Is your shipment coming to the door?

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Courier industry

“Your courier will help you to put it in the security room, please receive the information in time.” “You have a parcel to arrive at the XX courier, pick up the code XXXX, please get it in time.”…

I believe that such text messages are the most frequently received information from many people besides harassing text messages.

For a long time, the existence of express cabinets is convenient for users or couriers, and has always been a controversial issue. The original intention of the courier cabinet is to allow the courier to place the courier in a relatively safe storage point in case the user is not convenient to receive the courier, thereby improving the efficiency of the courier industry.

However, from the beginning of the birth, the premise of using the courier cabinet is that the courier should be able to store the courier in the courier cabinet if the user is communicated and licensed. With more and more express cabinets in the community, the user experience often becomes, and may only receive a pickup message when they can sign the delivery at home.

In response to this situation, the State Post Bureau recently passed the “Administrative Measures for Intelligent Express Mailbox Delivery Service”, which will be implemented on October 1, 2019. The method clearly stipulates that the use of the smart courier to deliver the courier should be approved by the recipient; if the express package is obviously damaged, the weight and the delivery details are obviously inconsistent, etc., the smart courier delivery is not allowed.

In addition, the “Measures” also require the courier operation company to reasonably set the express delivery period, and the recipients must not be charged during the retention period.

After the news was launched, many courier companies responded. The rookie network responded that it had returned the option to the user. “The user does not agree to store the cabinet, and the courier will not be able to open the door.” Is this really true?

Are you receiving a confirmation call?

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