Reading the city on the mattress

“The Pacific Ocean has a warm and humid monsoon, and the bed and sofa have grown wildly. The IKEA has become the most populous region in the city. Three months later, these special The furniture vegetation will gradually decrease until it disappears into the sea, without a trace, until the second year of the week. This custom has been going on for decades, like some mysterious natural law…”

Welcome everyone to watch this issue of China on the mattress… Oh, this program is edited by me.

However, the Chinese like to sleep at IKEA is not a compilation, and it has long been known at home and abroad, and has become a “world unsolved mystery.” Every time the temperature rises, the figure of the IKEA “sleeping family” will appear on newspapers and news clients.

In August 2009, the Los Angeles Times published an article entitled “Beijing loves Ikea, but not for shopping” (“Beijing people love IKEA, but not because of shopping”), and began to pay attention to this “Chinese characteristics.” In 2013, the BBC simply called the IKEA a Chinese theme park in the report… and it will trigger a war of national quality.

After the

A lot of children are as confused as the nuts. Is there a bed at home or can’t afford electricity? Why do you have to go to a public place to go to sleep? ?

For this situation, I feel that we should follow the rumors of a predecessor – without a survey, there is no right to speak, go to IKEA 360 degrees to experience the whole, how the “sleeping army” was born.

Besides IKEA, there are…

In order to find out how the urban spiritual event of “Bed Long Man” happened, the fat house, such as I gave up the air-conditioning WiFi ice watermelon, went to Haishu House (crossed) that I could not visit twice a year. Ikea, I personally felt it.

Into the gate, here is generally waiting to pick up the goods or the exhibits have been eliminated, the environment is also quite messy, but really did not see the heart to be able to sleep.

But as the pace moves into the tables, chairs, sundries, and model areas, the style of the painting changes. Some people play mobile phones on the dining table or on the sofa, and some people directly occupy the bed to sleep, even the shoes are not off. When I arrived at the bedroom furniture exhibition hall on the third floor, the picture was “Happy Family”. The adults slept in the bed, and the children were on the mattress next to them.

After the

In the face of this situation, I dare not say, I don’t dare to try, I have no worries in my heart and I want to sleep (crossed out).

In fact, after finishing the three-story exhibition area, the fat house that is not often exercised is as tired as me, but as a person who has received nine years of compulsory education, the Primary School Handbook does not allow me to fall down on the public bed. It’s full of people everywhere, it seems that only the restaurant can save my dog’s life.

Unexpectedly, the IKEA restaurant was also dominated. Well, it is not convenient to sleep here, so everyone changed the air conditioner. Some will buy a drink with an infinite refill for an afternoon, and some simply don’t buy a happy mobile phone… I stood in the crowd with the food tray, and I walked back to the university cafeteria for a moment. . .

After the

However, after spending the “rio wonderful” IKEA day trip, I found on the Internet that the world is very short and my eyes are still short-sighted. Who said that only IKEA’s bed can be “elderly”, how big a bed is.

Dika’s tents, MUJI sofas, and bank offices are excellent places to visit and summer resorts.

After the

Of course, for this kind of behavior, the merchants in the service industry will not be able to intervene in force, and they will all be entertained, so some can only watch the time to discourage, and some have “Internet traffic thinking”. Use it.

For example, an advertisement that invites everyone to go to the summer, take the opportunity to promote their own mattresses, etc., and turn “sleeping” and “air conditioning” into a marketing method. Gome even took the initiative to replace the IKEA “divided worry” and launched an adultA store that can sleep and children can play, to snatch the “sleeping army.”

It seems that in addition to giving passers-by a bit of surprise and discomfort, sleeping in public does not bring real losses to anyone.

But let’s calm down and think about it. Should this behavioral art of sleepiness be regarded as the norm? The Chinese pay attention to the “moving and cultivating the body”, and it is obviously not a very comfortable thing to sleep in public. Then, what kind of special water and soil is it, so that the “sleepy army” is so vigorously growing year after year?

China’s “sleeping army” that “foreign guests” can’t read

I probably observed it and found that the main force of the “sleeping army” is mainly concentrated in three groups of people:

The first type is the “Egg Legion”. In short, it is a high rate of coincidence with middle-aged and old people who queue up for free eggs. They themselves have the habit of thrift and thrift, and the time cost is low. Spend a dollar on a bus to go to the nearby and even distant shopping malls to blow air conditioners for free. Some banks also provide free drinking water. Why not?

Some students may be curious, how much is the air-conditioning electricity fee? In fact, although it was a good idea to say hello to netizens in the last year, the actual situation is that the “Statistical Bulletin on the Development of Human Resources and Social Security” shows that as of the end of 2016, they have received secondary and higher education, gathered in the east and one. Among the wage earners in second-tier cities, the median annual average wage income is only 43,000 yuan. That is to say, 50% of the double-employee family’s monthly income is also 8k, and the elderly workday alone can naturally save the province.

So, it’s not uncommon to see the phenomenon of “sleeping” and “air conditioning” in a super metropolis like Beishangguang. The IKEA, once known as the “middle-aged and old-aged relatives”, is located in Baoshan, Shanghai.

After the

The second is the “summer legion.” In the hot summer months, it is also the time when children are collectively “staying at home”. Some of them will be arranged into tutoring classes by parents, but the summer classes in first- and second-tier cities are also extremely burnt, and various summer camps, tourism, etc., cost thousands or even On the tens of thousands of yuan, most families can’t fill their children’s time with money, they can only take them to the outdoors. However, most of the urban public spaces are outdoor plazas, parks, stadiums, etc. The relatively rare libraries and commercial places naturally become children’s paradise. If there are children’s products and toys, it is more perfect, and it is!

The thirdIt is the “noon break”. The leisure time of the elderly and children is very abundant, so do young people who are sleeping at the Yi family do not have to work? Except for a small number of unemployed youths who go to pass the time, the vast majority of “sleepy” young people may be employees of the surrounding work. Not a lunch break can not support the work of the second half, and it is very uncomfortable at the station. It is close to IKEA and MUJI for a while.

After the

So, in addition to a few temporary tired and lying down and resting under the “hurry passer-by”, most of the sleeping people who appear in public places on time in the summer, the posture may be indecent, the impact is not good, but also It is not necessarily excusable.

Not everyone is unwilling to do something elegant like fitness and culture. If the indoor public entertainment facilities are perfect, they naturally do not have to encroach on the interests and experiences of other consumers. However, the problem is that the status of cultural facilities in urban construction has only attracted attention in recent years due to the traditional practice of “pre-production and entertainment”, and a number of commercial centers with concentrated cultural facilities have been built in the “central mode”. For example, museums, sports centers, cultural centers, commercial neighborhoods, etc. However, due to the scope of service radiation, most residents still cannot enjoy these free entertainment facilities with high frequency and convenience.

After the

So, if you are looking for a store to be “showing sleep” in public, don’t you feel embarrassed? The answer may be, really not.

Psychology has a term called “broken window”, which means that if someone breaks the glass of a window, they can’t get timely repairs. Bystanders may be subject to some hints, indulging themselves to smash more glass. The “rules” of IKEA are the glass windows that the broken pieces can’t fight.

It is impossible to effectively discourage some customers from misconduct. This kind of “unintelligible” and disorderly atmosphere can easily lead others to be embarrassed, and will subconsciously rationalize their behavior. “There are so many sleepy around.” “I will not have anything for a while.” “Nobody came over to control me anyway.” “I am sleeping here and giving them more popularity.” I unknowingly made wrong behavior.