The storyteller, honestly rely on the mouth to make money. Don’t be self-righteous because of being a good teacher.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number ” Bad Radar” (ID: badradar), author Hu Han Marvin.

foam is scattered, no master


Because of the optimistic storm, optimistic about LeTV and Hammer, Luo Zhenyu has been frequently ridiculed.

A media-based expert’s excavation exhibition.

In fact, Luo Zhenyu’s list of books is actually not of low quality. Luo Zhenyu’s speech is more and more boring, but there is still no shortage of flash points. Even from the rapid withdrawal of papi sauce, Luo Zhenyu also has a good business intuition. .

On the road of media entrepreneurs, Luo Zhenyu is still the person who has gone the furthest. Luo Ji thinks and gets the right combination of the concept marketing, social emotion capture and processing and manufacturing needs that media people are good at, and the business is just right.

In fact, I even think that this road should have been pulled out by a certain agency media, but unfortunately, the institutional media’s bloated and exhausted in the moment has finally made a hero who has left the media.

This business path will naturally lead to the dissatisfaction of many intellectuals. On the surface, Luo Zhenyu occupies too much: both the glory of public intellectuals and the aura of intellectual idols, and the success of businessmen.

In general, literati do not allow other literati to have money. Once you have money, you must be abducted.

But in fact, the abduction of the scam is the only means of making a living in the millennium.


When media experts enter the field of commercial companies, they can easily become gods.

Business is different from politics and culture. Business success or failure has clear metrics and is often fulfilled immediately. When Luo Zhenyu said, to believe in LeTV, Luo Zhenyu should not realize that these seemingly infinite companies are likely to collapse suddenly after a few years.

Predicting the success of a company is easy, as long as the logic is self-consistent, this is what most commercial media are doing.

But for this reason, the risk factor for easy assertion is also very high. Business may be the most difficult type of activity in human society, because the success of most companies is precisely due to the inability to be predicted. One innovation, one policy adjustment, one