Interactive video games as a new track are hot.

“Gypsum Island” is a 3D interactive video game made by Shenzhen gust digital art co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gust Digital”). It is also their first IP animation, telling a story. The story that happened on the mysterious island.

Interactive animation

Gypsum Island Scene Map

“Gyphoon Digital” was established in May 2019. The services provided include: interactive film and television R&D, game development, animation development, CG full-process production, and post-production processing.

It’s not just the development of 5G technology that brings the power of high network speed, low latency, and Internet of Everything to facilitate the production of interactive video games. It also lies in the video and game consumer groups. ——Z generation’s demand for the improvement of the quality of interactive demand, The relationship between people and video is being changed from “active” to “passive”. Not only that, the limitations of the game version limit the release of traditional games, but interactive video games break the barriers between games and videos, allowing games to be broadcast on video channels or become a new break mode for game companies.

Interactive animation

Invisible Guardian Sales Status Source: “Little Black Box” APP

The “Detroit Change” developed by Quantic Dream played a relatively loud opening for “Interactive Movies”. In early 2019, Netflix’s “Black Mirror: Pandas Niki” was released as a hot topic abroad. In the same year, New One Studio’s “Invisible Guardian” was launched on the Steam and Wegame platforms, achieving a total of +380% user growth in just two months, with a peak of 82,000 in the history.

Interactive movie tour as a new track is hot.

So, how can “Gypsum Island” create its own differentiation on this gradual development? We understand and analyze “Gypsum Island” and “Gust Number” from five aspects: interaction system, theme content, production technology, business model and future planning.

“Interactive” and “Move”, “Gypsum Island” creates a unique interactive system

“Interaction” means “interaction”, and “movement” is the dynamic perception of the picture.

For the interactive system of most interactive movie games on the market, there are actually two common problems: first, interaction, the singularity of the selection mode, a large number of similar “A decision B” The choice method will cause the viewer to get bored and tired. Secondly, in the animation, the traditional AVG or FMV interactive video game, when entering the story option, usually uses a relatively static picture to let the player think about the choice. This kind of “brake” still picture can easily break the immersion of the audience.

For the former, Li Jinghua, CEO of “Gust Digital”, said that “Gypsum Island” will secate interactive options with other elements in the animation, such as different players during the battle. Using magic consumes your own memory, and different memory consumption affects the amount and content of interactive options, achieving a customized interactive experience of thousands of people, which not only helps reduce viewers’ repetition The tiredness of choice also makes the interactive animation itself more realistic and challenging.

For the maintenance of the immersion of the audience during the selection, “Gypsum Island” plans to set the selection interface to a slow playback screen when the audience selects the story, which not only ensures the audience. A certain amount of thinking time, and let the animation scene not be “cut off the waist”, to achieve a seamless connection between the picture and the story. This actually depends on the use of full CG production in “Gypsum Island”. The shooting of virtual characters and scenes breaks the limitations of real people’s real shots, enabling film production from any angle, at any time. Slowcut in.

Of course, like the usual QTE system in the game