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On the 10th day of Ding Zhen’s popularity, the popularity remains unabated.

Yesterday, when Ding Zhen’s first Douyin video was released, whether it was millions of fan celebrities or a group of people who eat melons, all of them were moved by the wind and rushed to “confess” his Douyin account.

In less than 3 hours, Ding Zhen’s first video received more than one million likes, with more than 5.5 million people watching, and it once ranked first on the Douyin hot search list. In just one day, as of today, his Douyin account “Litang Dingzhen” has more than 1.93 million followers.

This Tibetan guy can be called a “very top class”.

He blasted the entire network with a face-sucking video,In the lens, Ding Zhen has dark skin and clear eyes. He smiled with small tiger teeth, slightly shy. Against the background of the blue sky and white clouds in Tibet, he looked wild and clean.

Many people are impressed by his appearance and are also attracted by his ethnicity. In just a few days, all of Ding Zhen’s past experiences, relatives and friends have been known to tens of millions of people through the Internet, with encouragement, support, controversy, and doubts everywhere.

We reviewed the 10 days that Ding Zhen became popular.

Starting from the value of beauty, falling into innocence

How did Ding Zhen become popular? Rely on the face.

On November 11, the Douyin account “Smile Collector Boge” updated a video in which the Tibetan guy in the video looked directly at the camera with a handsome and shy smile. The account manager and photographer Boge said that he originally planned to shoot a Tibetan brother named Nima, but he didn’t meet him and saw his brother Ding Zhen.

Unexpectedly, this video attracted the attention of a large number of Douyin users on the same day. Some people at each other and formed a group to watch Ding Zhen’s video, and some commented on how “being handsome” and “being wild and innocent.” Someone called him “Zhang Qiling in my heart.”

The next day, November 12,Because Weibo’s 3.1 million followers V “Uncle Grey Rabbit” forwarded the video to Weibo, Ding Zhen gradually became popular.

The Weibo comment of “Uncle Gray Rabbit” has reached 27,000, and the number of reposts exceeded 22,000, and the name Ding Zhen was directly posted on Weibo hot search.

According to the new Douyin data platform “Xin Douyin”, on November 12th alone, “Smile Collector Boge”‘s Douyin works increased by 2.013 million, most of which came from Ding Zhen This video. As a result, Bogo’s Douyin account has gained 140,000 fans a day, accounting for a quarter of the current total number of fans.

Data comes from Xinzhuo

On other platforms, the WeChat index of “Ding Zhen” increased by 279.3% a day, and the Baidu search index rose directly from 0 to more than 15,000. Also starting from November 12th, 100,000+ hot tweets related to Ding Zhen have appeared on the WeChat public account. Almost the entire Internet is talking about this guy named Ding Zhen Kangba.

That night, photographer Boge opened a live broadcast for him on Douyin. Sitting in the live broadcast room, Ding Zhen had bright eyes and looked a little shy. He answered everyone’s questions in unskilled Chinese and sang a song upon request.

The live broadcast room was very lively at the beginning. In the live broadcast, he said that his dream is to win the first place in Marseille. Some people asked him which province he came from. Ding Zhen, who is not good at Chinese, replied, “It was born to my mother.”

However, some of the photographer’s words in the live broadcast room were improper, such as calling Ding Zhen an “electronic pet,” which triggered a backlash from the audience and reported them, resulting in the live broadcast room being blocked.

Because of this live broadcast, some netizens questioned whether the photographer was enthusiastic about Ding Zhen. Ding Zhen, who was ignorant of the world, “has not been aware of it.” Perhaps “motherhood” was inspired. Some netizens protected Ding Zhen. The topic of #丁真快跑# was posted on Weibo, and the reading volume reached 3.128 million.

On the third day of Ding Zhen’s popularity, November 13, various claims about him intensified.

Everyone is rumoring that countless Internet celebrity companies have flown to Tibet and plan to sign him with a lot of money. Some talent shows have also thrown an olive branch and will package him into the entertainment circle. The photographer himself also responded to invitations from talent shows and Internet celebrity companies.

For a time, many netizens left a message shouting that Ding Zhen should not agree. They did not want Ding Zhen to enter the entertainment circle or become an Internet celebrity, and they did not want external business to pollute his original cleanliness.

At the same time, a large number of old photos of Ding Zhen were released, and his past experience was brought to the bottom. This boy who has been held up to the altar for three days, like many amateurs who burst into red overnight, went down the road of “hot red” and then shattered.

A amateur who is watched by the crowd with a magnifying glass

Since November 13th, Ding Zhen’s old photos have been released on the Internet. The sources are said to be villagers and friends in Ding Zhen’s same village, and even people who passed by his home many years ago.

In these photos, Ding Zhen’s style sometimes kills Matt but not the mainstream. One of the photos of the vertical middle finger was “destroyed” by many netizens.

Although there are online explanations such as “The vertical middle finger is common in Tibetans, it is very common and not a curse”, but there are also many Tibetan areas or people who understand Tibetan culture who come out to argue that this explanation is purely fabricated.

As more and more old photos of Ding Zhen were picked up, an image of Ding Zhen that was different from the popular videos gradually emerged, and the controversy became more and more serious. The topic of #丁真旧照# appeared in the hot search on Weibo, with 310 million views.

Some netizens commented on “people set up a car overturning”, and the praised appearance before became “too ordinary”.