And the reason why “Where” can become a good commercial animation, can not be separated from the speculation of comedy elements in the content production, open to see the fact that the story itself is too shallow.

Most of the “tap water” is actually a reflexive screaming support for the country’s passers-by speech. But what is reflected in the excessive blow is that there are very few true passers-by who really understand the animation industry. The excellent animation works in these years are not a leap from the great saint to the sacred quality. The accumulation of this amount is ignored by everyone.

Behind sentimental marketing is “Chinese inferiority.” “Where” is crowned with “the light of the country”, which undoubtedly plays a positive role in the film box office pull, but this sentiment marketing reflects the high tolerance of Chinese people to domestic animation, which is still derived from cultural inferiority. Because China does not have a masterpiece of the Marvel series and no classics of Hayao Miyazaki, once the market has a good reputation, it will fall into the self-paralyzed state of XX rise. In fact, not only for domestic animation, but with the words “China” in all things, there are always people who must yell and support, not to be Chinese!

Based on the traditional culture IP to create a work matrix is ​​passive, reflecting the weakness of the original backbone of China’s animation industry in the emergence stage, and the dependence on IP is easy to fall into the content bubble. And the details of “Which” are very complicated. The whole movie has more than 20 companies participating in the whole process, and the number of people involved in the production is as high as 1,600.

Which is a conscience for the film, but it is a sad thing for the entire animation industry. The content that can be produced in one year in foreign countries is at least three years in China. Get it done. These all reflect the extreme imperfection of the animation industry chain in China at this stage.

When “Where” has not yet been released, a certain amount of peripheral products about the film have been produced on a certain treasure. T-shirts, cups, mobile phone cases and key chains have everything, but they have a common label: the cottage. Previously, the light media that had accumulated a lot of experience in the development of derivatives still lags behind the development speed of “Where”, and announced the crowdfunding of the surrounding area on the third day after the release of “Where”. At the time of the opening of the sale, the enthusiasm for the purchase of the audience has been ruined by the pirates. Most of the domestic development of IP has only stagnated in the adaptation of IP-based content, and the mining of the linked industrial chain such as derivative IP and peripheral markets is even weaker.

But in fact, the country has been rising, but it seems that it has never really risen. The influx of capital is only for making quick money, but because of the industry