The need for beauty, camouflage, and avatars can be seen as a complicity between men and women.

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 Beauty Filter: A Great Invention for Chinese Women

“His Champion” is not revealing his face in real time, exposing his true age. She later admitted that it was hype. This has been a week, so I want to talk about the starting point of everything – the filter that can block and change the appearance and sound during the live broadcast.

The “Jiao Biluo Your Highness” incident shows that the software that women use to make themselves (beyond real people) actually has the ability to “easy” and “disguise.” When the 50-year-old aunt looks and sounds like a girl in her 20s, it is actually another person.

It has been reported that the recruitment requirements for female anchors on the live broadcast platform have become “live, female” as long as they are assisted by various software. [1]

The emergence of these technologies is not an accident in itself. With the promotion of deep learning, the Snapchat real-time filter of “Gender Swap” and the “undressing” of photos by deepnukes are emerging. As long as it is not used by many people, this is an individual behavior that does not require worry.

What is really scary is that girls now use these virtual makeup techniques to “pretend themselves” without moral hesitation or embarrassment, or any other psychological obstacles.

They also actively asked manufacturers to develop and improve these functions. As a result, when Alipay implemented the face payment, it was squandered by women because it did not open the beauty function [2].

In theory, Alipay can be implemented with the following logic: still using real faces in camera recognition and background processing, but beforeA layer of filters on the stage allows women to see the real-time face, which is the ideal self in their eyes.

– If this is not self-deception, what does it count?

Collusion between men and women

After the “Jiao Biluo Your Highness” incident, many mainstream media comments still hope to be more sincere, less routine, not to deceive each other. Only these requirements for basic ethics can’t stop the demand on the other side from flooding. It is conceivable that if a live broadcast platform does not provide such technology, or if it is not as good as people, the anchors and viewers on the platform will inevitably migrate elsewhere.

The need for beauty, disguise, and avatars can be seen as a complicity between men and women. The whole society has jointly shaped a aesthetic with a young and lovely face and a standard face. Men and women of almost any age are guarding each other and constantly strengthening themselves.

As far as men are concerned, they pay money, time and energy to the “His Royal Highness”, and even the premise of sexual fantasies is the image of the beauty disguised in the video; so that after the true exposure, The person who sent the most money sold the number directly, and some viewers thought it was a kind of fraud. However, since the other party has not promised how old they are, this is just a wishful thinking of men.

The platform is permanently banned from “Hiking” and the other party candidly admits that hype is one of the reasons, but the more important reason is that it greatly undermines the tacit understanding between the platform and the audience.

Any homogenized network red-faced anchor may be questioned by subsequent audiences about the authenticity of their looks, which in turn makes them hesitate to pay their feelings, time and money to the platform. The audience’s trust crisis on the platform and the industry is much more serious than the issue of a single anchor.

But the males say this is okay. Compared with men, women are the most loyal defenders of this beauty. Women want to make themselves look more beautiful, not exactly the so-called men’s oppression of women – and more is the result of their internal evolution.

Some people say that “women are pleasing to others”, now women because they like beauty, so they choose various ways to become beautiful. On the surface, this is progress, increasing women’s autonomy, and no longer only male heads. But in reality, they still succumb to the same set of single aesthetic standards; and because there are no men as imaginary enemies, they do not have the excuse of “not trying to become beautiful.”

Many women maintain a strict set of standards for their appearance. This is not a double standard, and they strictly abide by them. Moreover, the competition between the same sex is often more and more strict, even to the extent that men feel unnecessary.

For example, a girl who is not fat at all, in order to pursue unreasonable slimming, eventually changed into a gluttony patient, self-abuse in a vomiting manner, and became a poor “rabbit.” In this case, if the goal is to please the man, it can only be said thatNanbei North.

Beautiful “democratization”

Since women have to desperately toss themselves anyway, compared to the cosmetic trend in South Korea and Japan, indulging in the construction of avatars, you only need to use P-map, a zero-invasive technique, to complete your personal image. The re-creation and the improvement of social evaluation can be said to be a great invention for the benefit of Chinese women.

At the same time, P-picture beauty has another important role: compared to the reality of the cost, the more uncontrollable facelift and make-up, only the beauty of photos and videos is a beautiful “democratization” “. It promotes the relative fairness of competition between women and avoids the “hereditary” appearance that has a decisive influence on life.

The daily selfie time of girls is actually very long, and it takes a long time to organize and spend a long time to take care of the real makeup, which is the same in principle. However, from the results, many women with insufficient talents can directly achieve their most desired effects as long as they “work hard”.

So in this case, no one said that the society that looks at the face is useless, and you can’t feel at ease to be a salted fish. Filters can be learned by everyone, like a game upgrade, so your photo is not beautiful, just “because you don’t work hard”, but also let the girls lose the reason for being lazy.

It is precisely because the reality is full of “since even if the effort is not necessarily successful”, the small sinister chicken soup, so that “as long as the effort will be successful” of the world’s fairy tale is so popular. This action is not helpful to the psychological self-construction of women and the attitude of loving life.

Open the exam to the road to be recognized

At home and abroad, there are also women who want to resist the routine evaluation criteria, such as maintaining their existing body, not wearing makeup, and hoping that people accept this dress. But this choice is unlikely to become mainstream in any era and anywhere, and the price they pay will vary with the openness of the society in which they live.

Abandoning the mainstream track, and the effort to open another track is worthy of admiration. For example, it is like staying in a big company and feeling too much restraint, so he resigned. However, the challenges faced by Su Yan and entrepreneurship are the same. That is to take the initiative to reject the role of the “shield” and “lubricant” that the mainstream universal standard gives you. You must learn to directly confront the cruelty of life.

The assembly line and standardized production system established by Ford in the 20th century inspired all walks of life. Standardization effectively reduces the manufacturing costs of various daily necessities and production materials and improves people’s lives. Aesthetic standardization plays a similar role. Under the unified standard, if someone is determined to become beautiful and recognized, he/she has a fixed assessment standard, which reduces the cost of social operation.

In this way, the aesthetic “democratization” brought by the filter is the opposite operation. It makes the original standard “open the floodgate”, and the vulnerable people get a chance to come back again, but make the standard The screening function is greatly reduced. The “fraud” flooding makes it more difficult to identify beauty and ugliness. Online love must determine whether it can be reached in the end, and has to end up with the “running out” of the boat.

Under the premise of not opposing the existing evaluation criteria, the beauty filter provides people with the help of “reaching the standard” as much as possible. It is like the test is changed from closed to open, and it is unpopular to be strange.

This is also the commentator who mentioned many of the above-mentioned opinions. I still hope that people will express their original intentions with “true colors”: they are used to judging by the original standards. If the original standards are invalid, the society has to evolve new ones. Aesthetics, they will feel very painful because they can’t keep up. Even if they are still under the original aesthetic standards, the cost of socially testing the beauty and ugliness will increase, and they will not be “lubricated”, and they will feel pain.

Being born, you must distinguish between good and bad, and standardization will make it easier for us to separate the outcome. This stems from the competitive psychology of human engraving genes. We certainly need progress in absolute terms, and we need to compare ourselves with our own past. But relatively speaking, it is very important to be close to other people, or to live better than others.

If you erase the relative high and low points between people, people will immediately create a new set of standards for competition. Even if the standard no longer talks about “good-looking skins” at that time, it might be about “funny souls” or something else. But all in all, the result is unfair – it’s just a few that succeed, and most people can only look up to form an effective judging standard.

Women who are not beautiful, where is the way out

From this perspective, we will know that the pursuit of “beauty” is also driven by women’s inherent competitive demand, not just men’s discipline. Of course, the society must use “beauty” as the highest rule for evaluating women, or it reflects the relative weakness of women in “second sex.”

It is difficult for women to receive equal pay for equal work with men, and there are fewer guarantees for employment opportunities and more restrictions. Therefore, some women have the heart to escape from the single-dimensional evaluation system, but they are afraid of life. Therefore, I believe that raising women’s income level is a recipe for more women to escape from the abnormal beauty competition.

In addition, when the old standards are too strict, and it is difficult for the parties to comply, it will force a new, more relaxed standard to be released. Just like the now anxious “middle-class” parents, they must rush to the children’s newspapers, and the competition threshold is getting higher and higher.Rationality, until the degree of unbearable game participants, there will be more “Buddha” parents who completely escaped the evaluation system.

In reality, the beauty P picture has already let some women who care about the image avoid the more serious problems such as blind facelifting, and it is one of the results of “disordering anyway”. I believe that the increasingly stringent aesthetic standards will eventually reach a critical point, so that there will be more men and women who really don’t care about the appearance, reaching a new balance.

The latest development of “His Royal Jorge” is that she came to Station B – the people here obviously have different attitudes like those of fighting fish. The audience at the B station gathered, and it was not a simple look at the face.

In the experience of my personal and friends around me, most of the men who are still in the single body, in fact, the requirements for the appearance of the opposite sex are not as harsh as the same sex between women. In particular, the longer a single person is, or the longer it is in a closed environment, the lower the requirements for “hard indicators” such as female values.

There was a turmoil involving several SCI papers between the “Fudan Women Doctor” and the pursuer that appeared two days ago. Doesn’t this fully explain this? In contrast, whether it is a blind date or not, it is a lot of girls who “will not be”.

What boys really need is that women can have good moral character and kind personality, and can truly realize the oath of “whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, can get along with each other and share the wind and rain”. This is actually a woman who does not care about the value of the geometry, can do it through hard work, this is not difficult.