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We Chinese always say that the French are very romantic, but we don’t even know what romance is. It’s definitely not a candlelight dinner. Absolutely not get a hot air balloon, take you to heaven, and confess with you.

A French movie I especially like is called “Midwives”. I talk about a woman. She has various problems. For example, the child does not want to take the college entrance examination. She is single and has a relationship with her neighbor. The main contradiction is that when she was a child. The woman who lived with her dad, she always treated her as her mother, but the woman later abandoned her father and left. Now she is dying to come back and talk about the relationship between the two. She resisted and felt that you abandoned us at the time and had to pity her because she had advanced cancer.

(French film) is concerned with people who are ordinary people in life. However, there are a lot of Moment Of Being in the lives of ordinary people. Sometimes you feel very sad. Sometimes you feel that life is very poetic, sometimes you feel very happy. Sometimes you feel a little sad, but it ends here. This is very attractive.

Moment Of Being in a person’s life doesn’t have to ask him to read or do it with a book. Maybe one day he is on his way out of work, he suddenly stops and looks back and forth. The setting sun illuminates everything. There is a very warm golden color. He suddenly feels that he may live a beautiful life. This moment is the moment when he enters literature, and enters the moment of existence, each of us will have such an instant.

At the end of the Midwife, Dad’s lover knew that he was old and didn’t want them to see her last look, so she left quietly when they were absent and left a letter. And pushed forward for a few days, the two of them are still quarreling because of (mother) got a brain tumor and went to gamble. Later, this daughter also felt that it was meaningful to quarrel with her. She had become like this, so she hugged her and said nothing, we should not quarrel. She comforted her mother and kissed her on her mouth. She said:“Do you know?