The general coming will come, and after the Android app store is removed, the little red book disappears in the App Store.

A few days ago, when the small red book was released in many Android app stores, there was a view that it might be just a technical problem. After all, the most important App Store can still search and download the app normally. The situation seems to be not so serious. But it turns out that the shelves will only be late and will not be absent.

After 4 days of the Android version, Xiaohong wrote a vague response statement on August 1st, but did not mention the reason for the removal, but “has launched a comprehensive investigation, rectification, and in-depth content of the site.” Self-examination and self-correction, and actively cooperate with the relevant departments, and other words have indirectly confirmed the outside world’s speculation that the red book is off the shelf due to content violations.

▲ Little Red Book declares neat control under Weibo

The content of Xiaohongshu has been around for a long time. This community started from the Outbound Travel Raiders has now developed into a “grass platform” covering clothing, food, housing and transportation. However, the grass may be “toxic”. “.” Just in April of this year, Xiaohongshu has been testing on the edge of the shelves. There are a large number of tobacco soft articles on the platform of netizens and media disclosures, with a total of 95,000. After being exposed, Xiaohongshu urgently took off relevant notes.

▲ There are a lot of tobacco notes on the little red book. Image: 澎湃新闻

However, the little red book is addictive to tobacco, and the sleek and colorful grasses are making countless young users “enter the pits”. It is a natural match between grass and advertising, from a small female community. After the official name of the large platform of 250 million users, the full screen of “What is this fairy XX”, “XX loyalty powder recommended”, “Do not buy XX” is a real feelingThe recommendation, how many are conscience advertisements, is not known. The status quo of Xiaohongshu’s notes, praises, and collections on the market has been reported by many media.

However, the proliferation of soft texts is not the biggest drawback of Xiaohongshu. Under the popular question “What kind of chaos in Xiaohongshu”, many of the answers to the crusade are the massive display of wealth and anti-intellect on the platform. Notes, user Raty made an incisive summary:

Indulge in sorrow and clearness

Buy a bag to buy shoes for Dior

The brand fights money without brain promotion

Prescription saves life and becomes thinner

Ten seconds to learn Japanese, Korean and English

Self-made mask licking leggings

The net red is queued and thrown

No matter the color test color is beautiful

Want to add a discount to my WeChat

Contemporary miracle remedies

Bai Fumei’s low-key circle of friends

▲ Knowing that the per capita annual salary is one million, the little red book is also a local tycoon, this world really does not give the poor alive. Image from: Sohu

If you know that you are being ridiculed as “share the story you just compiled with the world,” the slogan of the little red book “Marking my life” should actually be “title my false life.”

But the red book seems to turn a blind eye to the above chaos. The only official management action is the brand number cooperation new regulation released in May, which will greatly increase the entry barrier of the “brand partner” and the suspected unofficial promotion. Or the current limit of normal notes, etc., have caused doubts and dissatisfaction of small and medium-sized KOL. This kind of radical adjustment is obviously intended to improve the ability to liquidate rather than clean up the chaos of content.

This time, it may be a chance that Xiaohongshu really reorganizes the community atmosphere. It may not be a bad thing. After all, it does not mean that it is cool.

The title map is from: Visit Britain