Big Brother, want to disk

Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “AI Blue Media Exchange” (ID: jizhezhan), author Ye Er.

Power generation by love is just a slogan. It can’t solve the problem of full food and clothing.

A few days ago, everyone sold movies and sold hard drives, which caused a hot discussion in the market.

It is understood that everyone’s film and television official website has issued a notice to deal with “retired hard disk processing”, saying that the retired hard disk handled this time is the replacement of the spare hard disk on the Renren video server is almost brand new, each 10TB capacity, It is a spare disk with few power supplies. There is no problem with normal use, and because it is a hard disk that the server has withdrawn, there is no warranty.

But this is obviously not the biggest selling point of its retired hard drive.

As a well-known folk film and television subtitle translation group, the retired hard disk of Renren Film and Television has stored a large number of film and television resources, which is the most attractive existence. It is reported that these hard drives include not only popular movies such as “Black Panther”, “Raytheon” (1-3), “Blade Runner”, but also “American Horror Story”, “Breaking Bad”, “Western World” And other popular American dramas. Based on this, everyone’s film and television gives a sale package, the price ranges from 3,000 yuan to 25,000 yuan, the more storage resources, the price will rise.

It’s just the sale of this price tag. There is a suspected infringement, so that one day, everyone’s film and television will quietly withdraw the announcement, and Weibo said, “The retired hard disk is more controversial. We have all stopped and canceled, and we apologize for the adverse effects.”

Everyone's film and television to sell a movie

In fact, this is not the first time that everyone is doing a hard disk business.

In 2017, everyone’s film and television published information on selling hard drives on official Weibo, and launched seven sales plans based on the size of the hard disk and content resources. Earlier, in 2011, when everyone film and television claimed to be on the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the subtitle group, the “buy hard drive” campaign was launched. The hard disk sold sold a wealth of video resources, priced at 699 yuan, 1399 yuan. , 1980 yuan three files.

With the pressure of allegedly infringing the copyright of film and television works, it is also necessary to sell the idea of ​​hard disk with a large amount of film and television content. Behind it, the high probability is the operational pressure of everyone’s film and television.force.

If you are a American TV or English enthusiast, you will definitely be familiar with TV. The latter is one of the earliest subtitle groups in China.

In the early days of the development of the domestic Internet, the practitioners’ awareness of copyright was relatively vague. Everyone’s film and television translated and produced Chinese subtitles and uploaded them to the website to share with netizens. It has become a gathering place for American drama lovers, and gathered more than 2,000 subtitle translations during the peak period.

However, with the gradual strengthening of copyright protection awareness, the controversy faced by everyone’s film and television is also growing. The turning point occurred in 2014.

In October of that year, everyone’s film and television was named by the American Film Institute as a pirated website. A month later, some people were filmed and hacked because of allegedly spreading pirated products. Then in December, everyone’s film and television website officially closed, saying that “there are better channels to replace us now”.

Therefore, everyone’s film and television transformation will become a community of American dramas, and the “everyone’s American drama” APP will be developed. However, in just over a year, the cooperation between everyone’s film and television and the American TV team ended. Everyone’s film and television announced that they had returned to the old road, and everyone’s American drama, later renamed “everyone’s video”, entered the short video field.

Participating, declaring everyone’s film and television after the reunification, still failed to resolve their copyright disputes, as well as operational difficulties.

The copyright dispute surrounding the subtitle group of everyone is that the dialogue created by the original author is translated without the permission of the original copyright owner, and the packaging of compressed subtitles and videos involves the mass transmission of videos without the permission of the copyright owner. This is not allowed in countries such as the United States where advanced intellectual property legislation is not allowed.

This also makes other products developed by everyone in the same way, also walking in the marginal field, lacking sufficient foundation for commercial operations.

And every time the capital crisis, everyone has to go through the storm in a way that asks for help.

In August 2017, everyone’s film and television released Weibo’s self-exposed issue of funds, saying that the R&D client would spend a lot of money on reserve funds, and hoped that users would download and register a game to help them get promotion fees; in March 2018, Everyone’s film and television announced through the official Weibo to try to accept digital currency donations, thereby reducing the bandwidth pressure of the client and the pressure of development expenditure, and attached the address of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin wallet to accept donations.

After the sale of the film to survive, the operational dilemma of everyone’s film and television is at a glance.

This also means that the specific form of the subtitle group may not have much room for survival.

The fact is that the subtitle group is based on the spirit of Internet content sharing. Initially, these college students and urban white-collar workers and international students with considerable language proficiency and technical ability are sharing the spirit of never profit. Free of chargeProvide domestic users with high-quality foreign film and television works resources.

Even if you can replace ads with traffic, you can only barely maintain server and staff costs. Not to mention this mode of subtitle group, there is no small copyright dispute. With the intensification of market competition, the video website industry began to increase the purchase of overseas film and television copyrights, and gradually eroded the gray area on which the subtitles group survived, and led to the impact of subtitle groups such as film and television. The gradual decline in power is far from the highlights of a few years ago.

It’s unrealistic to rely on love to generate electricity, let alone build on extremely unstable foundations.