The case is currently under trial.

Dawn shares, which were favored by capital during the epidemic, are in a difficult situation.

Recently, Dawn was reported by a meltblown cloth company in Zhejiang that the 600 tons of meltblown materials it had purchased had been inspected by a professional testing agency. The samples contained “di-tert-butyl peroxide (DTBP)”. “The maximum exceeds the national standard limit by more than 100 times.

Affected by this bad news, Today, Dawn shares opened at 25.73 yuan. As of 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the stock price had fallen 10% to 23.49 yuan, and the price limit was closed.

The DTBP substances that greatly exceed the standard of Dawn’s meltblown materials are “dangerous” chemicals. The DTBP residues of meltblown materials that exceed the standard may cause the downstream meltblown cloth process to be unstable and release a large amount of volatile organic compounds with peculiar smell. (VOC).

In response to this news, Dawn’s secretary of the board responded that the dispute with the reported client is currently in the process of court hearing, and the data provided by the other party is not true and objective. The quality of the company’s products meets national regulations. There is no evidence to prove the use of company products The masks produced will cause personal damage, and the company will reply as soon as possible.

In addition to the dispute, the current production capacity of Dawn shares has also attracted investors’ attention.

Dawn, established in 2002, is in the upstream meltblown material link of the mask industry chain and produces polypropylene for masks. Since the epidemic, its orders have increased significantly, and Dawn has continued to expand its production capacity.

Dawn previously stated on the interactive platform that as of the end of May, the company’s daily production capacity of melt blown materials had reached 1,200 tons, and there has been no further disclosure since then.

As the domestic epidemic prevention and control has become normalized, and many companies have increased the production of meltblown materials, the epidemic prevention materials have entered a stable supply stage, which has further intensified market competition and the prices of related raw materials have fallen sharply.

The change in the price of meltblown cloth is an important proof. According to the report of the 21st Century Economy in September, the cost of 1 ton of meltblown cloth is about 28,000 yuan/ton. The highest market price was 500,000 yuan/ton. Now it can only sell 30,000 yuan/ton, with a profit margin of 7. %about.

In the third-quarter performance forecast meeting, Dawn told the media that, on the one hand, it is currently increasing production capacity through technological transformation and new construction, and on the other hand, it is considering extensional growth.

Guoxin Securities believes that Dawn’s meltblown materials can be converted into protective clothing, diapers, sanitary napkins and other fields. In addition, a large number of orders have been locked overseas, and overall sales have continued.