If you die like me, you live by learning from me?

Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “letter list” (ID: wujicaijing) , of: ALLEN .

In the beginning, instead of building a complete vehicle, I chose to build an automatic driving system. I don’t know if Robin Li will regret it, because the stock price of new energy vehicle companies is skyrocketing, and the market value of Xiaopeng Motors No. 24 has exceededBaidu, and one of the reasons is actually a battle between He Xiaopeng and Musk.

At the Guangdong Auto Show just a few days ago, Xiaopeng Automobile officially announced that it will launch the world’s first mass-produced smart car equipped with Lidar in 2021. This news caused some doubts on Twitter. Tesla boss Musk also criticized Xiaopeng, “They have the old version of Tesla software, but not our latest neural network computer.” Howe’s lidar, Musk’s Tesla autopilot as early as 2019Open Day Saying “It’s stupid to use lidar. Anyone who relies on lidar is doomed to fail. Expensive sensors are unnecessary. It’s like a lot of expensive accessories.” He even compared lidar to an appendix.

He Xiaopeng, who lives in the East, responded quickly and said that someone in the West must be mentally prepared and be careful not to find the East because of being beaten!

Nio, Ideal, Xiaopeng, the three new car-making companies all regard Tesla as the object of learning, and at the same time they regard Tesla as the biggest competitor. NIO and Ideal are less likely to be generated by public opinion with Tesla conflict. Xiaopeng often went wrong with Tesla.

The old hatred of Tesla’s lawsuit against Xiaopeng for infringement of intellectual property rights in 2019 has not disappeared. On the frontal battlefield of car sales in 2020, the two companies have added new hatreds.

Tesla’s cost has been greatly reduced after the establishment of a plant in Shanghai, and the main model Model 3 has also been reduced to around 250,000 yuan. The es8, es6, and ec6 sold by Weilai Automobile cover the range of 360,000-460,000, ideal car only The ideal one on sale, the starting price is in the range of 330,000 yuan, and the prices are all SUV models that avoid the head-on confrontation with Model 3. In June this year, Xiaopeng’s B-class sedan P7 is priced at 23-34. Ten thousand yuan, completely exposed to Model 3 range, can be described as close combat.

Xpeng P7 has a battery life of 706km under comprehensive working conditions, while the Model 3 standard endurance version is only 468km. The interior is also more luxurious, but Tesla Model 3 still conquered the most consumers. In October 2020, 12,143 Model 3 units were sold, while Xiaopeng P7 only sold 2,098 units, which is a 5 times difference in sales. Throughout Q3 of 2020, Xiaopeng, Ideal and NIO delivered 8,578, 8,660, and 12,200 vehicles respectively, and Xiaopeng was the bottom.

Since December 30, 2019, Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory delivered the first Model 3, and the price has been falling all the way. New forces in domestic car-making are pressing harder, Weilai, Ideal, Xiaopeng Motors All have been squeezed to varying degrees. Among them, Xiaopeng Motors is facing the most pressure due to the high degree of overlap between the main model positioning and Tesla Model 3. It is no wonder that He Xiaopeng seems a little uncomfortable.