The real version of “Iron Man” is coming.

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Flying like Iron Man is no longer a science fiction! On Sunday, French inventor Franky Zapata successfully flew over the English Channel on his levitation skateboard. The journey took 35 kilometers and took 22 minutes, with a top speed of 177 km/h. Humans fly further from the ground!

How many people’s dreams are like taking off in the same place as Iron Man? Now, some people have realized the super power of this Marvel character! Also successfully flying over the English Channel!


After the first failed attempt at the end of July, French inventor Franky Zapata successfully flew over the English Channel on Sunday with his Flyboard Air.

The 40-year-old Frenchman from Sangatte in the Pas de Calais area on the northern coast of France took his suspension skateboard to St Margaret’s Bay, just outside the White Cliffs of Dover, 35 km.


Starting from the northern coast of France


3 helicopters accompanying


Successfully landed at St Margaret’s Bay


Flying Maps

Along with three helicopters, Zapata completed the flight over 22 minutes, with a top speed of 177 km/h and a height of 15-20 m from the sea.

Zapata’s suspension skateboard is powered by a paraffin-packed backpack that allows him to fly in the air for about 10 minutes, but he has to stop and “refuel” midway.


The construction of the hoverboard

“I feel very happy…this is an incredible moment in my life,” he Said after landing in the UK. “The last 10% of the flight is easier…because I have time to enjoy the cliff. “

The biggest challenge comes from strong winds in the strait

Zapata said that the strong winds of the Straits brought one of the biggest challenges, and he explained the skills of turning to the gust. He said that if the wind quickly disappears, it may become unstable.

He said the flight involved a high level of physical endurance. “This is the isometric exercise of the thigh, so it will feel hot – it’s hard. But you recover quickly, not like riding a bicycle,” Zapata said. French

French inventor Franky Zapata

“Your body resists the wind, because the hoverboard is tied to my feet, and all my body is resistant to the wind. I try to enjoy the process without thinking about pain.”

Zapata One attempt was made on July 25, the first time the aircraft passed the 110th anniversary of the strait. The former jet ski champion crashed into the sea while trying to land on a ship. French

His team members said that the movement of the waves required perfect timing, and with the landing of Zapata, the landing platform had moved a few centimeters. The “refueling” ship used on Sunday was larger and the landing area was larger, and the French Navy vessels were on standby, in case something went wrong.

Before his journey began, Zapata said he was worried that his team didn’t have enough time to repair the machine after the first attempt. It is said that they work 15-16 hours a day to prepare for the flight on Sunday.