Use “deep diagnosis and treatment – drug supply chain – psychological counseling” to create a sample of the Internet of mental illness diagnosis and treatment.

It was learned that the mental health specialist medical service platform “Doctor Zhaoyang” has completed nearly 50 million yuan of A2 round of financing, this round of financing is led by the capital of the grass, the old shareholders of the national investment and other investment. This round of financing is mainly used to expand the construction of the national market and offline institutions (doctors + consultants practice points).

“Zhaoyang Doctor” was established in 2015. It is a platform for online and offline, in-hospital and out-of-hospital system services in the field of mental health management. In addition to providing SaaS tools for connecting patients and doctors, it also has entities. Spiritual specialist clinics and pharmacies, He has reported on it several times.

Founder and CEO Lin Zhaoyu told that the platform has covered nearly 50% of first-line clinical psychiatrists nationwide, and continues to maintain a monthly growth rate of 10%, with a monthly increase of nearly 20% of patients and prescriptions; In addition to the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric diseases, the business will be extended to the field of psychological counseling. He also said that , with doctors as a guest entrance, can support the company’s layout in the field of psychological counseling, and in recent years the company has made a lot of progress in the layout of doctors + counselors working alliances, forming < /span>The complete service chain of “Deep Psychiatric Care-Medication-Follow-Psychological Counseling” will be selectively replicated in key cities across the country.

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It is worth thinking about whether layout counseling will make the company’s business not focus and the energy is too scattered.

Lin Zhaoyu explained that mental illness does not only require medication, but the optimal solution is drug + psychological combination therapy. In the past, due to the lack of effective connections between psychiatrists and counselors, most patients were limited to one treatment. TraditionPsychological counselingThe service industry is difficult to scale up. The reason is that professional psychologists are less sticky to the organization, easy to stand on their own and take away guests; but the consultant has no right to diagnose and prescribe, lacking a certain profession. Sexual protection, unable to provide patients with complete medical services.

Based on this, Zhaoyang doctor’s tool can help doctors and patients achieve strong binding, directly realize the mutual referral between doctors and quality counselors; patients can also be based on Zhaoyang doctor’s service system Complete the whole process of professional medical treatment, medication and offline consultation. He said that in the future, Dr. Zhaoyang also wants to make the above-mentioned medical treatment process into an industry standard, that is, the patient is jointly treated by a psychological counselor and a doctor. The referral of a general practitioner to a psychiatrist in the United States has become an industry consensus to ensure compliance. The principle of diagnosis and treatment of medical science.

Lin Zhaoyu believes that doctors are the core of the above-mentioned service system. Only by instigating this core resource can we achieve better coverage for patients and explore more cash-realization models. Correspondingly, Zhaoyang Doctors’ goal this year is to cover 80% of first-line clinical psychiatrists across the country.

Related to the current revenue structure, he revealed that the company’s current main income comes from drug sales; in the past year, the income of psychological counseling has gradually increased, and it has become the psychological service of listed companies such as Tencent and Vision. supplier.

ButHe believes that the multi-billion-dollar psychological counseling market is larger than the psychiatric drug market (about 30 billion yuan in 2018) The imagination of the space. Therefore, In the long run, Zhaoyang’s income focus will be on the diagnosis and treatment of doctors and counselors; with the continuous accumulation of real medical data, the future services At the same time as the research and development of pharmaceutical companies, they also want to create an AI psychiatric assistant to ease the burden on doctors.

From an industry perspective, the overall development of Internet healthcare is less than expected. Lin Zhaoyu said that there is an “impossible triangle” in medical care, that is, there is an intrinsic logical inconsistency between the cost, efficiency and quality of medical care.

Taking some medical e-commerce as an example, the core is to serve patients, that is, to meet the needs of their convenient medication, so that patients can choose their own prescription drugs, which can be bought after the “electronic signature” of a strange doctor. Convenient and efficient.” To maximize patient convenience, it may be necessary to reduce the safety of sacrificial medications, and medical behavior needs to strike a balance between safety and convenience.

More about the recent emergence of public hospitalsThe purpose of self-built Internet hospitals is to improve the accessibility of services and achieve remote diagnosis and treatment. However, due to the phenomenon of “overwork” in doctors in public hospitals, the increase in service means is only “squeezing” doctors, and the overall utilization rate is low. It is also impossible to solve the problem of “drug share”, “medical separation” and “graded diagnosis and treatment”.

Lin Zhaoyu believes that the only way to solve the problem of medically impossible triangles is to introduce new model increments – to do in-depth diagnosis and treatment – drug supply chain – psychological counseling service closed loop; plus spiritual specialties and the natural advantages of Internet, can Let the service closed loop fall more efficiently.

After analyzing, psychiatric diseases are no doubt more suitable than general-purpose diseases such as internal, external, women, and children. In the Internet medical model, mental illness is a chronic disease, re-communication, light equipment, and its diagnosis generally does not depend on the detection of biochemical indicators or physical examination, the condition can be determined through communication between doctors and patients, and the diagnosis is more dependent and the review process is compatible with the Internet. .

However, he also stressed that the development of Internet medical services must ensure compliance and security. Reflected in the user experience, Zhaoyang doctor’s services are strictly controlled by doctors, that is, opening to the C-end is only to find a doctor to see a doctor / prescribe, and related orders and prescriptions, and eliminate “patients Choose your own path to the drug.

About investment logic, this round of the capital of the capital, Materia Medica believes that from the perspective of industry development, under the help of national policies, Internet medical care will inevitably have a second wave of rapid development; from the track, the mental psychology is very The sub-sectors that deserve attention are huge in potential markets; Zhaoyang doctors have a large number of head doctor resources, and users have high viscosity, which has advantages in the market. Liu Weiming, a partner of Guojin Investment, said: Medical is a professional market, and its reform is more feasible by professionals in the industry. The founder, as a deputy chief physician of the top three hospitals, is very aware of the contradictions and needs in the market; responsible for marketing and management. The partners also have more than 10 years of relevant experience in the industry, and the team structure is good.

Lin Zhaoyu revealed that Zhaoyang doctors will start a new round of financing in the fourth quarter of this year.

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