Problem description: Hello doctor, I have right knee synovitis, traumatic, it has been four months, now it is better than before, now my left knee also has pain under the patella , May I ask how I should be treated? I heard from a friend that his family members were cured here and prescribed Chinese medicine lotion for a few times. I went to take a film, tested uric acid, and my blood sugar was normal.
Question date:2020-09-24
Patient information:Age: 42 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: b>Hello, according to the situation you described, this is mainly to pay attention to rest and not to be overworked.
Guide suggestion: You should always keep warm and try not to catch cold. It is recommended to treat synovitis particles for treatment. In this case, you can also go to a regular hospital to check and cooperate with the treatment. Mainly pay attention to in daily life.
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