The user thinking of the Internet is the core advantage of Weilai and Xiaopeng, but now it has become a “figure cloth.”

No matter from which level, the business benefits generated by the fan economy will only increase.

After Cai Xukun lost the ultimate confrontation with Jay Chou, the fans are still enthusiastic. On July 26th, its new EP “YOUNG” was launched on the three platforms of Tencent Music Entertainment. The sales amount was 20,000,000 yuan in 5 minutes. The lack of the microblog data list that Cai Xukun participated in, but it has revived.

One side is the increasing consumption power of fans. On the other hand, one Li Jiaqi is on fire. Thousands of Li Jiaqi are being copied. The rivers and lakes with red goods have opened Ali, Jingdong, NetEase and Vipshop. A new round of battles on the mainstream e-commerce platform.

It’s the fans who live with each other and have nowhere to eat. But this wind has also inexplicably scraped into the field of Internet-made cars. When fans are self-satisfied and broad-minded, to accommodate new species, to “cover up” the small problems of new cars, we find that perhaps the Internet car chasers The user thinking, and the logic of the fan economy are also a step away.

IP of operating internet car companies

At the end of last month, Tesla released a mixed financial report. On the one hand, the company continued to lose money in the second quarter, with a net loss of 390 million US dollars, and its share price plummeted. On the other hand, the production delivery results in the second quarter were very impressive. A total of 870,48 vehicles were produced, an increase of 12.9% over the first quarter. The delivery of 95,200 vehicles was 51% higher than the first quarter, breaking the previous 2018. The highest delivery record for 90,700 vehicles in the fourth quarter.

Tesla’s delivery results are inseparable from the fans’ spontaneous pursuit and “Amway”.

According to Teslarati, a website dedicated to Tesla-related news, some of Tesla’s loyal fans from around the world used their own actions to help Tesla reach its quarterly goal. For example, in September last year, an influential Tesla fan who hosted a podcast program told Musk directly on Twitter, giving new car owners a functional explanation, hoping to help Tesla deliver the vehicle.

The domestic new energy auto brands are also pursuing Tesla’s fan culture, and they even seem more organized and ceremonial. BYD’s “Die Powder” is well-known, the largest number, the highest loyalty, and regards itself as a member of the enterprise; Xiaopeng car owner’s exclusive nickname “Pengyou” comes from He Xiaopeng’s sentence “The speed is slow, Pengyou first Although the owner of Weilai has no fan name, each owner can enjoy the exclusive party surrounded by flowers, cocktails and cakes when picking up the car. The user company that Li Bin wants to do seems to take care of these delivery details.

The core of the fan economy is IP, and new energy vehicles or Internet-powered vehicles are trying to IP-brand their operations. This is different from Tesla. On Twitter, Musk’s followers have 22400,000, and Tesla’s followers are only 2.88 million, so it is not so much a fan of Tesla, but more accurately it should be a recognition of this ambitious subversive. From this perspective, He Xiaopeng, Li Bin and others who are coming across the border are not enough to have such a significant personal influence in the entire automotive industry.

But they know marketing and understand users and fans better.

On December 16, 2017, Weilai held the Nio Day conference in Wukesong, Beijing. 8 charter flights, 19 five-star hotels, 60 high-speed rail cars, 160 buss, a conference costing 80 million yuan, let the outside world thoroughly understand the company. This is followed by continuous high-profile financing and unpredictable bloodshed before delivery, which makes Weilai Automobile have a higher voice in front of fans who burn money.

Maybe it is affected by this, Xiaopeng Automobile and Weimar Automobile have gradually learned to make a high profile. At the beginning of 2019, He Xiaopeng took the initiative to lead the war. He made a gamble with Li Bin on Weibo. Although it was not comparable to Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu’s ten-year contract, it still caused much discussion in the field of Internet-made cars. Since 2019, Weimar has used a series of user-centric marketing initiatives to enhance brand awareness.

In 2018, Internet Weekly & eNet Research Institute released a list of new energy vehicles. Weilai and Xiaopeng ranked more than most traditional car companies, which seems to confirm the effectiveness of Internet IP marketing.

Fans “kidnapping” users and car companies?

The recent exchange of owners of Weilai APP has shown a scene of disharmony.

Contemporary Internet Cars: Power Generation with Love?

A car owner shared the “wonderful event” that he had experienced in the past two months. He crashed on three days, opened a blue screen on the road, could not open the door, and failed charging. He felt that “the idea can’t be eaten.” And ask for a return. But then he suffered from the “squeezing” of many other car owners, saying that his mind was not open enough, or not content enough, and even conspiracy theorists speculated that it should be done by friends.

Contemporary Internet Cars: Power Generation with Love?

From consistent external to internal contradictions, Wei’s user fans finally brought the war to “self-family”