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Edge, speed, and discretion constitute the rules of the young business we know, so don’t be uncomfortable because of your non-mainstreaming, and don’t feel lonely on your own.

We are soberly aware of the ability to connect and intervene quickly, whether we can perceive the smallest and weakest changes in business, and the perception of young consumption patterns and consumerism. It is our Internet practitioners and businesses today. The new challenges and challenges faced by the founders.

In our combing, we found that there were many major acquisitions in the first half of this year – NVIDIA announced a $6.9 billion acquisition of Mellanox, although the transaction has not yet been completed; in June, Google announced a $2.6 billion acquisition of Looker, Salesforce with 15.7 billion The US dollar acquired Tableau, and in July IBM acquired RedHat for $34 billion.

Are you found a commonality? That is the courage and urgency of these big companies to accelerate digital capabilities, so they have to act immediately, the reality of the revolution of All in.

Young Business Algorithm

“Young business” is algorithmic. The possibility of exploring young businesses with systematic digitalization is an algorithm we understand for young businesses.

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

This reminds me of Rilke’s poem, “The breeze sometimes sends a signal.” What is this “signal”? What is the signal of this young business? Can we distinguish between signals and noise?

Today, we bring 3 signals: small, multi, light.

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

Small, continuous connection from the edge

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

Part of the speech was inspired by the book Why and Thanks, and Fang Xi, a member of CITIC Publishing Group, recommended this book to me. “Why” is the work of Professor Turr, the winner of the Turing Award last year. Professor Pearl, as the pioneer of the Bayesian network, has long been a great help for the overall development and industry of AI. But I have to say that today’s AI is not artificial intelligence, but still stays in the “mental barrier” stage.

<. So its success is a better data enabler for even the most popular buyers in the fashion field.

Multiple scenes emerge new scenes.

This means that self-organizing connections can be initiated at any time, and multiple scenes are shaped together to create a new scene. This is an essential prerequisite for the birth of new species. The mainstreaming of multi-brand collections is the “multi-scenario emerging new scene” enlightening our very important business methods.

Look at these 4 cases, and say a few words about Tonga book&bed, sacred, Anaya, Showfields. You will find that multiple brands will form a complete solution, and more importantly, digital feedback capabilities. A few words and Tonglu book&bed, through the “bookstore + leisure destination + capsule hotel” for multi-theme holiday life proposal, Anaya has more powerful IP and well-known designers settled, but they all serve the independence of Anaya Community definition, New York’s Showfields – with nearly 25 online brands offline, as well as the literary new middle-class content space of the Chaoyang Joy City “details”, all reflect the mainstream trend of multi-brand collection stores.

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

Red Star Macalline is not a familiar home store, but a super-flow field that is more and more keen on “making”, empowering each merchant to create a full-site full-link full-cycle marketing. field.

This is a very typical multi-brand collection of smart scenes, which I call a super traffic field. Why do we say that the core of it is that in the past we noticed that many new blocks or commercial real estates in China are consciously trying to IP-enhance the brands they have settled in, constantly promulgating the life scenes, and constantly forming a solution for themselves. Program.

The future IP will not say that it has a Mall, but it has “Mall in Mall”. Nike is in the Shanghai World Trade Center. It is a typical “Mall in Mall” form, which brings IP dividends. Let net red must punch cards, social talents to get rid of the traditional physical radius and consumption scale, to actively search and share this strategy. This reversal is a new requirement for our physical space today and today’s commercial real estate. How to reverse the definition of social networks, let our own IP-based content continue to push ourselves into a new “Mall” in the process of fermentation. Mall”.

With a market value of $1.05 trillion, Apple’s crazy counterattacks are still only second.  The undisputed fact behind this is that different companies, different temperaments, and different abilities have certain changes in the rules of the game.  This rule is the era of the

In 2019, American gamers achieved the era of being able to enter the cloud gaming platform to form a gaming experience anytime, anywhere. The Microsoft platform in October 2018, the START and NVIDIA game platforms of Tencent in March 2019 all tell us that similar phenomena have changed and the situation has changed. What is this change? From the cloud of everything to the cloud of scenes, this scene cloud is what we call the industrial Internet stage.

Whoever has the connection, who can reach the depths of the scene. Tencent Cloud inherits Tencent’s “connected everything” gene, making Tencent Cloud’s “connection” extremely super-tool value. The industrial credit evolved by super tools makes Tencent Cloud more open source collaboration, agile and flexible collaboration system, let Tencent The cloud always understands the granularity changes of the industrial scene, changes as needed, and is used on demand to truly distribute the scene at low cost and high efficiency.

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

This is the scene of the scene cloud, and it is light. This emphasis is on the ability to form industry assistants; this lightness is the “light” that helps the industry’s digital transformation solutions.

Therefore, our light must be someone to help us “weightlifting”. Our “if light” is because of the long-term tireless industrial chain efficiency, and the completion of gravity ability expression and delivery. The Lenovo enterprise efficiency service platform closely focuses on the fast-rising SME customers, establishes the near-field network layout, and completes the dynamic logic of the precision gathering and near-field service network, including not only the user’s physical space action track, but also more precise The ThinkPad emotional connection eventually completes the precipitation of data-labeled users.

Lenovo enterprise efficiency service platform, from the connection efficiency to the evolution of experience efficiency, hardware + software + service + SIoT integrated solution, refactoring productivity efficiency, forming a high agility, short link, matrix one The station-based solution model drives the productivity efficiency of enterprise services.

Data in the middle, IP licensing and capital efficiency, we summarize it as “sinking collaboration methodology.”

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are beingS3.sinaimg.cn/large/005J8iujgy1g5op7j7ye3j30u00d0din.jpg

About “production data is redefined”, we think it will be reflected in four directions:

First, reverse production. Excess material recycling dominates the design thinking and unlocks new business value. In 2011, Hermès developed the experimental line of “Petit h”, which reused Hermès’ boxes, scarves and leather fragments to create new works such as home decorations and small accessories. This is called reverse production. This is the new art formed by the scraps. It tells us that nothing is superfluous, but what kind of design thinking is used to achieve it. Sustainability makes fashion more fashionable, but also makes luxury more luxurious. This luxury is not a logo, but a new pride, a kind of cognition.

Second, product circulation consulting services. We judge that the consulting service of product recycling ecology will become a new social division of labor. For example, when we look for products that do not increase costs and are more friendly alternative materials, we need agencies to provide solutions. This is the value of product cycle consulting services in the era of sustainable business.

Third, fashion and environmental supply chain design. “Design” is no longer a concrete material result, but a recycling system from raw materials to production to recycling. The so-called endless life, the so-called recurrence, we are not only in pursuit of durability, but also in the pursuit of the meaning of recycling. Some people say that second-hand transactions, mobile phone recycling, etc. are all loops, which are indeed loops but not complete. Because the cycle itself is not just recycling, second-hand, but the process of new product development, the process of recording new business models. It can be said that each company in the future is an independent and self-consistent circular ecosystem.

Fourth, sustainable consumption education. As mentioned in the Deloitte report, 66% of young people want to buy environmentally friendly products, which is the moral of current consumers. Then companies must understand what is durable and durable, what is temperate and friendly, and more important to understand the visualization that can be traced back. Enterprises should understand that the more they use marine plastics, the more they are sought after. The more Nike uses marine plastic materials, the more expensive and popular the shoes are sold, because this is an aesthetic issue and an expression of sustainable consumption. The concept of sustainable consumption and the way of living will become a new discipline in wide-area education.

Forecast 2 ESG data becomes the new corporate standard

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

Cai Yilin’s “Weird Beauty” before the award of the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards on June 29 this year, I think she will win the prize (the 13th Golden Melody Award of the Year Album). Because there is nothing more than “weird beauty” to define our true preferences in this era. It represents our confidence in imperfections and a perception of new aesthetic abilities.

Winnie Harlow is a black girl with vitiligo. She doesn’t need sympathy. She has long been a hot supermodel and social network star. and also”Embody:

First, the only product of the coding era. Small orders, 3D printing, “one thing and one code” make uniqueness the norm, the future product is the product solution, the second is the personalized solution, and the third is the output of the elastic supply chain based on data modeling. ability.

Second, enterprise-level aesthetic education services. Including efficiency tools, office space, and founder aesthetics of enterprise-level aesthetic services. The shopping experience is not beautiful, and the app is not beautiful. As long as it is an e-commerce, it must make its e-commerce red. It is said that this is the most eye-catching.

We must begin to realize that aesthetic ability is not small and beautiful, and aesthetic ability is not a simple accent, feeling and literary. The aesthetic ability of the founder will become the essential guarantee for the company’s ability to survive and develop. For those who have long been engaged in aesthetic education services, your time has come.

Third, participatory environmental design. This is an environment combination and experience design for user engagement and social networking empowerment. Moxy is a hotel during the day and a nightclub at night. It is very good for users to participate, to form a better self-timer experience, electric experience, and even more immersive overall atmosphere, and attract more and more young people to participate, express, vomit, transform and intervene.

Fourth, the topic of visual expression. Whether it’s fonts or colors, textures or materials, it can be a new brand opportunity and a new business model. What material and texture are you will have the opportunity to be defined as an independent brand. We see similar expressions in both consumer goods and space design scenes. When many people in this year’s Spring Festival asked me if I wanted an Elvis gift, I would say that I want a New Year’s red. I want the joint name of Rebecca and Elvis Presley. And The White Company, a world of white, conveys a high-level yet accessible lifestyle, all of which is expressed in the world of pure white homes, and it’s easier for you to get to know yourself again.

There is a degree of growth and aesthetics, from chief growth officer to chief aesthetic officer. Therefore, Mu Xin will say, “No aesthetic power is terminally ill, and knowledge can’t be saved.”

Forecast 4 Creation Freedom and IP Reproduction

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

Creation Freedom and IP Reproduction – Brands and media begin to weigh the acceptability of different people, the free expression of social networks and technological evolution, and begin to break the system of voice we originally understoodThere is one of the most important inspiration for us: we are entering the age of architecture, and what kind of architecture has chosen what kind of possibilities and directions.

This architecture is the architecture of technology development and the architecture of the scene design. When brain-like computational algorithms and machine learning algorithms are simultaneously supported, there is a greater chance of autopilot. This opportunity allows us to see that the Internet of Vehicles and Automated Driving Alliances have intensified. There are many alliances, including almost all the car companies, car suppliers, traditional parts giants, technology giants, third-party service providers and scientific research institutions that you think of.

A lot of past opponents have formed alliances and turned around. The integration of such supply chains, third-party suppliers and giant companies is a panic and awkwardness for the future, and it is also an expectation of technical synergy possibilities.

How is the technical standard formulated in this intensifying process? How was the plan proposed? How is the authority of the field determined? Evaluating the value of a company is about who can form the most important connection, the most important structure, and the most important license. Because mastering the agreement, mastering the standards, and mastering the operating system, a licensing mechanism can be formed, so that the evil consequences of “being alone” can be eliminated, and the benignity of joint development can be formed.

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

About “Architecture and Licensing”, we think it will be reflected in four directions:

First, develop a framework communication mechanism. The “Huawei Incident” in the first half of the year let us know the company ARM acquired by Sun Zheng, ARM is a architecture licensing company, and there is no R&D foundation without ARM chips. Today, every company is looking for a communication mechanism for development architecture. The communication protocols and service standards between future development architectures are truly big industry opportunities, and each opportunity is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. “Portability” and “Interoperability” are the communication mechanisms for the development architecture, and the company’s “development architecture” will have more flexibility in the future.

Second, the Internet of Things OS Alliance. It’s not just device connectivity, but IoT OS licenses for different scenarios, including car networking, smart homes, smart cities, municipal utilities, and more. There is no doubt that once Xiaomi opens up and collaborates on the OS platform with the most connected devices in the world, such a value is immeasurable. The Internet of Things is the most important protocol layer for the competition in the era of Internet of Everything. It is expected that China’s Xiaomi, Haier and Huawei will be able to hand over different wisdom responses.

Third, from patent licenses to service licenses. Microsoft CEO Nadella raised the issue of shutting down Windows when dealing with internal questions.The reason for Phone – the world’s top App is not willing to develop software for it, which means it is not licensed.

Future licenses will be the licensing ecology of technology patents, architectural standards, and service systems. We all know that some companies do nothing, and patents can live very moist, but in the future it will no longer be a simple patent license, but a licensing system for patent, architecture and service coupling. A service license is both a license for the user as an individual, a license for the brand as an independent mechanism and independent will, a license for a specific agreement, and a license for a specific development architecture and technology docking.

Fourth, User License: The discourse architecture determines the business niche. Today, we talked about so many young businesses. In the end, we will find that whether it is B2B, B2C, C2B or S2B2C, the discourse system is not a simple IP construction, not a brand, not a PR. The discourse system defines our business niche. It means that the user’s ability to accept, even if it shows the attitude of the edge, makes me willing to follow you.

Young businesses are cool, interesting, and different, and they are becoming more and more mainstream models. For enterprises, entering the discourse system of young people will bring about an increase in business value. Businesses should have new expressions. The test of this expression is that the user’s mind will determine how far the business pace can go. What kind of discourse system is mastered, what kind of business value will be achieved.

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

Let’s summarize the six predictions of young businesses: production materials are redefined; ESG data becomes the new standard for enterprises; eccentricity redefines aesthetic order, design language and product value; invisible rebirth: technical parasites and scenarios Reengineering; architecture and licensing.

吴声: After the 00 digitization of the aboriginal admission, the business rules are being re-enacted

“You must have some kind of flame in your heart that will distinguish you from others.” At the end, I will give you this sentence from Coetzee. We are born for a young business.

Remember that your applause last year made me cry and can’t leave, will this year’s applause still be fierce?

ThanksEveryone, we will see you next year!