There are very few Chinese short video products left in the Indian market. This article is from the WeChat official account: chi like nets (ID: passagegroup) , author: Liu Di Qing, the original title:” quickly Snack Video Was blocked in India, monthly life has reached 150 million”, title picture from: Visual China

On November 24, India implemented the fourth ban on Chinese apps this year. The Indian government blocked 43 Chinese apps in accordance with Article 69A of the Information Technology Act. These include a variety of products such as Alibaba AliExpress, video applications such as Tencent Video, and a variety of social dating applications.

It is worth noting that Kaishou’s short video product Snack Video has also been included in the banned list. This is also the only short video product in the ban, which has left the few Chinese short video products in the local market hit again.

It is reported that Snack Video only started to deploy in the Indian market this year. As of now, the platform has 150 million monthly active users. In response to the ban, Kuaishou told The, “It will continue to communicate and coordinate with relevant Indian authorities, cooperate with the Indian government, abide by Indian laws and regulations, and hope to continue to serve the vast number of Indian users, provide sharing and record life Video platform.”

In fact, on June 29, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok and Kuaishou (Kwai). Short videos Vacancies in the market have given other Chinese short video applications the opportunity to quickly fill the gaps in the market. This includes Snack Video, another product of Kuaishou.

Previously, according to reports from India TV, Kuaishou launched Snack Video in August 2019 to compete with TikTok. Although TikTok suffered data privacy issues from Google in IndiaThe app store is removed, but it also leaves opportunities for other Chinese short video apps such as Snack Video. Snack Video’s privacy policy mentions that Joyo Technology Pte. Ltd, the registered company of the application, is located in Singapore.

Snack Video has indeed achieved rapid growth after TikTok and Kuaishou (Kwai) were banned. On November 25, according to EVA data, Snack Video ranked first in India’s popular free list and eighth in revenue generation list.

Snack Video ranks first in India’s popular free list and eighth in revenue generation list/EVA data

Previously, according to “The Hindu” report, within three weeks after the first ban at the end of June, Snack Video has been downloaded 10 million times. According to Sensor Tower’s daily classification ranking list, Since mid-July, Snack Video has been at the top of the list in video players and editing applications.

Although local Indian companies are also copying China’s short video product model and creating batches of applications, it is difficult for one product to break through. In mid-July, in the Google App Store list in India, India’s short video apps that topped the free list included MX TakaTak, Dailyhunt Josh, Moj and Sharechat. Snack Video ranks first in downloads among similar products.

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