The Chinese game industry has been trying to “go to the sea, on the one hand, the sea can bring new revenue channels and user increments; on the other hand, this is also a new way of Chinese cultural output.

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Recently, the “China Game Capital Summit” hosted by the Gamma Data and Securities Times announced that the “China Game Industry IP Value Evaluation Report” will be released soon. According to the gamma data 2018 China Game Industry Report, the actual sales revenue of China’s online IP adaptation game in 2018 reached 13.01 billion yuan, accounting for about 6.1% of the overall market.

IP Value Assessment Report: Net-based game market accounted for 6%, reading text alone accounted for 75%

Zhang Wei, Vice President of Reading Group

Gamma data research shows that from 2016 to 2018, in the actual game sales market in China, the IP game market has a compound growth rate of 22.2%, which is 15.2% higher than the game market. This means IP adaptation of game content. Not only outperformed the market, but also 50% higher growth rate, there is still a huge space for the adaptation of the market. In this context, network literature is valued by the entire IP industry chain, showing the empowerment of the game industry and leading the development of the IP industry chain.

Report will be from digital entertainment IP market conditions, IP adaptation of mobile game status, end-game IP adaptation mobile game value evaluation, mobile game original IP value evaluation, animation IP adaptation mobile game value evaluation, novel IP adaptation mobile game value evaluation, Professional analysis was carried out on the overall development of digital entertainment IP. Not only that, but also a large number of first-hand user survey data for the first time for industry reference.

2018 IP adaptation game revenue accounts for mobile market, 60% or more Future growth is still possible

Gamma data “2018 digital entertainment IP adaptation mobile game value evaluation report” shows: 2018 IP adaptation game revenue accounted for more than 60% of the mobile market. Entering 2019, it will continue to grow.

IP Value Assessment Report: Net-based game market accounted for 6%, reading text alone accounted for 75%

In the 2018 TOP20 mobile game flow measurement list, the end-game IP accounted for half of the number, at the same time, this stage of IP products also realized from the novel, to the end, host, animation, film and so on The linkage of the field not only demonstrates the possible market linkage potential of IP products, but also proves that IP blessing has even become an important condition for products to enter the head market.

The size of the Chinese novel IP mobile game market is less than 10 billion, huge potential has not been released

In the Chinese market in 2018, the size of the novel IP mobile game market is still less than 10 billion yuan. But the contribution of young users is already impressive. The reason why online literature can be valued by market adaptation is that it considers the young user groups attached to online literature itself. The linkage effect between video, animation and mobile games adapted from the net IP is also a major cause of concern in the game market. For example, “Break the Sky: The Road of the Emperor” and so on, because of the popularity of film and television dramas, it has driven the attention of mobile games. Degree of improvement.

And to cite the actual case of network literature adaptation, the more you may read the text group. The latest survey of gamma data shows that the network literature IP adaptation game market is always in the water, reading works accounted for 75%; IP adaptation of the game’s head works, reading works accounted for nearly 60%; IP adaptation of the top ten water In the game works, the reading works accounted for 60%.

From the TOP10 of mainstream categories such as MMO turn-based, card and simulation, the content of the text is 80% or even 100%. These data show the reading of the text in the game market in recent years, and Zhang Wei’s speech also revealed that the reading will soon carry out deeper cooperation and exchanges with the partners in the game market.

IP Value Assessment Report: Net-based game market accounted for 6%, reading text alone accounted for 75%

The four major points reveal how the web has been successfully adapted into games

Over the years, the text adaptation game has made breakthroughs in different dimensions such as data traffic, content form operation, type theme innovation and fan import. At the “China Game Capital Summit”, Zhang Wei shared how to successfully network Adapted to a few key points of the game.

1. Head flow is the basis of the game adaptation.

The advantage of adapting the game to the web is to absorb the fan base of the work itself, and to initially screen the game users, and the new and positioning effect is significant. The greater the flow of the work, the better the game can lay a good foundation. The paid user data for top-level traffic works can even be more than 7 times higher than the average. The content and products of the Reading Group can reach hundreds of millions of users and have a million-level core payment group. Net-paid users are willing to pay for good content, and have a higher willingness to pay for games, animations, and TV dramas adapted from online literature, and have the opportunity to achieve higher conversions.

2, game adaptation to find the right content form.

The game itself is also content, and adjustments and matches need to be made around the gameplay, worldview architecture, and player experience during the adaptation process. At the moment, the reading will be based on the outline of the story, the structure of the world view, suitable for the adaptation of the game categories, game systems, audiences and other dozens of dimensions for the IP game to the direction of the game adaptation analysis, such as “The Lord of Secrets” 14 countries, hundreds of personalities, 20+ sacred sequences, 200+ potions and more than 200 occupations fully cover the needs of the game world view setting and upgrade.

3. Content adaptation games need to match the theme according to the category.

For example, MMORPG is more suitable for Xian Xia works with a world-wide view and clear main line, and women may need some simple or ancient sweet pets to the market. We have selected the top three themes of the game adaptation from the reserve of 10 million works of the Reading Group. For example, we have about 1.5 million reserve works for the current rising theme of women. You can choose the best selection.

If you are favored by mainstream game categories such as MMORPG, turn-based RPG, card and other game categories, and more attractive to male users, we also have a leading edge, with more than 1 million fantasy works and 600,000. The works of Xianxia on the left and right sides meet the needs of the market for type subjects.

4, content adaptation game needs to enlarge the value and better import fans.

In the field of animation, with the emergence of all-age content to the fine content, the Chinese animation industry has moved toward structural upgrading and entered the stage of high-quality development. The Reading Group, which is deeply involved in the field of animation, continues to build a domestic animation benchmark through refined operations, and has achieved many high-pitched works such as “Full-time Master”, “Break the Sky”, “Star Change” and so on. At the same time, the arrival of the “ear economy” has made audio reading an important jigsaw for the IP ecosystem. At present, 70% of the original content of the domestic mainstream audio platform comes from the Reading Group.

Webward “going out” to help game globalization

The Chinese game industry has been trying to “go to the sea, on the one hand, the sea can bring new revenue channels and user increments; on the other hand, this is also a new way of Chinese cultural output.

IP Value Assessment Report: Net-based game market accounted for 6%, reading text alone accounted for 75%

Compared with the game, online literature should realize the exploration of the sea earlier.

Based on the analysis of the Reading Group, as the largest network literature base in China, it has been trying to recommend outstanding works of the Chinese network to foreign countries. It has authorized more than 700 digital publishing and physical book publishing works to many countries and regions around the world. The English version of “Ghost Blowing Light” cooperated with the American Random House, and the Japanese version of “Full-time Master” was published by the Japanese libre publishing house, and both received enthusiastic response from the market. This makes China’s online text more influential.

At the same time, the text also established an overseas portal – Webnovel. This platform covers a wide range of topics such as martial arts, fantasy, fantasy, and urbanity that overseas readers like, and attracts a large number of overseas creators. Up to now, the cumulative number of accumulated users has reached nearly 40 million, the overseas creators have exceeded 34,000, and the original English works have more than 50,000.

Web literature is gradually accepted and loved by overseas users, and its popularity and commercial potential have been verified. For example, “Have you a good radiance” read more than 300 million, readers score 4.5; “Let the witch open” reading more than 100 million, readers score 4.6 points; “The Lord of Secrets” not only scored 4.8 on the reader’s score It is still the highest-ranking work of the international readers at the moment. Through these excellent works, Chinese online literature has a closer relationship with overseas markets.

The five new trends in the adaptation of online IP games

In terms of IP development and operation, so far, the reading group has successfully exported a large number of webpages such as “Ghost Blowing Lights”, “Tomb Notes”, “琅琊榜”, “Full-time Master”, “Full Queen”, “Night”, etc. According to the industrial operation mode, the reading group formed a multi-form IP operation matrix of “authorization + joint investment + co-production + self-made”, and the tentacles of IP full-chain development touched the film, animation, Games, comics and other forms of entertainment.

Take the game industry as an example. Not long ago, the reading group just announced that it has jointly established IP alliances with 37 mobile games, Aurora Networks, China Mobile Games, Mia Games and other partners to jointly promote the head IP. The development of the game. The Reading Group has a unique industrial synergy in game IP adaptation. At the Game Capital Summit, Zhang Wei, Vice President of the Reading Group, pointed out five new trends in content adaptation games:

The first trend is top traffic, and the head work will be the focus of the adaptation because of the game market.