swiggy or raise up to $750 million. According to people familiar with the matter, Swiggy is in-depth discussions with investors to raise $750 million in new funds. The leading investor in this round of financing is Naspers. It is reported that Naspers will invest about 350 million US dollars. Korean investors will invest $50 million. There are currently $540 million in investment commitments, and if existing shareholders or new investors fail to provide the remaining funds, Naspers may inject more money into Swiggy.

Exhibition of high-quality articles

Starting | Nigerian travel company GONA completes Pre-A round of financing from ” Minibus “cuts into the African travel market

It is learned that Nigerian travel company GONA has recently completed multi-million dollar Pre-A rounds of financing, including Qingliu Capital, Jiuhe Venture Capital and Shaka VC. GONA provides residents of Lagos, the largest city in West Africa, with minibus shuttle and online ticketing services.

TikTok India is eye-catching and Facebook is forced to fight back

1. TikTok achieves product profitability in less than one year through revenue models such as “choke currency” and virtual gifts, with advertising being its main source of income